Changelogs » Pyramid-fullauth

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  - increased the size of password and salt fields to 128 characters each
  - default password hashing algorithm is sha256


  - full python3 compatibility, since velruse migrated to py3 enabled requests-oauth
  - require velruse 1.1.1
  - run tests with sqlalchemy 1.0.x
  - small updates to conform with new linters versions embedded in pylama


  - fixed spelling for error message when user does not exist while trying to reset password.
  - require pyramid_basemodel at least version 0.3


  - python 3 compatibility (without oauth2 though)
  - cleared use of deprecated function `` in favour of `pyramid.request.Request.authenticated_userid` attribute.
  - make email fields case insensitive by using hybrid properties and CaseInsensitive comparator for model.


  - Fix issue where groupfined was returning empty list instead of None when user did not existed


  - catch all HTTPRedirect instead of just HTTPFound.
  - redirect with HTTPSeeOther instead of HTTPFound where applicable.


  - fixes to include yaml files - fixes `33 <>`_.


  - configure root factory if it hasn't been already done
  - configure session factory only if it hasn't been configured before
  - configure authorization policy only if it hasn't been configured before
  - configure authentication policy only if it hasn't been configured before
  - logged in user will be redirected always away from login page
  - views reorganisation - grouping by their function
  - replaced force_logout decorator with logout request method
  - small login view simplification
  - rewritten tests to use pytest_pyramid
  - unified session with pyramid_basemodel's
  - parametrize tests against two most recent pyramid versions and sqlalchemy
  - turned on pylama to check code with linters:
  - pep8
  - pep257
  - pyflakes
  - mccabe
  - add pytest-dbfixtures, and run tests against postgresql and mysql as well
  - drop python 2.6 from tests
  - 100% test coverage


  - weaker pyramid_yml requirements. Use ``registry['config']`` instead of ``request.config`` which gets added only when explicitly including tzf.pyramid_yml package.
  - remove default_config with permission set for forbidden views. Throwning errors in pyramid 1.5a3
  - remove lazy='load' for relationship between AuthenticationProvider and User models as it was incorrect. Fixes error while using with sqlalchemy 0.9


  - copy all headers when login user. fixes issue, when headers set in AfterLogin event would not get passed


  - fixed csrf_check in password:reset:continue action
  - updated translation files


  - migrated tests to py.test
  - removed nose and lxml from test requirements
  - extracted UserEmailMixin from User model
  - validation exception improvements
  - set licensing to MIT License
  - fixed general error message for register_POST processing
  - activate action no longer gives 404 error after first use. Default is message about token being invalid or used [veronicazgirvaci]
  - extending csrf_check predicate:
  - Can be turned on/off in settings.
  - Failed check rises 401 Unauthorised error
  Backwards Incompatibilities
  - token variable is changed into csrf_token in fullatuh views
  - view no longer returns error messages on failed csrf token. Rises 401 Unauthorised error instead.


  - add localize to requirements. Ability to translate registerlogin communicates
  - ability to set custom session factory [with Veronica Zgirvaci help]
  - moved password validation to one place