Changelogs » Pympler



- Python 3.7 support

- Update asizeof module to version 18.07.08. Includes more accurate sizing of
objects with slots. -- By Jean Brouwers

- Python 2.6 and 3.2 support

- Fix KeyError when using Django memory panel in certain scenarios -- Reported
by Mark Davidoff (55), fixed by Pedro Tacla Yamada
- Fix Debug Toolbar - Remove all jQuery variables from the global scope -- By
the5fire (66)
- Fix process import error when empty lines found in /proc/self/status --
Reported by dnlsng (67)
- Return more accurate size of objects with slots -- Reported by Ivo Anjo
(69), fixed by Jean Brouwers


- Add support for Python 3.5 and Python 3.6

- Improved runtime performance of summary differ -- By Matt Perpick (42)
- Include values when sizing named tuples -- Reported by Paul Ellenbogen (35),
fixed by Chris Klaiber
- Update to 0.12.13

- Drop Python 2.5 and Python 3.1 support


- Add Django 1.9 support for DDT panel -- By Benjy (30)

- Handle untracked classes in tracker statistics -- By gbtami (33)
- Handle colons in process names gracefully -- By Dariusz Suchojad (26)
- Support types without `__flags__` attribute in muppy (24)
- Fix documentation errors (32, 28, 25) -- By gbtami, Matt, Lawrence Hudson


- Include private variables within slots when sizing recursively -- GitHub
issue 20 report and fix by ddodt
- Fix NameError in memory panel -- GitHub issue 21 reported by relekang


- Replace Highcharts with Flot (17)


- Added memory panel for django-debug-toolbar
- Format tracker statistics without printing -- GitHub issue 2 reported and
implemented by Andrei Sosnin
- Added close method to ClassTracker
- Support for Python 3.4

- Track instance counts of tracked classes without snapshots
- Upgrade to Highcharts 3 and jQuery 1.10

- Dropped support for Python 2.4

- Include size of closure variables -- GitHub issue 8 reported and implemented
by Craig Silverstein
- Fix tkinter import on Python 3 -- GitHub issue 4 reported by pedru-de-huere
- Fix `StreamBrowser.print_tree` when called without arguments -- GitHub issue
5 reported by pedru-de-huere
- Fix sizing of named tuples -- GitHub issue 10 reported by ceridwen


- Fix class tracker graph data formatting -- Issue 48 reported by Berwyn Hoyt
- Improve web class tracker documentation -- Issue 49 reported by Berwyn Hoyt
- Update links to GitHub and PyPi


- Support for Python 3.3


- Work around array sizing bug in Python 2.6-3.2 -- Issue 46 reported by Matt
- Fix import when python is run with optimization `-OO` -- Issue 47 reported by
Kunal Parmar


- Fix static file retrieval when installed via easy_install
- Show class tracker instantiation traces and referent trees in web interface
- New style for web interface


The second release is one of several steps to better integrate the different
sub-systems of Pympler. All modules now directly reside in the pympler namespace
which simplifies the import of Pympler modules.  Pympler 0.2 introduces a web
interface to facilitate memory profiling.  Pympler now fully supports Python
3.x. This release also adds several modules replacing the *Heapmonitor* module
with the new *class tracker* facility.

- Introduce web frontend
- Split Heapmonitor into several new modules
- New `process` module to obtain memory statistics of the Python process
- Improved garbage illustration which can directly render directed graphs using


This initial release is the first step to unify three separate Python memory
profiling tools. We aim to create a place-to-go for Python developers who want
to monitor and analyze the memory usage of their applications. It is just the
first step towards a further integration. There is still lots of work that
needs to be done and we stress that the API is subject to change. Any feedback
you want to give us, wishes, bug reports, or feature requests please send them
to ****.