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- Adding generic extension mapping for common file types
- Adding 36 details to readme about magic_stream and magic_string (thanks to Martin)
- Fixing multiple bad extensions and mimetypes
- Removing bad entry for 3gp5 selecting multiple things



- Adding support for Path for filename
- Adding details for mp4
- Adding details for avif and heif images



- Adding 38 webp mimetype (thanks to phith0n)
- Adding 37 SVG images (thanks to Gerhard Schmidt)
- Adding missing mimetypes for aac, vmdk, wmv and xcf



- Adding 34 test files to build (thanks to James French)
- Adding 33 install from pypi details (thanks to Sander)
- Removing 31 unsupported Python items in (thanks to Safihre)



- Fixing how confidence works (thanks to Sean Stallbaum)



- Adding new methods for stream handling (from_stream, magic_stream) (thanks to Robbert Korving)



- Adding support for various other files (thanks to Don Tsang)
- Adding missing mime types (thanks to Oleksandr)



- Adding support for PCAPNG files (thanks to bannsec)
- Adding support for numerous other files updated by Gary C. Kessler
- Adding script for parsing FTK GCK sigs
- Changing test suites to github workflows instead of TravisCI
- Removing official support, new packages and test for python 2



- Adding support for LZ4 and ZSTD archives (Thanks to Sergey Ponomarev)
- Adding support for more office formats (Thanks to andrewpmk)



- Adding full magic info in results (Thanks to David Shunfenthal)
- Fixing magic_data.json not being added to sdist dist (Thanks to Andrey Zakharevich)



- Fixing how `__main__` was implemented (Thanks to Victor Domingos)



- Adding filename extension hinting for string (Thanks to jiel)
- Adding open office MIME types (Thanks to jiel)



- Adding setup file
- Adding changelog
- Adding CI tests support for 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and pypy
- Adding more basic documentation
- Adding magic detection from
- Removing testing on 3.2 due to Travis CI and coverage not getting along
- Changing to argparse instead of optparse
- Changing magic_file to not raise error on empty, simple provide an empty list
- Changing magic_data py file to a json file so it's easier to understand and modify
- Updating data to be a python file, so there is no dangerous eval



- Adding tests
- Changing to MIT License



- Initial release



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