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* Removed all code from and instead used gp_base ,covar_base etc. as module
  * Moved linear algebra into seprate module
  * Added working gplvm demo
  * Moved the demo code in gpr to main, outside the extra function
  - gradX has changed (TODO: Max. Change the time shift code to reflect this).
  * Added bounds to optimization
  * Exponetiation of hyperparameters is now out of the code.
  The only placed that deside upon exp. are the covariance and the priors.
  * Changed lnpriors adding Exp prefix that indicates that parameters are in log space
  * Speedup for cholesky
  * Added Neils code for cholesky with Jitter
  * Changes to the covaraince interface
  * Renamed lml -> LML
  * Renamed dlml -> LMLgrad
  ** logtheta -> theta
  Parmaeters are now jus parameters of the covariance that decides internally how to handle them.
  ** renamed functions
  Kdiag (x)
  ** Removed _pointwise_ditance from Covariance
  Max: why do you need pointwise_distance?
  * 23.23.2011 (OS)
  Added an interace for likelihood models to get the noise out of the covariance
  For now both interfaces are supported. demo_gpr shows how to use the new interface.
  * 25.03.2011
  Corrected use of interval_indices.
  Interval_indices are the indices on which the gp will predict.