Changelogs » Python-fieldclimate

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  High-level changes:
  - Dropped ``aiohttp`` library in favor of using ``asks``.
  - This adds support for asyncio, trio, and curio async loops.
  - Dropped synchronous interface on FieldClimateClient.
  **This means all client methods must now be awaited.**
  Implementation changes:
  - Moved url validation functions from ``fieldclimate.utils`` to ``fieldclimate.clean``.
  These functions now raise ``AssertionError`` explicitly, as ``assert`` statements can be switched off.
  - FieldClimateClient now inherits from ``asks.Session``,
  which provides async context manager usage and connection rate limiting.
  - Removed BaseClient and HmacClient classes, unifying their functionality in FieldClimateClient.
  - Added tests for trio and curio event loops.
  Bonus changes:
  - Added DjangoFieldClimateClient.
  This subclass gets your HMAC authentication keys from django's settings,
  which can save you a few lines of code if you already use django.


  - Dropped ``requests`` library in favor of using ``aiohttp`` for both sync and async interfaces.


  - Renamed all ``station_id`` method parameters to ``station``, possibly breaking your code.
  - This argument can now handle an entire station dictionary, and will extract the station_id automatically.


  - Initial PyPI release. 🎉