Changelogs » Pynpoint



- Major updates in the documentation.
- Documentation for the NEAR experiment.
- Datasets with a single image are processed as 3D array.
- `filter_size` parameter in the `StarCenteringModule`.
- Improvements in the `Hdf5ReadingModule`.
- Angle correction of 360 degrees in the `AngleCalculationModule`.
- Bug fix in `StackAndSubsetModule`.
- Improved calculation of the mean angle in `StackAndSubsetModule`.
- `optimize` parameter in `FalsePositiveModule`.
- New pipeline module: `ClassicalADIModule`
- `residuals` parameter in `ContrastCurveModule`.
- `model` parameter in `StarCenteringModule` for fitting a 2D Gaussian or 2D Moffat function.


- New pipeline module: `LineSubtractionModule`.
- Pipeline modules for PCA-based background subtraction have been moved to `processing.pcabackground`.
- New `residuals` parameter in `SimplexMinimizationModule` and `MCMCsamplingModule`.
- Bug fix in `FitsReadingModule`. Non-static attributes are no longer automatically read from the FITS header, only the configuration file should be used.
- Improvements in `AngleCalculationModule` for SPHERE data.


- Renaming of package structure, following the PEP8 guidelines
- Improved multiprocessing with the `ContrastCurveModule` for large (>2GB) datasets
- New `variance` parameter in `MCMCsamplingModule`
- Several small bug fixes and improvements
- Improved documentation


- Compatibility with Python 2.7, 3.6, and 3.7.
- Circular and elliptical `aperture` properties for flux and position modules.
- Aperture `prior` option for `MCMCsamplingModule`.
- Improved masking for all modules that use PCA.
- Constant FPF or "sigma" `threshold` parameter for `ContrastCurveModule`.
- Several new `Util` functions.
- Several small bug fixes.
- Additional test cases and documentation.


- Bug fix in `ContrastCurveModule` with the use of `edge_size`
- Bug fix in `SortParangModule` which was not storing `NFRAMES`
- Merged redundant `fake_planet` module
- Bug fix mean clip residuals in `PcaPsfSubtractionModule`
- Asymmetric spatial scaling with `ScaleImagesModule`
- Attribute information stored in `Core.Attributes`
- Noise weighted residuals with the `PcaPsfSubtractionModule`
- New pipeline function: `set_attribute`
- New pipeline module: `AttributeReadingModule`
- Bug fix in `ContrastCurveModule` and `SimplexMinimizationModule` which unnecessarily increased the database size
- New functions in `Util` for general use
- Parameter `subframe` in `StarAlignmentModule`
- Improved pytest coverage
- Improved documentation