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  34 commits with these highlights:
  * A shiny new batch mode and SxS mode GUI with pretty pie charts and stats comparing with
  previous runs.
  * More documentation. A lot more is still needed, but the How To section is somewhat improved.
  * Enriched the skeleton app generator and started a tutorial explaining how a new app can
  be created.
  * A new standard location now for saving files such as LTMs and statistics of batch runs.
  These will be in ~/.pyseqsee/{app_name}.
  * A lot of cleanup, ability to see pseudo-periodic sequences such as "1 7 2 8 3 9"
  * Allowing multiple mappings between groups. Allows Seqsee to get out of ruts (for example,
  in "2 3 5 7 11...", if it saw 2-3 as being numeric successor instead of Prime successor,
  it could previously get stuck. Now it doesn't.)
  * More consistent use of categories. This allowed Seqsee to see "1 7 2 11 3 13", which it
  did not despite the previous change.
  * A lot of code cleanup.
  * The UI is richer, with more things visible.
  * FindMapping completely refactored.


  12 commits with these highlights:
  * Refactored subspaces, added documentation.
  * Significant improvements to Seqsee.
  * Moved code around so that everything lives under farg/
  * Released to Pypi


  Initial release and announcement sent to FARG.