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Fix an issue with cursor eating and another issue with incorrect auto-determined path for bundled `typeshed`.


Fixed 315


Fix `pyre init` breakage in v0.0.53.


Adds sapp back into release.


Biggest changes since last release (non-exhaustive):
  - Fixed support for nested recursive function.
  - Fixed several issues where the type of globally-accessible values are erroneously locally refined.
  - Support batch type lookup query `pyre query "types(...)"`.
  - Support basic variadic generics on functions & classes.
  - Added a `safe_cast` that functions similar to `typing.cast` but enforces subclass.
  - Fixed several issues with search path construction & error filtering.
  - `search_path` configuration now allows entries of the form `{ "site-package": "XXX" }`
  - Support specifying relative paths in `binary`, `typeshed`, and `ignore_all_errors`.
  - Special placeholder `${SOURCE_DIRECTORY}` can be added to `exclude` configuration to allow relative path matching in `exclude` configuration.
  - Improved the quality of `pyre-infer` annotations.
  - `sapp` is no longer bundled.