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- Drop video mode filtering by aspect ratio (21:9 monitors exist).
  - Switch to GitHub for bug tracking.
  - Dropped support for Python 3.4.


- Support Python 3.4 and 3.5 in addition to 2.7.
  - Made 'pip install pyspacewar' work.


- Fixed crash on startup with Numpy >= 1.10.
  - Dropped support for Python 2.6.


- Switched version control system from Bazaar to Git, hosted on GitHub
  (  The old svn -> bzr conversion
  was incomplete and lacked the oldest revisions; I've reconverted the
  original svn into git this time and stiched the few newest revisions from


- Don't crash on startup when audio is not available, disable sounds instead.
  - Switched version control system from self-hosted Subversion to Bazaar on
  Launchpad (bzr branch lp:pyspacewar).


- Fixed deprecation warning on Python 2.6.
  - Dropped support for Python 2.3.


- Fixed crash on 64-bit Linux machines.
  - Now using for bug tracking.


- New icon by Jakub Szypulka, plus all the other goodies from last year.
  January 7, 2007: Happy New Year!
  - Add sound effects and support for background music (now if I only had some
  - Show an animation (expanding bubble) when ships respawn.
  - Allow up to two keys to be bound to the same action.
  - Use 800x600 by default; if your computer is fast enough, you can change to
  a better video mode; if not, give a better first impression by avoiding
  - Change the options menu: show the current state (e.g. "missile orbits: on")
  instead of the action that would change it ("hide missile orbits").  Add
  an option to toggle sound propagation in vacuum (or, in practical terms,
  whether you hear a sound when a missile hits the computer-controlled ship
  or when it explodes).
  - Forgot to actually make a release :(
  December 25, 2006: Released version 0.9.3: the Christmas release.
  - Keyboard controls can now be customized.
  - Keyboard controls and video mode options are stored in a config file.
  - Added the -w command line option, in case you desire to override the config
  February 20, 2006: Released version 0.9.2 (also known as the "a month of
  procrastination" release).
  - Fixed the -f and -d command line options.
  - Missiles are now larger and brighter than their orbit trail dots.
  - Alt+Enter now also toggles fullscreen mode.
  - Make it work in 15 and 16 bit per pixel modes (no aaline).
  - Possibly fix the MacOS X "invisible fix" problem I saw (use 2 x aaline
  instead of aalines).
  - Added a help screen.
  - Added an Options menu.
  - Added a New Game menu (the main menu was becoming too cluttered).
  - Added a pyspacewar.pyw script for the convenience of Windows users.
  January 14, 2006: Released version 0.9.1 with some bug fixes and small
  - Use pygame.font.SysFont to locate Verdana.ttf on your system.
  - Fix "surfaces must not be locked during blit" bug.
  - Fix some cosmetic unit test failures.
  - Added a background image.
  - Made debug timings HUDs less intrusive.
  - Added an ability to specify the desired video mode on the command line.
  - The thrusters are now drawn more accurately.
  January 8, 2006: After a week of intensive work, I released version 0.9.0.
  User-visible changes:
  - Added an in-game menu.
  - You can drag the viewport around with the mouse (use the right button).
  - Automatic zoom in.
  - Radars show planet sizes, not just positions.
  - Dead ships fade away.
  - Information panels have translucent backgrounds.
  - Added an icon.
  Internal code changes.
  - Split the code into several modules in a package.
  - Refactored the code extensively, it is now much more flexible.
  - Added unit tests.
  - Added a distutils setup script.
  January 1, 2006: After a very nice New Year's party, I started working on
  PySpaceWar again.  I want to refactor the code into separate logic and graphics
  parts, and add unit tests.  I want to add a proper in-game menu (start new
  game, options, exit, etc.).  In longer term I want to implement a networked
  multiplayer mode, and a battle recorder with playback.
  November 11, 2005: A minor tweak with zoom level.  It is difficult to implement
  things I want with the current code base.  Thinking about a rewrite.
  July 1-2, 2005: Minor tweaks, unsuccessful optimisations.
  June 29, 2005: Demoed the game during EuroPython 2005 lightning talks session.
  Was asked if the game could be played over the network.  Said that no, but
  that I accept patches.  Nobody sent me a patch, though.
  June 27-29, 2005: EuroPython 2005.  Having much fun with the game.  Sometimes
  I'm hacking during the talks.
  June 25, 2005: The weekend before EuroPython 2005.  A couple of days ago
  my coworker Ignas told me about a game called Gravity Wars.  I found a free
  Pascal version on-line and spent a couple of evenings playing it.  I am now
  suddenly overcome by a hacking mood.  I will try to write a gravity based
  game (Spacewar or Gravity Wars or both) with PyGame.