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* Support HPE fwpkg firmware packaging
  * Bugfixes in delete_sso_server and get_generic_ldap_enabled
  * Fix in the firmware mirror script




* Backwards compatibility with code that uses the ssl_version parameter
  * Fix a bug in mod_global_settings that accidently mapped some integers to booleans
  * More workarounds for broken XML


* mod_global_settings would always try to set a console_capture_port, which is
  horribly wrong


! Backwards compatibility warning
  The output of get_embedded_health changed: the network interfaces are now
  returned as a list instead of a dict that's keyd on the port name, as port
  names are not unique. This will make iLO interfaces and interfaces on
  non-primary nic's show up in the output.
  * call_delayed now handles exceptions (such as those caused by calling
  unsupported functions) better
  * Support for more new methods and attributes


* Fix the firmware updater


! Backwards compatibility warning
  4.0 marks the end of our support for Python 2.4 and 2.5. The oldest OS we
  support is now RHEL 6, and it uses python 2.6.
  * Optinally verify SSL certificates, when using python 2.7.9 or newer
  * Add some more new methods and fields and fix some misspelings in other fields
  * profile_desc_download now actually works
  * The ssh key uploader now supports RSA SSH keys
  * Our exceptions now work properly under python 3


* Several small bugfixes
  * firmware downloader updated for the hp -> hp enterprise move
  * Python 3 compatibility improved


* Improved python 3 compatibility
  * More compact XML in delayed mode to make resets and changes more cooperative
  * More workarounds for iLO firmware bugs, this time around badly encoded data
  * Add the force_format command to help recover really broken iLOs


* Support for TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2
  * mod_dir_settings and set_host_power_saver now also accept non-numeric values


* Actually fix mod_snmp_im_settings' cpability of setting ro/trap communities


* Restore python 2.4 compatibility, which broke in 3.0


* Bugfixes in set_ers_direct_connect and get_persistent_boot
  * xmldata now also supports querying for license keys


* A puppet module has been added
  * More error codes get their own exception classes
  * Passing incorrect arguments to hpilo_cli now causes it to consistently exit
  with a nonzero exitcode
  * A bug in dealing with SSL errors was fixed
  * When saving responses retrieved using the ILO_LOCAL protocol, the
  garbage data added by hponcfg is now properly removed


* When reading responses saved earlier, the protocol is now detected properly
  * A new testsuite has been written
  * Various bugs were fixed
  * More error codes get their own exception classes


* hpilo_ca now creates sha256 signatures
  * hpilo_ca now includes the localityName in certificates


* Major version bump as we're now dual licensed under GPL 3+ and APL at HP's
  request, mainly for using with OpenStack
  * Add more example applications: an elasticsearch importer and an automatic
  firmware updater
  * Modernize the hpilo_ca example
  * hpilo_cli now understands --version, and has a __version__ attribute
  * All development tools are moved to a subdir
  * SSL certificate errors are now ignored under python 2.7.9+ and 3.5+ as well
  * Add 'download_rib_firmware all all' to create a firmware mirror


* We will now find hponcfg on you $PATH
  * Major documentation overhaul
  * hpilo_ca has been moved to examples/
  * the xmldata can now also be used to query chassis onboard administrators
  * get_persistent_boot bow supports uEFI booting


* Proliant gen9 compatibility fixes
  * Fix to trapcommunity parameters in mod_snmp_im_settings
  * Don't ask for login data when they are not needed
  * Ignore ENOTCONN when closing connections
  * Support local firmware mirrors


* set_server_name now works around a bug in some iLO versions


* Fixes to get_embedded_health
  * Restore python 2.4 compatibility


* Work around an iLO bug in the get_embedded_health output
  * Bugfix in certificate_signing_request


* Adds several new functions for iLO4 support


* update_rib_firmware now accepts firmware version numbers and will install the
  specified version
  * xmldata now respects timeouts and refuses to use a proxy
  * Several small bugfixes
  Backward incompatibility note: update_rib_firmware accepts a callback that gets
  called with progress updates. The messages this callback gets have been
  simplified an no longer contain LF or ANSI characters, all responsibility for
  correct presentation now lies with the progress callback.


* Deal with backwards incompatibility in import_ssh_key


* Brown paper bag release, 2.6 did not update the version


* Add an xmldata call, which is not actually using the XML api but parses what
  a request to /xmldata?item=all returns.
  * Support for structured arguments in the command-line tool
  * Several bugfixes and new calls and new arguments to existing calls


* hponcfg can update firmware, so make the ILO_LOCAL support in
  support this as well


* hpilo_ca supports ilo4+ as well


* Bugfix in mod_network_settings


* Much better ipv6 support


* Many more functions that were introduced with more recent versions of iLO and
  with firmware updates


* Clearer errors when calling unsupported funcrions
  * Support for YAML output
  * Support for older SSL versions


* More useful get_embedded_health for iLO3 and iLO4
  * Several bugs fixed
  * Test framwwork fixes


* Fixes several regressions in 2.0


* Add a delayed call function so you can call multiple functions in one
  connection, speeding up total functionality
  * Add mod_dir_config
  * Add callback functionality and clean up code by using them


* Add a small test suite
  * Fixes several bugs
  * hpilo_cli now asks for a username/password if they're now given
  * More consistent get_one_time_boot output


* Packaging fixes


* Improved documentation
  * Be compatible with more python versions


* iLO 4 support
  * More python 3 compatibility
  * Now includes autoatic latest firmware downloader
  * Can now talk to the iLO via hponcfg instead of the network


* Python 3 compatibility
  * Don't break base64 data while working around an HP bug
  * Fixes for import_ssh_key


* Handle TLSv1 connections


* Adds certificate handling and a mini-CA
  * Improved documentation
  * Cleanup in some functions


* Add firmware update functionality
  * More functions added
  * Backwards incompatible change in some methods to stick to HP's XML tag names
  * More useful --help output and error messages


* Initial public release, older versions were internal-only