Changelogs » Pyafq



This release introduces some changes to the main API module, to incorporate all
helper functions into the `API` class. This should not affect user API.
* RF: Api Usability (207; JK)


This release fixes a bug in the way that indices of streamlines are handled,
introduce a Boutiques descriptor and includes other small fixes for automation.

* NF: CLI fixes and creation of a Boutiques descriptor (206; GK)
* NF: Usage tracking with popylar (205; AR)
* BF: `clean_by_endpoints` should be able to return the indices. (204; AR)
* DOC: Adds an example of downloading some example data and organizing it. (211)
* MAINT: Use only the setuptools_scm version string. Removing all others. (199; AR)
* MAINT: Use setuptools_scm to add the git hash to the version string. (198; AR)
* MAINT: Maintenance tools (222; AR)