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[ENH] STXM stack aligner
[ENH] Feedback on Stack Alignment
[FIX] Preprocess widget: always output preprocessor (also on no input data)
[FIX] FFT widget: keep metas


[ENH] SpectralReader: do not create intermediate tables (lower memory use)
[ENH] owspectra: use less memory for computing averages
[ENH] Agilent read interferogram data (seq and drd)
[ENH] OWFFT: use laser wavenumber and sampling interval metadata if present
[FIX] Preprocessors in the Preprocess Spectra widget also preprocess the reference
[FIX] Fix preprocessor saving
[FIX] Save preview positions in Preprocess Spectra and Integrate
Remove opusFC from requirements


[FIX] AgilentReaders: use correct file extensions
[ENH] Better Matlab support


[ENH] OWAverage: average by group
[ENH] FFT overhaul
[ENH] owpreprocess: highlight pairs of spectra
[ENH] CurvePlot: an option to color individual curves
[FIX] Support for refactored Orange projection
[FIX] Support for DomainTransformationError
[FIX] Spectra: correct sampling info in average view
[FIX] CurvePlot: fix average with unknown feature value
Remove automatic interpolation with some readers


[FIX] Installation from the pypi source package


[ENH] EMSC supports bad spectra input
[ENH] Spectral transforms preprocessors


[ENH] Averaging widget
[FIX] Future compatibility for refactored owscatterplotgraph from Orange
[ENH] owspectra: added top and right exes (without values)


[ENH] Widget documentation
[ENH] Labels that overlap less
[ENH] More responsive crosshair
[ENH] An utility that can relate a part of settings (gui.connect_settings)
[FIX] Prevent invalid Savitzky-Golay settings
[FIX] Annotated data output from Spectra and Hyperspectra


[FIX] Graph saving in widgets with multiple graphs
[FIX] Hyperspectra: moving integral region should not change outputs
[FIX] Hyperspectra: Fix coloring by a selected continuous variable


- Hyperspectra: can now select limits
- Hyperspectra: better dynamic range
- Multifile: the user can select a specific reader
- Faster image reading