Changelogs » Pyfakefs

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  * Moved repository from GoogleCode to GitHub, merging 3 projects
  * Added continuous integration testing with Travis CI
  * Added usage documentation in project wiki
  * Better support for pypi releases
  New Features
  * Added direct unit test support in `fake_filesystem_unittest`
  (transparently patches all calls to faked implementations)
  * Added support for doctests
  * Added support for cygwin
  * Better support for Python 3
  * `os.utime` fails to traverse symlinks ([49](../../issues/49))
  * `chown` incorrectly accepts non-integer uid/gid arguments ([30](../../issues/30))
  * Reading from fake block devices doesn't work ([24](../../issues/24))
  * `fake_tempfile` is using `AddOpenFile` incorrectly ([23](../../issues/23))
  * Incorrect behavior of `relpath`, `abspath` and `normpath` on Windows.
  * Cygwin wasn't treated as Windows ([37](../../issues/37))
  * Python 3 `open` in binary mode not working ([32](../../issues/32))
  * `os.remove` doesn't work with relative paths ([31](../../issues/31))
  * `mkstemp` returns no valid file descriptor ([19](../../issues/19))
  * `open` methods lack `IOError` for prohibited operations ([18](../../issues/18))
  * Incorrectly resolved relative path ([3](../../issues/3))
  * `FakeFileOpen` keyword args do not match the `__builtin__` equivalents ([5](../../issues/5))
  * Relative paths not supported ([16](../../issues/16), [17](../../issues/17)))
  Older Versions
  There are no release notes for releases 2.6 and below.  The following versions are still available on PyPi:
  * [1.1](, [1.2](, [2.0](, [2.1](, [2.2](, [2.3]( and [2.4](