Changelogs » Pydvdid-m

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  - This CHANGELOG file.
  - Support for VIDEO_TS folders. However, they may not provide an accurate DvdId, see README.
  - Added support for Path targets in disc_label. It returns the folder/file name as the disc label.
  - Added file extension restrictions for files that get processed in DvdId (BUP, IFO, VOB).
  - Added function `DvdId._get_file` to get a direct path (as the correct object type) to a specific file.
  - Refactored DvdId's class variable `disc_label` as a function property.
  - Ensured that `VIDEO_TS.IFO` would be processed before `VTS_01_0.IFO`, and that they would both be processed.
  - Fixed mistake in `DvdId._get_first_64k_content` which had the variables of the expected/read bytes mixed up.
  - Fixed possible invalid creation time seconds value if it was somehow in floating-point accuracy. DVD IDs made
  from ISO files or straight from disc shouldn't have had any issues.
  - Corrected the Type-hint of `UDFFileEntry` to `DirectoryRecord`.
  - Added Error Handling to `DvdId._get_files`, which could cause an exception if the path isn't found.
  - Fixed the `/VIDEO_TS` directory exists check in DvdId.