Changelogs » Pytorch-lightning

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  - Added a PSNR metric: peak signal-to-noise ratio ([2483](
  - Added functional regression metrics ([2492](
  - Removed auto val reduce ([2462](
  - Flattening Wandb Hyperparameters ([2459](
  - Fixed using the same DDP python interpreter and actually running ([2482](
  - Fixed model summary input type conversion for models that have input dtype different from model parameters ([2510](
  - Made `TensorBoardLogger` and `CometLogger` pickleable ([2518](
  - Fixed a problem with `MLflowLogger` creating multiple run folders ([2502](
  - Fixed global_step increment ([2455](
  - Fixed TPU hanging example ([2488](
  - Fixed `argparse` default value bug ([2526](
  - Fixed Dice and IoU to avoid NaN by adding small eps ([2545](
  - Fixed accumulate gradients schedule at epoch 0 (continued) ([2513](
  - Fixed Trainer `.fit()` returning last not best weights in "ddp_spawn" ([2565](
  - Fixed passing (do not pass) TPU weights back on test ([2566](
  - Fixed DDP tests and `.test()` ([2512](, [2570](


  - Added reduce ddp results on eval ([2434](
  - Added a warning when an `IterableDataset` has `__len__` defined ([2437](
  - Enabled no returns from eval ([2446](
  - Fixes train outputs ([2428](
  - Fixes Conda dependencies ([2412](
  - Fixed Apex scaling with decoupled backward ([2433](
  - Fixed crashing or wrong displaying progressbar because of missing ipywidgets ([2417](
  - Fixed TPU saving dir ([fc26078e](, [04e68f02](
  - Fixed logging on rank 0 only ([2425](


  - Fixed AMP wrong call ([593837e](
  - Fixed batch typo ([92d1e75](


  - Added TorchText support for moving data to GPU ([2379](
  - Changed epoch indexing from 0 instead of 1 ([2289](
  - Refactor Model `backward` ([2276](
  - Refactored `training_batch` + tests to verify correctness ([2327](, [2328](
  - Refactored training loop ([2336](
  - Made optimization steps for hooks ([2363](
  - Changed default apex level to 'O2' ([2362](
  - Moved `TrainsLogger` to Bolts ([2384](
  - Fixed parsing TPU arguments and TPU tests ([2094](
  - Fixed number batches in case of multiple dataloaders and `limit_{*}_batches` ([1920](, [2226](
  - Fixed an issue with forward hooks not being removed after model summary ([2298](
  - Fix for `load_from_checkpoint()` not working with absolute path on Windows ([2294](
  - Fixed an issue how _has_len handles `NotImplementedError` e.g. raised by `` ([2293](, ([2307](
  - Fixed `average_precision` metric ([2319](
  - Fixed ROC metric for CUDA tensors ([2304](
  - Fixed `average_precision` metric ([2319](
  - Fixed lost compatibility with custom datatypes implementing `.to` ([2335](
  - Fixed loading model with kwargs ([2387](
  - Fixed sum(0) for `trainer.num_val_batches` ([2268](
  - Fixed checking if the parameters are a `DictConfig` Object ([2216](
  - Fixed SLURM weights saving ([2341](
  - Fixed swaps LR scheduler order ([2356](
  - Fixed adding tensorboard `hparams` logging test ([2342](
  - Fixed use model ref for tear down ([2360](
  - Fixed logger crash on DDP ([2388](
  - Fixed several issues with early stopping and checkpoint callbacks ([1504](, [2391](
  - Fixed loading past checkpoints from v0.7.x ([2405](
  - Fixed loading model without arguments ([2403](
  - Fixed Windows compatibility issue ([2358](


  - Fixed the `load_from_checkpoint` path detected as URL bug ([2244](
  - Fixed hooks - added barrier ([2245](, [2257](, [2260](
  - Fixed `hparams` - remove frame inspection on `self.hparams` ([2253](
  - Fixed setup and on fit calls ([2252](
  - Fixed GPU template ([2255](


  - Added `overfit_batches`, `limit_{val|test}_batches` flags (overfit now uses training set for all three) ([2213](
  - Added metrics
  * Base classes ([1326](, [1877](
  * Sklearn metrics classes ([1327](
  * Native torch metrics ([1488](, [2062](
  * docs for all Metrics ([2184](, [2209](
  * Regression metrics ([2221](
  - Added type hints in `` and `Trainer.test()` to reflect that also a list of dataloaders can be passed in ([1723](
  - Allow dataloaders without sampler field present ([1907](
  - Added option `save_last` to save the model at the end of every epoch in `ModelCheckpoint` [(1908)](
  - Early stopping checks `on_validation_end` ([1458](
  - Attribute `best_model_path` to `ModelCheckpoint` for storing and later retrieving the path to the best saved model file ([1799](
  - Speed up single-core TPU training by loading data using `ParallelLoader` ([2033](
  - Added a model hook `transfer_batch_to_device` that enables moving custom data structures to the target device ([1756](
  - Added [black]( formatter for the code with code-checker on pull ([1610](
  - Added back the slow spawn ddp implementation as `ddp_spawn` ([2115](
  - Added loading checkpoints from URLs ([1667](
  - Added a callback method `on_keyboard_interrupt` for handling KeyboardInterrupt events during training ([2134](
  - Added a decorator `auto_move_data` that moves data to the correct device when using the LightningModule for inference ([1905](
  - Added `ckpt_path` option to `LightningModule.test(...)` to load particular checkpoint ([2190](
  - Added `setup` and `teardown` hooks for model ([2229](
  - Allow user to select individual TPU core to train on ([1729](
  - Removed non-finite values from loss in `LRFinder` ([1862](
  - Allow passing model hyperparameters as complete kwarg list ([1896](
  - Renamed `ModelCheckpoint`'s attributes `best` to `best_model_score` and `kth_best_model` to `kth_best_model_path` ([1799](
  - Re-Enable Logger's `ImportError`s ([1938](
  - Changed the default value of the Trainer argument `weights_summary` from `full` to `top` ([2029](
  - Raise an error when lightning replaces an existing sampler ([2020](
  - Enabled `prepare_data` from correct processes - clarify local vs global rank ([2166](
  - Remove explicit flush from tensorboard logger ([2126](
  - Changed epoch indexing from 1 instead of 0 ([2206](
  - Deprecated flags: ([2213](
  * `overfit_pct` in favour of `overfit_batches`
  * `val_percent_check` in favour of `limit_val_batches`
  * `test_percent_check` in favour of `limit_test_batches`
  - Deprecated `ModelCheckpoint`'s attributes `best` and `kth_best_model` ([1799](
  - Dropped official support/testing for older PyTorch versions <1.3 ([1917](
  - Deprecated Trainer `proc_rank` in favour of `global_rank` ([2166](, [2269](
  - Removed unintended Trainer argument `progress_bar_callback`, the callback should be passed in by `Trainer(callbacks=[...])` instead ([1855](
  - Removed obsolete `self._device` in Trainer ([1849](
  - Removed deprecated API ([2073](
  * Packages: `pytorch_lightning.pt_overrides`, `pytorch_lightning.root_module`
  * Modules: `pytorch_lightning.logging.comet_logger`, `pytorch_lightning.logging.mlflow_logger`, `pytorch_lightning.logging.test_tube_logger`, `pytorch_lightning.overrides.override_data_parallel`, `pytorch_lightning.core.model_saving`, `pytorch_lightning.core.root_module`
  * Trainer arguments: `add_row_log_interval`, `default_save_path`, `gradient_clip`, `nb_gpu_nodes`, `max_nb_epochs`, `min_nb_epochs`, `nb_sanity_val_steps`
  * Trainer attributes: `nb_gpu_nodes`, `num_gpu_nodes`, `gradient_clip`, `max_nb_epochs`, `min_nb_epochs`, `nb_sanity_val_steps`, `default_save_path`, `tng_tqdm_dic`
  - Run graceful training teardown on interpreter exit ([1631](
  - Fixed user warning when apex was used together with learning rate schedulers ([1873](
  - Fixed multiple calls of `EarlyStopping` callback ([1863](
  - Fixed an issue with `Trainer.from_argparse_args` when passing in unknown Trainer args ([1932](
  - Fixed bug related to logger not being reset correctly for model after tuner algorithms ([1933](
  - Fixed root node resolution for SLURM cluster with dash in host name ([1954](
  - Fixed `LearningRateLogger` in multi-scheduler setting ([1944](
  - Fixed test configuration check and testing ([1804](
  - Fixed an issue with Trainer constructor silently ignoring unknown/misspelled arguments ([1820](
  - Fixed `save_weights_only` in ModelCheckpoint ([1780](
  - Allow use of same `WandbLogger` instance for multiple training loops ([2055](
  - Fixed an issue with `_auto_collect_arguments` collecting local variables that are not constructor arguments and not working for signatures that have the instance not named `self` ([2048](
  - Fixed mistake in parameters' grad norm tracking ([2012](
  - Fixed CPU and hanging GPU crash ([2118](
  - Fixed an issue with the model summary and `example_input_array` depending on a specific ordering of the submodules in a LightningModule ([1773](
  - Fixed Tpu logging ([2230](
  - Fixed Pid port + duplicate `rank_zero` logging ([2140](, [2231](


  - Added callback for logging learning rates ([1498](
  - Added transfer learning example (for a binary classification task in computer vision) ([1564](
  - Added type hints in `` and `Trainer.test()` to reflect that also a list of dataloaders can be passed in ([1723](
  - Added auto scaling of batch size ([1638](
  - The progress bar metrics now also get updated in `training_epoch_end` ([1724](
  - Enable `NeptuneLogger` to work with `distributed_backend=ddp` ([1753](
  - Added option to provide seed to random generators to ensure reproducibility ([1572](
  - Added override for hparams in `load_from_ckpt` ([1797](
  - Added support multi-node distributed execution under `torchelastic` ([1811](, [1818](
  - Added using `store_true` for bool args ([1822](, [1842](
  - Added dummy logger for internally disabling logging for some features ([1836](
  - Enable `non-blocking` for device transfers to GPU ([1843](
  - Replace mata_tags.csv with hparams.yaml ([1271](
  - Reduction when `batch_size < num_gpus` ([1609](
  - Updated LightningTemplateModel to look more like Colab example ([1577](
  - Don't convert `namedtuple` to `tuple` when transferring the batch to target device ([1589](
  - Allow passing hparams as keyword argument to LightningModule when loading from checkpoint ([1639](
  - Args should come after the last positional argument ([1807](
  - Made ddp the default if no backend specified with multiple GPUs ([1789](
  - Deprecated `tags_csv` in favor of `hparams_file` ([1271](
  - Deprecated `amp_level` in favor of native AMP ([1561](
  - Fixed broken link in PR template ([1675](
  - Fixed ModelCheckpoint not None checking filepath ([1654](
  - Trainer now calls `on_load_checkpoint()` when resuming from a checkpoint ([1666](
  - Fixed sampler logic for ddp with iterable dataset ([1734](
  - Fixed `_reset_eval_dataloader()` for IterableDataset ([1560](
  - Fixed Horovod distributed backend to set the `root_gpu` property ([1669](
  - Fixed wandb logger `global_step` affects other loggers ([1492](
  - Fixed disabling progress bar on non-zero ranks using Horovod backend ([1709](
  - Fixed bugs that prevent lr finder to be used together with early stopping and validation dataloaders ([1676](
  - Fixed a bug in Trainer that prepended the checkpoint path with `version_` when it shouldn't ([1748](
  - Fixed lr key name in case of param groups in LearningRateLogger ([1719](
  - Fixed saving native AMP scaler state (introduced in [1561](
  - Fixed accumulation parameter and suggestion method for learning rate finder ([1801](
  - Fixed num processes wasn't being set properly and auto sampler was ddp failing ([1819](
  - Fixed bugs in semantic segmentation example ([1824](
  - Fixed saving native AMP scaler state ([1561](, [1777](
  - Fixed native amp + ddp ([1788](
  - Fixed `hparam` logging with metrics ([1647](


  - Allow logging of metrics together with `hparams` ([1630](
  - Allow metrics logged together with hparams ([1630](
  - Removed Warning from trainer loop ([1634](
  - Fixed ModelCheckpoint not being fixable ([1632](
  - Fixed CPU DDP breaking change and DDP change ([1635](
  - Tested pickling ([1636](


  - Added flag `replace_sampler_ddp` to manually disable sampler replacement in DDP  ([1513](
  - Added speed parity tests (max 1 sec difference per epoch)([1482](
  - Added `auto_select_gpus` flag to trainer that enables automatic selection of available GPUs on exclusive mode systems.
  - Added learning rate finder ([1347](
  - Added support for ddp mode in clusters without SLURM ([1387](
  - Added `test_dataloaders` parameter to `Trainer.test()` ([1434](
  - Added `terminate_on_nan` flag to trainer that performs a NaN check with each training iteration when set to `True` ([1475](
  - Added speed parity tests (max 1 sec difference per epoch)([1482](
  - Added `terminate_on_nan` flag to trainer that performs a NaN check with each training iteration when set to `True`. ([1475](
  - Added `ddp_cpu` backend for testing ddp without GPUs ([1158](
  - Added [Horovod]( support as a distributed backend `Trainer(distributed_backend='horovod')` ([1529](
  - Added support for 8 core distributed training on Kaggle TPU's ([1568](
  - Added support for native AMP ([1561](, [1580](
  - Changed the default behaviour to no longer include a NaN check with each training iteration. ([1475](
  - Decoupled the progress bar from trainer` it is a callback now and can be customized or even be replaced entirely ([1450](
  - Changed lr schedule step interval behavior to update every backwards pass instead of every forwards pass ([1477](
  - Defines shared proc. rank, remove rank from instances (e.g. loggers) ([1408](
  - Updated semantic segmentation example with custom U-Net and logging ([1371](
  - Disabled val and test shuffling ([1600](
  - Deprecated `training_tqdm_dict` in favor of `progress_bar_dict` ([1450](
  - Removed `test_dataloaders` parameter from `` ([1434](
  - Added the possibility to pass nested metrics dictionaries to loggers ([1582](
  - Fixed memory leak from opt return ([1528](
  - Fixed saving checkpoint before deleting old ones ([1453](
  - Fixed loggers - flushing last logged metrics even before continue, e.g. `trainer.test()` results ([1459](
  - Fixed optimizer configuration when `configure_optimizers` returns dict without `lr_scheduler` ([1443](
  - Fixed `LightningModule` - mixing hparams and arguments in `LightningModule.__init__()` crashes load_from_checkpoint() ([1505](
  - Added a missing call to the `on_before_zero_grad` model hook ([1493](
  - Allow use of sweeps with `WandbLogger` ([1512](
  - Fixed a bug that caused the `callbacks` Trainer argument to reference a global variable ([1534](
  - Fixed a bug that set all boolean CLI arguments from `Trainer.add_argparse_args` always to True ([1571](
  - Fixed do not copy the batch when training on a single GPU ([1576](, [1579](
  - Fixed soft checkpoint removing on DDP ([1408](
  - Fixed automatic parser bug ([1585](
  - Fixed bool conversion from string ([1606](


  - Added `rank_zero_warn` for warning only in rank 0 ([1428](
  - Fixed default `DistributedSampler` for DDP training ([1425](
  - Fixed workers warning not on windows ([1430](
  - Fixed returning tuple from `run_training_batch` ([1431](
  - Fixed gradient clipping ([1438](
  - Fixed pretty print ([1441](


  - Added same step loggers' metrics aggregation ([1278](
  - Added parity test between a vanilla MNIST model and lightning model ([1284](
  - Added parity test between a vanilla RNN model and lightning model ([1351](
  - Added Reinforcement Learning - Deep Q-network (DQN) lightning example ([1232](
  - Added support for hierarchical `dict` ([1152](
  - Added `TrainsLogger` class ([1122](
  - Added type hints to `pytorch_lightning.core` ([946](
  - Added support for `IterableDataset` in validation and testing ([1104](
  - Added support for non-primitive types in `hparams` for `TensorboardLogger` ([1130](
  - Added a check that stops the training when loss or weights contain `NaN` or `inf` values. ([1097](
  - Added support for `IterableDataset` when `val_check_interval=1.0` (default), this will trigger validation at the end of each epoch. ([1283](
  - Added `summary` method to Profilers. ([1259](
  - Added informative errors if user defined dataloader has zero length ([1280](
  - Added testing for python 3.8 ([915](
  - Added a `training_epoch_end` method which is the mirror of `validation_epoch_end`. ([1357](
  - Added model configuration checking ([1199](
  - Added support for optimizer frequencies through `LightningModule.configure_optimizers()` ([1269](
  - Added option to run without an optimizer by returning `None` from `configure_optimizers`. ([1279](
  - Added a warning when the number of data loader workers is small. ([1378](
  - Changed (renamed and refatored) `TensorRunningMean` -> `TensorRunningAccum`: running accumulations were generalized. ([1278](
  - Changed `progress_bar_refresh_rate` trainer flag to disable progress bar when set to 0. ([1108](
  - Enhanced `load_from_checkpoint` to also forward params to the model ([1307](
  - Updated references to `self.forward()` to instead use the `__call__` interface. ([1211](
  - Changed default behaviour of `configure_optimizers` to use no optimizer rather than Adam. ([1279](
  - Allow to upload models on W&B ([1339](
  - On DP and DDP2 unsqueeze is automated now ([1319](
  - Did not always create a DataLoader during reinstantiation, but the same type as before (if subclass of DataLoader) ([1346](
  - Did not interfere with a default sampler ([1318](
  - Remove default Adam optimizer ([1317](
  - Give warnings for unimplemented required lightning methods ([1317](
  - Made `evaluate` method private >> `Trainer._evaluate(...)`. ([1260](
  - Simplify the PL examples structure (shallower and more readable) ([1247](
  - Changed min max gpu memory to be on their own plots ([1358](
  - Remove `.item` which causes sync issues ([1254](
  - Changed smoothing in TQDM to decrease variability of time remaining between training / eval ([1194](
  - Change default logger to dedicated one ([1064](
  - Deprecated Trainer argument `print_nan_grads` ([1097](
  - Deprecated Trainer argument `show_progress_bar` ([1108](
  - Removed test for no test dataloader in .fit ([1495](
  - Removed duplicated module `pytorch_lightning.utilities.arg_parse` for loading CLI arguments ([1167](
  - Removed wandb logger's `finalize` method ([1193](
  - Dropped `torchvision` dependency in tests and added own MNIST dataset class instead ([986](
  - Fixed `model_checkpoint` when saving all models ([1359](
  - `Trainer.add_argparse_args` classmethod fixed. Now it adds a type for the arguments ([1147](
  - Fixed bug related to type checking of `ReduceLROnPlateau` lr schedulers([1126](
  - Fixed a bug to ensure lightning checkpoints to be backward compatible ([1132](
  - Fixed a bug that created an extra dataloader with active `reload_dataloaders_every_epoch` ([1196](
  - Fixed all warnings and errors in the docs build process ([1191](
  - Fixed an issue where `val_percent_check=0` would not disable validation ([1251](
  - Fixed average of incomplete `TensorRunningMean` ([1309](
  - Fixed `` with `wandb.init()` ([1311](
  - Fixed an issue with early stopping that would prevent it from monitoring training metrics when validation is disabled / not implemented ([1235](
  - Fixed a bug that would cause `trainer.test()` to run on the validation set when overloading `validation_epoch_end` and `test_end` ([1353](
  - Fixed `` - use of the watch method without importing `wandb` ([1311](
  - Fixed `WandbLogger` to be used with 'ddp' - allow reinits in sub-processes ([1149](, [1360](
  - Made `training_epoch_end` behave like `validation_epoch_end` ([1357](
  - Fixed `fast_dev_run` running validation twice ([1365](
  - Fixed pickle error from quick patch `__code__` ([1352](
  - Fixed memory leak on GPU0 ([1094](, [1349](
  - Fixed checkpointing interval ([1272](
  - Fixed validation and training loops run the partial dataset ([1192](
  - Fixed running `on_validation_end` only on main process in DDP ([1125](
  - Fixed `load_spawn_weights` only in proc rank 0 ([1385](
  - Fixes `use_amp` issue ([1145](
  - Fixes using deprecated `use_amp` attribute ([1145](
  - Fixed Tensorboard logger error: lightning_logs directory not exists in multi-node DDP on nodes with rank != 0 ([1377](
  - Fixed `Unimplemented backend XLA` error on TPU ([1387](


  - Fixes `print` issues and `data_loader` ([1080](


  - Added automatic sampler setup. Depending on DDP or TPU, lightning configures the sampler correctly (user needs to do nothing) ([926](
  - Added `reload_dataloaders_every_epoch=False` flag for trainer. Some users require reloading data every epoch ([926](
  - Added `progress_bar_refresh_rate=50` flag for trainer. Throttle refresh rate on notebooks ([926](
  - Updated governance docs
  - Added a check to ensure that the metric used for early stopping exists before training commences ([542](
  - Added `optimizer_idx` argument to `backward` hook ([733](
  - Added `entity` argument to `WandbLogger` to be passed to `wandb.init` ([783](
  - Added a tool for profiling training runs ([782](
  - Improved flexibility for naming of TensorBoard logs, can now set `version` to a `str` to just save to that directory, and use `name=''` to prevent experiment-name directory ([804](
  - Added option to specify `step` key when logging metrics ([808](
  - Added `train_dataloader`, `val_dataloader` and `test_dataloader` arguments to ``, for alternative data parsing ([759](
  - Added Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) support ([868](
  - Added semantic segmentation example ([751](,[876](, [881](
  - Split callbacks in multiple files ([849](
  - Support for user defined callbacks ([889]( and [950](
  - Added support for multiple loggers to be passed to `Trainer` as an iterable (e.g. list, tuple, etc.) ([903](
  - Added support for step-based learning rate scheduling ([941](
  - Added support for logging `hparams` as dict ([1029](
  - Checkpoint and early stopping now work without val. step ([1041](
  - Support graceful training cleanup after Keyboard Interrupt ([856](, [1019](
  - Added type hints for function arguments ([912](, )
  - Added default `argparser` for `Trainer` ([952](, [1023](
  - Added TPU gradient clipping ([963](
  - Added max/min number of steps in `Trainer` ([728](
  - Improved `NeptuneLogger` by adding `close_after_fit` argument to allow logging after training([908](
  - Changed default TQDM to use `` for prettier outputs in IPython notebooks ([752](
  - Changed `pytorch_lightning.logging` to `pytorch_lightning.loggers` ([767](
  - Moved the default `tqdm_dict` definition from Trainer to `LightningModule`, so it can be overridden by the user ([749](
  - Moved functionality of `LightningModule.load_from_metrics` into `LightningModule.load_from_checkpoint` ([995](
  - Changed Checkpoint path parameter from `filepath` to `dirpath` ([1016](
  - Freezed models `hparams` as `Namespace` property ([1029](
  - Dropped `logging` config in package init ([1015](
  - Renames model steps ([1051](
  - `training_end` >> `training_epoch_end`
  - `validation_end` >> `validation_epoch_end`
  - `test_end` >> `test_epoch_end`
  - Refactor dataloading, supports infinite dataloader ([955](
  - Create single file in `TensorBoardLogger` ([777](
  - Deprecated `pytorch_lightning.logging` ([767](
  - Deprecated `LightningModule.load_from_metrics` in favour of `LightningModule.load_from_checkpoint` ([995](, [1079](
  - Deprecated `data_loader` decorator ([926](
  - Deprecated model steps `training_end`, `validation_end` and `test_end` ([1051](, [1056](
  - Removed dependency on `pandas` ([736](
  - Removed dependency on `torchvision` ([797](
  - Removed dependency on `scikit-learn` ([801](
  - Fixed a bug where early stopping `on_end_epoch` would be called inconsistently when `check_val_every_n_epoch == 0` ([743](
  - Fixed a bug where the model checkpointer didn't write to the same directory as the logger ([771](
  - Fixed a bug where the `TensorBoardLogger` class would create an additional empty log file during fitting ([777](
  - Fixed a bug where `global_step` was advanced incorrectly when using `accumulate_grad_batches > 1` ([832](
  - Fixed a bug when calling `self.logger.experiment` with multiple loggers ([1009](
  - Fixed a bug when calling `logger.append_tags` on a `NeptuneLogger` with a single tag ([1009](
  - Fixed sending back data from `.spawn` by saving and loading the trained model in/out of the process ([1017](
  - Fixed port collision on DDP ([1010](
  - Fixed/tested pass overrides ([918](
  - Fixed comet logger to log after train ([892](
  - Remove deprecated args to learning rate step function ([890](


  - Added support for resuming from a specific checkpoint via `resume_from_checkpoint` argument ([516](
  - Added support for `ReduceLROnPlateau` scheduler ([320](
  - Added support for Apex mode `O2` in conjunction with Data Parallel ([493](
  - Added option (`save_top_k`) to save the top k models in the `ModelCheckpoint` class ([128](
  - Added `on_train_start` and `on_train_end` hooks to `ModelHooks` ([598](
  - Added `TensorBoardLogger` ([607](
  - Added support for weight summary of model with multiple inputs ([543](
  - Added `map_location` argument to `load_from_metrics` and `load_from_checkpoint` ([625](
  - Added option to disable validation by setting `val_percent_check=0` ([649](
  - Added `NeptuneLogger` class ([648](
  - Added `WandbLogger` class ([627](
  - Changed the default progress bar to print to stdout instead of stderr ([531](
  - Renamed `step_idx` to `step`, `epoch_idx` to `epoch`, `max_num_epochs` to `max_epochs` and `min_num_epochs` to `min_epochs` ([589](
  - Renamed `total_batch_nb` to `total_batches`, `nb_val_batches` to `num_val_batches`, `nb_training_batches` to `num_training_batches`, `max_nb_epochs` to `max_epochs`, `min_nb_epochs` to `min_epochs`, `nb_test_batches` to `num_test_batches`, and `nb_val_batches` to `num_val_batches` ([567](
  - Changed gradient logging to use parameter names instead of indexes ([660](
  - Changed the default logger to `TensorBoardLogger` ([609](
  - Changed the directory for tensorboard logging to be the same as model checkpointing ([706](
  - Deprecated `max_nb_epochs` and `min_nb_epochs` ([567](
  - Deprecated the `on_sanity_check_start` hook in `ModelHooks` ([598](
  - Removed the `save_best_only` argument from `ModelCheckpoint`, use `save_top_k=1` instead ([128](
  - Fixed a bug which ocurred when using Adagrad with cuda ([554](
  - Fixed a bug where training would be on the GPU despite setting `gpus=0` or `gpus=[]` ([561](
  - Fixed an error with `print_nan_gradients` when some parameters do not require gradient ([579](
  - Fixed a bug where the progress bar would show an incorrect number of total steps during the validation sanity check when using multiple validation data loaders ([597](
  - Fixed support for PyTorch 1.1.0 ([552](
  - Fixed an issue with early stopping when using a `val_check_interval < 1.0` in `Trainer` ([492](
  - Fixed bugs relating to the `CometLogger` object that would cause it to not work properly ([481](
  - Fixed a bug that would occur when returning `-1` from `on_batch_start` following an early exit or when the batch was `None` ([509](
  - Fixed a potential race condition with several processes trying to create checkpoint directories ([530](
  - Fixed a bug where batch 'segments' would remain on the GPU when using `truncated_bptt > 1` ([532](
  - Fixed a bug when using `IterableDataset` ([547](
  - Fixed a bug where `.item` was called on non-tensor objects ([602](
  - Fixed a bug where `Trainer.train` would crash on an uninitialized variable if the trainer was run after resuming from a checkpoint that was already at `max_epochs` ([608](
  - Fixed a bug where early stopping would begin two epochs early ([617](
  - Fixed a bug where `num_training_batches` and `num_test_batches` would sometimes be rounded down to zero ([649](
  - Fixed a bug where an additional batch would be processed when manually setting `num_training_batches` ([653](
  - Fixed a bug when batches did not have a `.copy` method ([701](
  - Fixed a bug when using `log_gpu_memory=True` in Python 3.6 ([715](
  - Fixed a bug where checkpoint writing could exit before completion, giving incomplete checkpoints ([689](
  - Fixed a bug where `on_train_end` was not called when ealy stopping ([723](


  - Added option to disable default logger, checkpointer, and early stopping by passing `logger=False`, `checkpoint_callback=False` and `early_stop_callback=False` respectively
  - Added `CometLogger` for use with
  - Added `val_check_interval` argument to `Trainer` allowing validition to be performed at every given number of batches
  - Added functionality to save and load hyperparameters using the standard checkpoint mechanism
  - Added call to `torch.cuda.empty_cache` before training starts
  - Added option for user to override the call t `backward`
  - Added support for truncated backprop through time via the `truncated_bptt_steps` argument in `Trainer`
  - Added option to operate on all outputs from `training_step` in DDP2
  - Added a hook for modifying DDP init
  - Added a hook for modifying Apex
  - Changed experiment version to be padded with zeros (e.g. `/dir/version_9` becomes `/dir/version_0009`)
  - Changed callback metrics to include any metrics given in logs or progress bar
  - Changed the default for `save_best_only` in `ModelCheckpoint` to `True`
  - Added `tng_data_loader` for backwards compatibility
  - Renamed `MLFlowLogger.client` to `MLFlowLogger.experiment` for consistency
  - Moved `global_step` increment to happen after the batch has been processed
  - Changed weights restore to first attempt HPC weights before restoring normally, preventing both weights being restored and running out of memory
  - Changed progress bar functionality to add multiple progress bars for train/val/test
  - Changed calls to `print` to use `logging` instead
  - Deprecated `tng_dataloader`
  - Fixed an issue where the number of batches was off by one during training
  - Fixed a bug that occured when setting a ckeckpoint callback and `early_stop_callback=False`
  - Fixed an error when importing CometLogger
  - Fixed a bug where the `gpus` argument had some unexpected behaviour
  - Fixed a bug where the computed total number of batches was sometimes incorrect
  - Fixed a bug where the progress bar would sometimes not show the total number of batches in test mode
  - Fixed a bug when using the `log_gpu_memory='min_max'` option in `Trainer`
  - Fixed a bug where checkpointing would sometimes erase the current directory


  - Added `weights_summary` argument to `Trainer` to be set to `full` (full summary), `top` (just top level modules) or other
  - Added `tags` argument to `MLFlowLogger`
  - Changed default for `amp_level` to `O1`
  - Removed the `print_weights_summary` argument from `Trainer`
  - Fixed a bug where logs were not written properly
  - Fixed a bug where `logger.finalize` wasn't called after training is complete
  - Fixed callback metric errors in DDP
  - Fixed a bug where `TestTubeLogger` didn't log to the correct directory


  - Added the `LightningLoggerBase` class for experiment loggers
  - Added `MLFlowLogger` for logging with `mlflow`
  - Added `TestTubeLogger` for logging with `test_tube`
  - Added a different implementation of DDP (`distributed_backed='ddp2'`) where every node has one model using all GPUs
  - Added support for optimisers which require a closure (e.g. LBFGS)
  - Added automatic `MASTER_PORT` defualt for DDP when not set manually
  - Added new GPU memory logging options `'min_max'` (log only the min/max utilization) and `'all'` (log all the GPU memory)
  - Changed schedulers to always be called with the current epoch
  - Changed `test_tube` to an optional dependency
  - Changed data loaders to internally use a getter instead of a python property
  - Disabled auto GPU loading when restoring weights to prevent out of memory errors
  - Changed logging, early stopping and checkpointing to occur by default
  - Fixed a bug with samplers that do not specify `set_epoch`
  - Fixed a bug when using the `MLFlowLogger` with unsupported data types, this will now raise a warning
  - Fixed a bug where gradient norms were alwasy zero using `track_grad_norm`
  - Fixed a bug which causes a crash when logging memory


  - Changed `data_batch` argument to `batch` throughout
  - Changed `batch_i` argument to `batch_idx` throughout
  - Changed `tng_dataloader` method to `train_dataloader`
  - Changed `on_tng_metrics` method to `on_training_metrics`
  - Changed `gradient_clip` argument to `gradient_clip_val`
  - Changed `add_log_row_interval` to `row_log_interval`
  - Fixed a bug with tensorboard logging in multi-gpu setup


  - Added the flag `log_gpu_memory` to `Trainer` to deactivate logging of GPU memory utilization
  - Added SLURM resubmit functionality (port from test-tube)
  - Added optional weight_save_path to trainer to remove the need for a checkpoint_callback when using cluster training
  - Added option to use single gpu per node with `DistributedDataParallel`
  - Changed functionality of `validation_end` and `test_end` with multiple dataloaders to be given all of the dataloaders at once rather than in seperate calls
  - Changed print_nan_grads to only print the parameter value and gradients when they contain NaN
  - Changed gpu API to take integers as well (e.g. `gpus=2` instead of `gpus=[0, 1]`)
  - All models now loaded on to CPU to avoid device and out of memory issues in PyTorch
  - Fixed a bug where data types that implement `.to` but not `.cuda` would not be properly moved onto the GPU
  - Fixed a bug where data would not be re-shuffled every epoch when using a `DistributedSampler`


  - Added `test_step` and `test_end` methods, used when `Trainer.test` is called
  - Added `GradientAccumulationScheduler` callback which can be used to schedule changes to the number of accumulation batches
  - Added option to skip the validation sanity check by setting `nb_sanity_val_steps = 0`
  - Fixed a bug when setting `nb_sanity_val_steps = 0`


  - Changed the default `val_check_interval` to `1.0`
  - Changed defaults for `nb_val_batches`, `nb_tng_batches` and `nb_test_batches` to 0
  - Fixed a bug where the full validation set as used despite setting `val_percent_check`
  - Fixed a bug where an `Exception` was thrown when using a data set containing a single batch
  - Fixed a bug where an `Exception` was thrown if no `val_dataloader` was given
  - Fixed a bug where tuples were not properly transfered to the GPU
  - Fixed a bug where data of a non standard type was not properly handled by the trainer
  - Fixed a bug when loading data as a tuple
  - Fixed a bug where `AttributeError` could be suppressed by the `Trainer`


  - Added support for data to be given as a `dict` or `list` with a single gpu
  - Added support for `configure_optimizers` to return a single optimizer, two list (optimizers and schedulers), or a single list
  - Fixed a bug where returning just an optimizer list (i.e. without schedulers) from `configure_optimizers` would throw an `Exception`


  - Added `optimizer_step` method that can be overridden to change the standard optimizer behaviour


  - Added supoort for multiple validation dataloaders
  - Added support for latest test-tube logger (optimised for `torch==1.2.0`)
  - `validation_step` and `val_dataloader` are now optional
  - `lr_scheduler` is now activated after epoch
  - Fixed a bug where a warning would show when using `lr_scheduler` in `torch>1.1.0`
  - Fixed a bug where an `Exception` would be thrown if using `torch.DistributedDataParallel` without using a `DistributedSampler`, this now throws a `Warning` instead


  - Fixed a bug where accumulate gradients would scale the loss incorrectly


  - Changed install requirement to `torch==1.2.0`


  - Changed install requirement to `torch==1.1.0`


  - Added 16-bit support for a single GPU
  - Added support for training continuation (preserves epoch, global step etc.)
  - Changed `training_step` and `validation_step`, outputs will no longer be automatically reduced
  - Removed need for `Experiment` object in `Trainer`
  - Fixed issues with reducing outputs from generative models (such as images and text)


  - Added a decorator to do lazy data loading internally
  - Fixed a bug where `Experiment` object was not process safe, potentially causing logs to be overwritten










[0.2.x] - 2019-07-09
  [0.1.x] - 2019-06-DD