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  - Disabling integration tests in python for now. [AlexV]
  - Removing ros interface as test requirement as there is no python
  package for it just yet. [AlexV]
  - Adding ros interface to testing requirements on ROS. [AlexV]
  - Moving tests outside of the package, to ease test dependency
  maintenance. [AlexV]
  - Adding pyup config. [AlexV]
  - Fixing tox config. [AlexV]
  - Improving testing by adding requirements matching rosdistro packages
  versions. [AlexV]
  - Fixing badge links. [AlexV]


  - V0.4.2. [AlexV]
  - Fixing pyros_common exceptions. [AlexV]
  - Removing QC badge. [AlexV]


  - V0.4.1. [alexv]
  - Adding pyros.server package to [alexv]
  - Improving imports to rely on pyros_setup only for ros server test.


  - V0.4.0. [alexv]
  - Removing catkin build files (should be in release repo). [alexv]
  - Package.xml -> 0.3.2. [alexv]
  - Fixing setup and examples using upcoming version of dependencies.
  - Added dynamic setup API on client. [AlexV]
  - Fixing usage of deprecated logging.warn. [AlexV]
  - Adding examples doc. [AlexV]
  - Fixes package names for tests to pass locally. [AlexV]
  - Moving context server in pyros main package from pyros-common. [AlexV]
  - Fixing package dependency names for new namespaced interface ROS
  packages. [AlexV]
  - Moving pyros.interfaces to pyros_interfaces in pyros_common repo. now
  using namespace pyros_interfaces as dependency. [AlexV]
  - WIP restructuring config and readding ctx_server here... [alexv]
  - Fixing tests with new structure. [alexv]
  - Moved a lot of things to pyros-common. [alexv]
  - Fixing tests. [alexv]
  - WIP : main with click. [alexv]
  - Extracting ros dependent part and restructure. [alexv]
  - Fixing doc to build without catkin. [alexv]
  - Fixing import of BaseInterface. [AlexV]
  - Fixing interface inheritance on the way to splitting mock and ros...
  - Moving mock interface outside of ROS, to not depend on ROS for mocks.
  - Adding rospublish command. [alexv]
  - Mutating into a pure python package. adding rosdevelop
  command. [alexv]


  - V0.3.2. [alexv]
  - Changing api for catkin_pip 0.2. [AlexV]
  - Now relying on catkin_pip >0.2. [alexv]


  - V0.3.1. [alexv]
  - Disabling cache test on jade since rocon_python_comms not available
  yet. [alexv]
  - Being less strict about mock depend. [alexv]
  - Fixing optional dependency for travis tests. [alexv]
  - Small comments for tests. [alexv]
  - Skipping travis test of rpm & debian branches. [alexv]
  - Removing old gone six submodule. [alexv]
  - Changed dependency to tblib third party released package to allow
  build for any ROS platform. [alexv]
  - Making python-mock a full dependency (used in package, for
  transitivity). commenting tblib, might not be needed. [alexv]


  - Fixed rospkg version. [alexv]
  - V0.3.0. [alexv]
  - Changing branch to master for all readme badges. [alexv]
  - Small file rename to match new name from pub and sub. [alexv]
  - Adding api subpackage to [AlexV]
  - Moving all ros api calls into subpackage to make patching easier.
  cleaned up imports. [AlexV]
  - First version of rospy safe API. [AlexV]
  - Fixing node interface after pub/sub mixup. simplified stringpub and
  string sub tests. [alexv]
  - Fixing tests filenames. cleanup debug prints. [alexv]
  - Fixing cross logic between pubs ans subs. [alexv]
  - Improving subscriber / publisher inter interfacing... added timeout to
  connect a pub/sub. [alexv]
  - Now properly inverting (publisher_if is subscriber and vice versa)
  - Fixing broken update loop of ros_interface. [alexv]
  - Skipping failing rosinterface test for now. passing fine
  independently, more investigation needed... [alexv]
  - Separating pubs and subs. needs pyros_test 0.0.6 for tests. [alexv]
  - Disabling cache builds on kinetic for now. [AlexV]
  rocon_python_comms is not available on kinetic yet.
  - Forcing install of debs for travis script. [alexv]
  - Now running same tests for python flow or installed catkin build.
  - Improving travis build to test with cache as well... change version_eq
  to version_gte since buidfarm doesnt handle version_eq properly
  (yet?). [alexv]
  - Importing contextmanager from contextlib instead of decorator. [alexv]
  - Moving mockinterface into rosinterface.mock since design follows ROS
  concepts. fixed all tests. bumped pyros minor version to 0.3.0 because
  of all the changes... [alexv]
  - Merged testRosInterfaceNoCache and testRosInterfaceCache. fixed all
  issues. [alexv]
  - Fixed tests without cache. [alexv]
  - Basic usecase now working again with cache. needs lots of cleanup...
  - Continuing changes in rosinterface, splitting service, topics and
  params interface pools now rosinterface tests all passing. [alexv]
  - Splitting baseinterface to simplify things. fixed mockinterface and
  tests. [alexv]
  - Various cleanups. [alexv]
  - Improved profiling script. [alexv]
  - Comments. [alexv]
  - Fixing bwcompat issues. dropping shutdown behavior fix for now.
  - Improved management of interface topics and reference counting. still
  broken for multiprocess because shutdown is not working properly.
  - Fixing params and services removal with cache diff input. improved
  topics interface creation and cleanup. [alexv]
  - Speeding up topic interfacing. [alexv]
  - Fixed logic for removing transients on difference update. now
  forwarding exception if param type not found small test improvements.
  - Fixing param behavior in ros_interface and added unit tests. [alexv]
  - Fixing hybrid usecase of devel catkin workspace without ROS setup.
  - Adding python-tblib as a ros dependency. [alexv]
  - Now using ros-shadow-fixed for testing with latest dependencies.
  - Making the travis_checks script switch to his own dir on startup.
  - Fixing envvars checks for travis. made travis_checks.bash script
  executable. [alexv]
  - Fixing typos. [alexv]
  - Now travis tests with docker and on kinetic. [alexv]
  - Improving first dynamic ROS import to ros_interface. improved logging.
  some test clean up since we use python testing framework now. [alexv]
  - Fixing rospkg version. fixing commands for release flow.


  - V0.2.0. [alexv]
  - Preparing release flow. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Now fails with explanation if ConnectionCacheProxy not available in
  rocon_python_comms. [alexv]
  - Moving on with step by step rostesting and partial python testing,
  because of process conflicts. [alexv]
  - Making travis nose tests more verbose. [alexv]
  - Increased dependent version of pyros_setup. attempt fixing travis.
  - Changed config behavior. now using pyros-setup default config. getting
  rid of complex default+override behavior for import config. improved
  logger. improved commands. [alexv]
  - Importing pyros_setup only when imports from ros_interface failed.
  - Created deprecated decorator as util in pyros until we find better
  solution. [alexv]
  - Fixing dependency on pyzmp with strict version. removed useless env
  values for travis. [alexv]
  - Improved main init to import dependencies from python or from ROS
  packages. fixed check for unicode strings. started implementing
  CATKIN_PIP_NO_DEPS for testing. reviewing dependencies version.
  - Improved travis test scripts from pyros-setup scripts. improved with publish method fixed python3 issues on pyros_client.
  - Moved some dependencies out of pyros_setup, to not require pyros_setup
  if using ROS environment as usual. [alexv]
  - Describing improved repository structure. [alexv]
  - Improving release script. [AlexV]


  - Regenerating full changelog. [AlexV]
  - Rosdep dependency is likely redundant with pypi package. [AlexV]
  - Fixing python mock version to be compatibel with trusty. [AlexV]
  - Revert "dropping installspace build. no ros-indigo deb package will be
  created. requirements are too high for trusty : six >= 1.9" [AlexV]
  This reverts commit 64a0688e6706424c3c9a3742f776fcb73e833fff.
  - Revert "downloading six >=1.9 for tests, ignoring system version"
  This reverts commit 946bf8df10ae50fcef8b77114521fcb861b31a56.
  - Dropping installspace build. no ros-indigo deb package will be
  created. requirements are too high for trusty : six >= 1.9. [AlexV]
  - Downloading six >=1.9 for tests, ignoring system version. [AlexV]
  - Adding pypi mock dependency. [AlexV]
  - Generating changelog in preparation for version 0.1.0. [alexv]
  - Reducing ros python dependencies since we now rely on catkin_pip.
  - Cleanup debug log. [alexv]
  - Moved debug logging to special logdebug file to reduce terminal
  logspam. [alexv]
  - Fixing tests. [alexv]
  - Disabling some test to prevent catkin test hanging... but test pass
  when run without --with-xunit. probably a nose issue. [alexv]
  - Fix adding available services. quick fix on early topics detection to
  avoid dropping topic interface just after creation. now comparing
  local topic connection counter with global topic connection counter
  instead of always assuming 1. improved logging. [alexv]
  - Fixed checking for available transients. now doesnt have to be a dict,
  just an iterable. [alexv]
  - Now storing endpoints for topics in order to accurately detect lost
  topics when we get only endpoints diff from cache. WIP. some tests
  breaking now. [alexv]
  - WIP. attempting to fix diff behavior with cache in corner cases when
  things changing fast on the system. [alexv]
  - Changing static method used from class to class method used from self.
  - Now using diff optimisation in connection_cache. [alexv]
  - Getting pyzmp 0.0.11 via dependencies to hopefully fix travis. not
  using requirements any longer since we dont have extra dependencies
  and catkin_pip_setup does install the package in dev mode. [alexv]
  - Fixing node behaviors with recent pyzmp. [alexv]
  - Reviewing how we use zmp nodes and improving tests... WIP. [alexv]
  - Fix adding available services. improved logging. [alexv]
  - Fixed checking for available transients. now doesnt have to be a dict,
  just an iterable. [alexv]
  - Next TODO. first step to simplification. [alexv]
  - Removed useless None in get(smthg, None) [alexv]
  - Added interface cache tests to run by default. reverted debug long
  timeouts. [alexv]
  - Finished manual merging of connection_cache_diff_callback. fixed all
  RosInterfaceCache tests, but code really need refactoring... [alexv]
  - More changes from connection_cache_diff_callback branch. only changes are left todo. [alexv]
  - Starting manual merge of connection_cache_diff_callback branch.
  - Fixes for connection cache with diff optimisation. added pubsub wait
  for confirm from cache, but deleted pubsub report deleted before
  confirmation from cache. Not sure if it is the right choice, but extra
  care is needed when deleting... [alexv]
  - Fix tests for RosInterface especially with cache (but no diff optim)
  - Adding yujin underlay as we need it for connectioncache message
  format. [alexv]
  - Fixing path to current workspace. [alexv]
  - Renaming catkin_pure_python to catkin_pip. [alexv]
  - Updating for catkin_pure_python 0.1.0. [AlexV]
  - Fixing various minor python issues. [AlexV]
  - Fixed service and topic type introspection. [alexv]
  - Fixing definitions to match new topic class structure. [alexv]
  - Fixing rostest call of [alexv]
  - Locking version numbers for pyros-setup and pyros-test dependencies.
  - Todo comments. py3 compat. [alexv]
  - Removed duplicated import. [AlexV]
  - Not installing pyros-setup from ROS package. pyros-setup should be
  useful only if run without ROS (directly from pip). [AlexV]
  - Fixing self tests. now using pyros_setup pip package. [alexv]
  - Adding nosemain for self test. [alexv]
  - Now using pyzmp package dependency instead of internal zmp sources.
  removed submodules. [alexv]
  - Now travis check python and ros workflows. [AlexV]
  - Moving to package v2. [alexv]
  - Replacing obsolete navi/semantic_locations by new
  /rocon/semantics/locations. [alexv]
  - Moved pyros and zmp sources, otherwise pyros was not find through egg
  link. [alexv]
  - Added version. fixed tests in cmakelists. added default config file,
  removed useless testing config. added entry point for selftests. added
  requirements devel dependency to pyros-setup. [alexv]
  - Cleaning up rosinterface __init__. now doing ros setup only in child
  node process, dynamically. parent process is isolated. [alexv]
  - Cleaning up imports and fixing tests. [alexv]
  - Refactored to add configuration at module, package and user levels.
  implified pyros-setup configuration from rosinterface. reviewed
  separation between node and interface to isolate all ros setup in
  child process. now doing ROS message conversion internally in
  rosinterface service and topic classes. fixed most tests. now uses six
  to improve python3 compatibility. [alexv]
  - Starting to adapt to new configuration from pyros-setup. [alexv]
  - Now using catkin_pure_python. [alexv]
  - Add Gitter badge. [The Gitter Badger]
  - Cosmetics, comments and small fixes... [alexv]
  - Readme regarding IoT. [alexv]
  - Cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Changing reinit method to a setup service. now reinitialize
  rosinterface everytime the list of services or topic passed by the
  user changes. refactor the base interface to hold local copy of system
  state. fix all tests. [alexv]
  - Added missing rosservice dependency. [alexv]
  - Fixing package dependencies for catkin. [alexv]
  - Fixing catkin build. [alexv]
  - Removing unused ROS service specifications. [alexv]
  - Improved exception handling. adding mock client to make unittests
  easy. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Improved Readme. [AlexV]
  - Removing dynamic_reconfigure. [alexv]
  - Removed rocon feature. cleanup. [alexv]
  - Exposing servicecall timeout exception. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Warn -> info when it's not meant to be alarming to the users. [Daniel
  - Fixing log warn -> info for startup args. [alexv]
  - Fixme comments. [alexv]
  - Adding simple test to assert rospy potentially strange behaviors.
  separating cache and non cache tests. catching connection_cache proxy
  init timeout, showing error and disabling. [alexv]
  - Adding custom manager argument in basenode, and making shutdown
  possible override more obvious. [alexv]
  - ZMP : services and node advertisement now done in context managers.
  Node now support using custom context manager when starting in another
  process. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Improving base support to pass diff instead of query full state
  everytime. now with callback called from connection cache proxy to
  only process list if change happens. [alexv]
  - Fixing reinit to be delayed if ros interface not ready yet. [alexv]
  - Fixing pyrosROS test with latest pyros_test. [alexv]
  - Adding pyrosRos test to catkin tests. [alexv]
  - Reiniting connection cache if dynamic_reconfigure disable/enable it.
  - Using enable_cache in dynamic_reconfigure to be able to dynamically
  switch if needed. [alexv]
  - Fixed populating empty message instance. comments. [alexv]
  - Adding missing rosnode as test dependency. [AlexV]
  - Disabling roconinterface dynamic import. [AlexV]
  - Moving more nodes to pyros-test. [AlexV]
  - Moving nodes to pyros-test. skipping tests if connection_cache not
  found. [AlexV]
  - Better error message if tests are run from python without pyros-test
  installed in ROS env. [AlexV]
  - Using pyros_cfg and fix import in rocont interface, to run nosetests
  from python venv. [AlexV]
  - Added generated code for dynamic_reconfigure. [AlexV]
  - Adding requirements, fixing for setuptools. [AlexV]
  - Now allowing to delay the import of rosinterface subpackage and
  passing base_path to find ROS environment dynamically. [alexv]
  - Using ros-shadow-fixed for travis. [AlexV]
  - Cleaning up comments. [alexv]
  - Adding option to enable cache or not from rosparams. [alexv]
  - Ros_interface now using topics and service types from cacche if
  available, otherwise query one by one when needed. making sure cache
  process is started and stopped during the test to avoid scary harmless
  warnings. [alexv]
  - Improving tests. [alexv]
  - Using silent fallback for connectioncache proxy. [alexv]
  - Fixing dependencies in package.xml. [alexv]
  - Pyros now dependein on pyros_setup and pyros_test for tests. [alexv]
  - Pyros now depending on pyros_setup. [alexv]
  - Expose_transients_regex now relying on _transient_change_detect
  directly. small refactor to allow transient updates only with ROS
  system state differences. fixing mockinterface to call reinit only
  after setting up mock Added first connection_cache subscriber
  implementation to avoid pinging the master too often. WIP. [alexv]


  - Disabled pyrosROS test hanging on jenkins sometimes. [alexv]
  - Releasing 0.0.9 for gopher benevolent. [alexv]
  - Removing old gone six submodule. [alexv]


  - Doing zmp tests one by one to workaround nose hanging bug with option
  --with-xunit. [alexv]
  - Making service and param new style classes. [alexv]
  - Fixing throttling to reinitialize last_update in basenode. [alexv]
  - Fixing a few quantifiedcode issues... [alexv]
  - ZMP node now passing timedelta to update. Pyros nodes now have a
  throttled_update method to control when heavy computation will be
  executed ( potentially not every update) [alexv]
  - Displaying name of ROS node in log when starting up. [alexv]
  - Mentioning dropping actions support in changelog. [alexv]
  - Overhauled documentation. [alexv]
  - Cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Exposing pyros service exceptions for import. [alexv]
  - Adding node with mute publisher for tests. [alexv]
  - Fixing basic test nodes return message type. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Reviewing README. [alexv]
  - Changelog for 0.1.0. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Migrated `%` string formating. [Cody]
  - Fixing badges after rename. [alexv]
  - Avoid mutable default arguments. [Cody]
  - Made namedtuple fields optional like for protobuf protocol. [alexv]
  - Fixing zmp tests with namedtuple protocol. [alexv]
  - Fixing catkin cmakelists after test rename. [alexv]
  - Making client exceptions also PyrosExceptions. [alexv]
  - Begining of implementation of slowservice node for test. not included
  in tests yet. [alexv]
  - Removed useless hack in travis cmds, fixed typo. [alexv]
  - Trying quick hack to fix travis build. [alexv]
  - Adding status message when creating linksto access catkin generated
  python modules. [alexv]
  - Adding zmp tests to catkin cmakelists. [alexv]
  - Added dummy file to fix catkin install. [alexv]
  - Small install and deps fixes. [alexv]
  - Simplifying traceback response code in node. [alexv]
  - Fixing unusable traceback usecase in zmp. [alexv]
  - Cosmetics. adding basemsg unused yet. [alexv]
  - Moving exception to base package, as they should be usable by the
  client of this package. [alexv]
  - Making pyros exceptions pickleable. minor fixes to ensure exception
  propagation. [alexv]
  - Comments. [alexv]
  - Ros_setup now use of install workspace optional. fixes problems
  running nodes ( which needs message types ) from nosetests. [alexv]
  - Added cleanup methods for transients. it comes in handy sometime ( for
  ROS topics for example ). [alexv]
  - Pretty print dynamic reconfigure request. [alexv]
  - Cleanup debug logging. [alexv]
  - Adding logic on name was not a good idea. breaks underlying systems
  relaying on node name like params for ROS. [alexv]
  - Removing name from argv, catching keyboard interrupt from pyros ros
  node. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Increasing default timeouts for listing services call form pyros
  client. [alexv]
  - Fixed multiprocess mutli pyros conflict issues with topics with well
  known rosparam. now enforcing first part of node name. cosmetics.
  - Removed useless logging. [alexv]
  - Adding basetopic and fixed topic detection in rosinterface. zmp
  service now excepting on timeout. [alexv]
  - Fixed exceptions handling and transfer. fixed serialization of
  services and topic classes for ROSinterface. [alexv]
  - Now reraise when transient type resolving or transient instance
  building fails. added reinit methods to list of node service to be
  able to change configuration without restarting the node ( usecase :
  dynamic reconfigure ) added option to PyrosROS node to start without
  dynamic reconfigure (useful for tests and explicit reinit) added some
  PyrosROS tests to check dynamic exposing of topics. cleaned up old
  rostful definitions. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Cleaning up old action-related code. fixed mores tests. [alexv]
  - Fixing how to get topics and services list. commented some useless
  services ( interactions, ationcs, etc. ). [alexv]
  - Changing version number to 0.1.0. preparing for minor release. [alexv]
  - Refactoring ros emulated setup. [alexv]
  - Improving and fixing rosinterface tests. still too many failures with
  rostest. [alexv]
  - Fixing tests for Pyros client, and fixed Pyros client discovery logic.
  cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Making RosInterface a child of BaseInterface and getting all Topic and
  test services to pass. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Improved test structure for rostest and nose to collaborate... [alexv]
  - WIP. reorganising tests, moved inside package, nose import makes it
  easy. still having problems with rostest. [alexv]
  - Fixing testTopic for rostest and nose. cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Finishing python package rename. [alexv]
  - Separated rospy / py trick from test. [alexv]
  - Fixing testRosInterface rostest to be runnable from python directly,
  and debuggable in IDE, by emulating ROS setup in testfile. [alexv]
  - Implemented functional API, abstract base interface class,
  mockinterface tests. [alexv]
  - Moving and fixing tests. [alexv]
  - Changing ros package name after repository rename. [alexv]
  - Fixing for recent catkin. [alexv]
  - Protecting rospy from unicode args list. [alexv]
  - Implemented transferring exception information via protobuf msg.
  readding tblib as dependency required for trusty. [alexv]
  - WIP. starting to change message to be able to just not send the
  traceback if tblib not found. [alexv]
  - Restructuring code and fixing all tests to run with new zmp-based
  implementation. [alexv]
  - Now able to use bound methods as services. [alexv]
  - Adding python-tblib as catkin dependency. [alexv]
  - Useful todo comments. [alexv]
  - Now using pickle is enough for serialization. getting rid of extra
  dill and funcsig dependencies. [alexv]
  - Not transmitting function signature anymore. not needed for python
  style function matching. [alexv]
  - Added cloudpickle in possible serializer comments. [alexv]
  - Now forwarding all exceptions in service call on node fixed all zmp
  tests. [alexv]
  - Fixing all zmp tests since we changed request into args and kwargs.
  - Starting to use dill for serializing functions and params. [alexv]
  - Adding comments with more serialization lib candidates... [alexv]
  - WIP. looking for a way to enforce arguments type when calling a
  service, and parsing properly when returning an error upon exception.
  - Getting message to work for both protobuf and pickle. Now we need to
  choose between tblib and dill for exception serialization. [alexv]
  - Adding dill as dependency. [alexv]
  - Multiprocess simple framework as separate zmp package. [alexv]
  - Comments. [alexv]
  - Transferring exceptions between processes. [alexv]
  - Fixing all service tests and deadlock gone. [alexv]
  - Improved service and node tests. still deadlock sometimes... [alexv]
  - Multiprocess service testing okay for discover. [alexv]
  - WIP. starting to use zmq for messaging. simpler than other
  alternatives. [alexv]
  - WIP implementing service. [alexv]
  - WIP adding mockframework a multiprocess communication framework.
  - Adding mockparam. [alexv]
  - Adding code health badge. [alexv]
  - Adding requirements badge. [alexv]
  - Adding code quality badge. [alexv]
  - Adding echo tests for mocktopic and mockservice. [alexv]
  - Renaming populate / extract commands. [alexv]
  - Setting up custom message type and tests for mock interface. [alexv]
  - Fixing mockmessage and test. [alexv]
  - Improving mockmessage and tests. [alexv]
  - Started to build a mock interface, using python types as messages.
  This should help more accurate testing with mock. [alexv]
  - Adding six submodule. tblib might need it. otherwise it might come in
  useful anyway. [alexv]
  - Adding tblib to be able to transfer exception between processes.
  - Fixing travis badge. [alexv]
  - Adding travis badge. [alexv]
  - Starting travis integration for autotest. [alexv]
  - Adding rostopic as a test_depend. [alexv]
  - Fixes to make this node work again with rostful cosmetics and
  cleanups. [alexv]
  - First implementation to expose params to python the same way as we do
  for topics and services. [alexv]


  - 0.0.7. [alexv]
  - Adding log to show rostful node process finishing. [alexv]
  - Change message content check to accept empty dicts. [Michal
  - Fixing corner cases when passing None as message content. invalid and
  should not work. [alexv]
  - Fixing tests. and changed api a little. [alexv]
  - Removing useless fancy checks to force disabling rocon when set to
  false. updated rapp_watcher not working anymore. [AlexV]
  - Rocon_std_msgs changed from PlatformInfo.uri to MasterInfo.rocon_uri.
  - Send empty dicts instead of none from client. [Michal Staniaszek]
  - Service and topic exceptions caught and messages displayed. [Michal
  - Fleshed out topic and service info tuples. [Michal Staniaszek]
  - Can check for rocon interface, get interactions. [Michal Staniaszek]
  - Listing functions for client, corresponding mock and node functions.
  [Michal Staniaszek]
  - Now passing stop_event as an argument to the spinner. cosmetics.
  - Fix when running actual rostfulnode. [alexv]
  - Now running rostful_node in an separate process to avoid problems
  because of rospy.init_node tricks. [alexv]
  - Cosmetics. [alexv]
  - Improving how to launch rostest test. fixed hanging nosetest. hooking
  up new test to catkin. [alexv]
  - Force-delete for services, test for removal crash on expose. [Michal
  Test service nodes added
  - Fix crash when reconfigure removes topics, started on unit tests.
  [Michal Staniaszek]
  - Fixing removing from dictionary topic_args. [alexv]
  - Stopped removal of slashes from front of topics. [Michal Staniaszek]
  - Fixed regex and add/remove issues with topics and services. [Michal
  - Fixed topic deletion, multiple calls to add. [Michal Staniaszek]
  The interface now tracks how many calls have been made to the add function and
  ensures that topics are not prematurely deleted from the list. Actions also have
  a similar thing going on, but not sure if it works since they are unused.
  Services are unchanged.
  Ensured uniqueness of topics and services being passed into the system using sets.
  Removed unnecessary ws_name code.
  Issue 27.
  - Fix *_waiting list usage, service loss no longer permanent. [Michal
  The lists *_waiting now contain topics, services or actions which we are
  expecting, but do not currently exist. Once it comes into existence, we remove
  it from this list.
  When services disconnect, their loss is no longer permanent. This had to do with
  the services being removed and not added to the waiting list.
  Fixes issue 21.
  - Full regex, fixed reconfigure crash. [Michal Staniaszek]
  Can now use full regex in topic or service strings to match incoming strings.
  Fixed crash when dynamic reconfigure receives an invalid string
  - Strings with no match characters don't add unwanted topics. [Michal
  Regex fixed with beginning and end of line expected, previously would allow a
  match anywhere in the string.
  Issue 17.
  - Removed separate lists for match strings. [Michal Staniaszek]
  - Remove printing, unnecessary adding to _args arrays. [Michal
  - Adding wildcard * for exposing topics or services. [Michal Staniaszek]
  Implementation should be such that other match characters can be easily added if
  Fixes issue 17.
  - Added TODO. [alexv]
  - Added exception catching for when rocon interface is not available.
  [Michal Staniaszek]
  - Added important technical TODO. [alexv]
  - Fixing bad merge. [alexv]
  - Fixing unitests after merge. [AlexV]
  - Quick fix to keep disappeared topics around, waiting, in case they
  come back up... [alexv]
  - Turning off consume/noloss behavior. should not be the default. should
  be in parameter another way to expose topics. [AlexV]
  - Allowing to call a service without any request. same as empty request.
  - Keeping topics alive even after they disappear, until all messages
  have been read... WIP. [AlexV]
  - Preparing for release 0.0.6. setup also possible without catkin.
  - Changing rostful node design to match mock design. [AlexV]
  - Fixing RostfulCtx with new Mock design. added unittest file. [AlexV]
  - Improved interface of rostful client. added unit tests for
  rostfulClient. [AlexV]
  - Improved interface of rostful mock, now async_spin return the pipe
  connection. added more unit tests for rostful mock. [AlexV]
  - Added rostful mock object ( useful if no ROS found ). improved
  structure and added small unit test. [AlexV]
  - Changing cfg file name to fix install. [AlexV]
  - Comments TODO to remember to fix hack. [AlexV]
  - Tentative fix of cfg... comments. [AlexV]
  - Adding python futures as dependency. [AlexV]
  - Commenting out icon image. no cache home on robot. need to find a new
  strategy. [AlexV]
  - Removed useless broken services. [AlexV]
  - Fixing catkin_make install with dynamic reconfigure. [AlexV]
  - Adding bloom release in release process to sync with pypi release.
  - Fixes for release and cosmetics. [AlexV]
  - Preparing pypi release. [AlexV]
  - Improving rostful node API. Adding rostful pipe client and python pipe
  protocol. removed redundant ros services. [AlexV]
  - Simplifying rapp start and stop by using rapp_watcher methods. [AlexV]
  - Now starting and stopping rapp. still ugly. [AlexV]
  - Fixes to get rocon features to work again. [AlexV]


  - Preparing pypi release. small fix. [AlexV]
  - Adding helper services to access Rosful node from a different process.
  Hacky, working around a limitation of rospy ( cannot publish on a
  topic created in a different process for some reason...). Proper
  design would be to call directly the python method ( work with
  services - node_init not needed ) [AlexV]
  - Small cleanup. [AlexV]
  - Adding context manager for rospy.init_node and rospy.signal_shutdown.
  No ROS signal handlers anymore. Cleanup properly done when program
  interrupted. [AlexV]
  - Playing with signal handlers... [AlexV]
  - Improved test. but topic interface not symmetric. needs to deeply test
  message conversion. [AlexV]
  - Small fixes and first working test to plug on existing topic. [AlexV]
  - Adding first copy from rostful. splitting repo in 2. [AlexV]
  - Initial commit. [AlexV]