Changelogs » Python-hwinfo

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Adds support for reporting device_bus_id


- Adds minimal OS info.
  - Adds class for parsing tarballs directly


Minor release which includes:
  - Added argparse dependency which is essential for users running with Python 2.6.
  - Fixed storage device types to include FCoE and Infiband storage types (0cxx).
  - Fixed regex parsing to allow ',' characters in device/vendor strings (required for Brocade entries).


Fixes command line argument parser regression.


Incremental release that:
  \* Adds support for falling back to lspci-vv/lspci-n to get partial system information.
  \* Improves performance for remote inspection.


Fixes a bug in the local command execution code which failed to join commands in a list. This resulted in not discovering PCI devices for local machines.


Initial release of the python-hwinfo which includes:
  \* support for parsing PCI devices (lspci -nnm)
  \* support for parsing dmidecode for BIOS information.
  \* support for parsing /proc/cpuinfo
  Expect to see further development at the abstraction layer which currently only spans PCI devices.
  The library includes a CLI tool for inspecting:
  \* The local machine
  \* A remote host
  \* The output output of log files in a given directory