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- Adds a new set of APIs for defining and CloudWatch metrics and creating alarms from them. See
[awsx.cloudwatch.Metric] for more details, and see [awsx.lambda.metrics.duration] as an example of
a newly exposed easy-to-use metric.
- Dashboards can easily be created from the above [awsx.cloudwatch.Metric] objects using the new
[awsx.cloudwatch.Dashboard] helper.  See
for an example.


- TypeScript typings for awsx.apigateway.API have been updated to be more accurate.
- Application LoadBalancers/Listeners/TargetGroups will now create a default SecurityGroup for their
LoadBalancer if none is provided.
- Added easier convenience methods overloads on an awsx.ec2.SecurityGroup to make ingress/egress
- Add TypeScript documentation on API Gateway's Integration Route and Raw Data Route
- Add support for [Lambda Authorizers]( and [API Keys]( for API Gateway in TypeScript



- Moves to the new 0.18.0 version of `pulumi/aws`.  Version 0.18.0 of `pulumi-aws` is now based on
v2.2.0 of the AWS Terraform Provider, which has a variety of breaking changes from the previous
version. See documentation in `pulumi/aws` repo for more details.

- Add support for request parameter validation to API Gateway as well as documentation





- A new "test mode" can be enabled by setting the `PULUMI_TEST_MODE` environment variable to
`true` in either the Node.js or Python SDK. This new mode allows you to unit test your Pulumi programs
using standard test harnesses, without needing to run the program using the Pulumi CLI. In this mode, limited
functionality is available, however basic resource object allocation with input properties will work.
Note that no actual engine operations will occur in this mode, and that you'll need to use the
`PULUMI_CONFIG`, `PULUMI_NODEJS_PROJECT`, and `PULUMI_NODEJS_STACK` environment variables to control settings
the CLI would have otherwise managed for you.



- `refresh` will now warn instead of returning an error when it notices a resource is in an
unhealthy state. This is in service of



- Correctly handle the case where we would fail to detect an archive type if the filename included a dot in it. (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2589](
- Make `Config`'s constructor's `name` argument optional in Python, for consistency with our Node.js SDK. If it isn't
supplied, the current project name is used as the default.
- `pulumi logs` will now display log messages from Google Cloud Functions.



- Don't print the `error:` prefix when Pulumi exists because of a declined confirmation prompt (fixes [pulumi/pulumi458](
- Fix issue where `Outputs` produced by `pulumi.interpolate` might have values which could
cause validation errors due to them containing the text `<computed>` during previews.


- awsx.ec2.Subnets created for a VPC will have a unique `name: VpcName-SubnetType-Index` entry
provided for them in their tags.  This can help distinguish things when there are many subnets
created in a vpc.
- NatGateways created as part of creating private subnets in an awsx.ec2.VPC will now be parented
by the VPC.
- Fixes issue where computation of Fargate Memory/CPU requirements was not being done properly.
- Fixes issue where VPC might fail to create because tags could not be set on its EIPs.


- Updated to latest versions of dependent packages.


- Fixes issue where creating an ApplicationListener would fail with an error of:
"description" cannot be longer than 255 characters



Updating to v0.17.0 version of `pulumi/pulumi`.  This is an update that will not play nicely
in side-by-side applications that pull in prior versions of this package.

See for more details.

As such, we are rev'ing the minor version of the package from 0.16 to 0.17.  Recent version of `pulumi` will now detect, and warn, if different versions of `pulumi/pulumi` are loaded into the same application.  If you encounter this warning, it is recommended you move to versions of the `pulumi/...` packages that are compatible.  i.e. keep everything on 0.16.x until you are ready to move everything to 0.17.x.


- Rolled back change where calling toString/toJSON on an Output would cause a message
to be logged to the `pulumi` diagnostics stream.


- Fix an issue where the Pulumi CLI would load the newest plugin for a resource provider instead of the version that was
requested, which could result in the Pulumi CLI loading a resource provider plugin that is incompatible with the
program. This has the potential to disrupt users that previously had working configurations; if you are experiencing
problems after upgrading to 0.16.17, you can opt-in to the legacy plugin load behavior by setting the environnment
variable `PULUMI_ENABLE_LEGACY_PLUGIN_SEARCH=1`. You can also install plugins that are missing with the command
`pulumi plugin install resource <name> <version> --exact`.


- Attempting to convert an [Output<T>] to a string or to JSON will now result in a warning
message being printed, as well as information on how to rectify the situation.  This is
to help with diagnosing cryptic problems that can occur when Outputs are accidentally
concatenated into a string in some part of the program.

- Fixes incorrect closure serialization issue (

- `pulumi` will now check that all versions of `pulumi/pulumi` are compatible in your node_modules
folder, and will issue a warning message if not.  To be compatible, the versions of
`pulumi/pulumi` must agree on their major and minor versions.  Running incompatible versions is
not something that will be blocked, but it is discouraged as it may lead to subtle problems if one
version of `pulumi/pulumi` is loaded and passes objects to/from an incompatible version.



- Rolling back the change:
"Depending on a Resource will now depend on all other Resource's parented by that Resource."

Unforseen problems cropped up that caused deadlocks.  Removing this change until we can
have a high quality solution without these issues.



- Fix deadlock with resource dependencies (



- When trying to `stack rm` a stack managed by that has resources, the error message now informs you to pass `--force` if you really want to remove a stack that still has resources under management, as this would orphan these resources (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2431](
- Enabled Python programs to delete resources in parallel (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2382]( If you are using Python 2, you should upgrade to Python 3 or else you may experience problems when deleting resources.
- Fixed an issue where Python programs would occasionally fail during preview with errors about empty IDs being passed
to resources. ([pulumi/pulumi2450](
- Return an error from `pulumi stack tag` commands when using the `--local` mode.
- Depending on a Resource will now depend on all other Resource's parented by that Resource.
This will help out the programming model for Component Resources as your consumers can just
depend on a Component and have that automatically depend on all the child Resources created
by that Component.



- Fix a regression in `pulumi/pulumi` introduced by 0.16.13 where an update could fail with an error like:

pulumi:pulumi:Stack (my-great-stack):
TypeError: resproto.InvokeRequest is not a constructor
at Object.<anonymous> (.../node_modules/pulumi/pulumi/runtime/invoke.js:58:25)
at (<anonymous>)
at fulfilled (.../node_modules/pulumi/pulumi/runtime/invoke.js:17:58)
at <anonymous>

We appologize for the regression.  (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2414](


- Individual resources may now be explicitly marked as requiring delete-before-replace behavior. This can be used e.g. to handle explicitly-named resources that may not be able to be replaced in the usual manner.


Major Changes

- When used in conjuction with the latest versions of the various language SDKs, the Pulumi CLI is now more precise about the dependent resources that must be deleted when a given resource must be deleted before it can be replaced (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2167](

**NOTE**: As part of the above change, once a stack is updated with v0.16.13, previous versions of `pulumi` will be unable to manage it.


- Issue a more prescriptive error when using StackReference and the name of the stack to reference is not of the form `<organization>/<project>/<stack>`.


Major Changes

- When using the cloud backend, stack names now must only be unique within a project, instead of across your entire account. Starting with version of 0.16.12 the CLI, you can create stacks with duplicate names. If an account has multiple stacks with the same name across different projects, you must use 0.16.12 or later of the CLI to manage them.

**BREAKING CHANGE NOTICE**: As part of the above change, when using the 0.16.12 CLI (or a later version) the names passed to `StackReference` must be updated to be of the form (`<organization>/<project>/<stack>`) e.g. `acmecorp/infra/dev` to refer to the `dev` stack of the `infra` project in the `acmecorp` organization.


- Add `--json` to `pulumi config`, `pulumi config get`, `pulumi history` and `pulumi plugin ls` to request the output be in JSON.

- Changes to `pulumi new`'s output to improve the experience.



- In the nodejs SDK, `pulumi.interpolate` and `pulumi.concat` have been added as convenient ways to combine Output values into strings.

- Added `pulumi history` to show information about the history of updates to a stack.

- When creating a project with `pulumi new` the generated `Pulumi.yaml` file no longer contains the template section, which was unused after creating a project

- In the Python SDK, the `is_dry_run` function just always returned `true`, even when an update (and not a preview) was being preformed. This has been fixed.

- Python programs will no longer deadlock due to exceptions in functions run during applies.



- Support for first-class providers in Python.

- Fix a bug where `StackReference` outputs were not updated when changes occured in the referenced stack.

- Added `pulumi stack tag` commands for managing stack tags stored in the cloud backend.

- Link directly to /account/tokens when prompting for an access token.

- Exporting a Resource from an application Stack now exports it as a rich recursive pojo instead of just being an opaque URN (fixes



- Update the error message when When `pulumi` commands fail to detect your project to mention that `pulumi new` can be used to create a new project (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2234](

- Added a `--stack` argument (short form `-s`) to `pulumi stack`, `pulumi stack init`, `pulumi state delete` and `pulumi state unprotect` to allow operating on a different stack than the currently selected stack. This brings these commands in line with the other commands that operate on stacks and already provided a `--stack` option (fixes [pulumi/pulumi1648](

- Added `Output.all` and `Output.from_input` to the Python SDK.

- During previews and updates, read operations (i.e. calls to `.get` methods) are no longer shown in the output unless they cause any changes.

- Fix a performance regression where `pulumi preview` and `pulumi update` would hang for a few moments at the end of a preview or update, in additon to the overall operation being slower.



- Fix an issue that caused panics due to shutting the Jaeger tracing infrastructure down before all traces had finished ([pulumi/pulumi1850](



- Configuration and stack commands now take a `--config-file` options. This option allows the user to override the file used to fetch and store config information for a stack during the execution of a command.

- Fix an issue where ANSI escape codes would appear in messages printed from the CLI when running on Windows.

- Fix an error about a bad icotl when trying to read sensitive input from the console and standard in was not connected to a terminal.

- The dynamic provider would fail to launch if your `node_modules` folder was non in the default location or had a non standard layout. This has been fixed so we correctly find your `node_modules` folder in the same way node does. (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2261](


Major Changes

- When running a Python program, pulumi will now run `python3` instead of `python`, since `python` often points at Python 2.7 binary, and Pulumi requires Python 3.6 or later. The environment variable `PULUMI_PYTHON_CMD` can be used to provide a different binary to run.


- Allow `Output`s in the dependsOn property of `ResourceOptions` (fixes [pulumi/pulumi991](

- Add a new `StackReference` type to the node SDK which allows referencing an output of another stack (fixes [pulumi/pulumi109](

- Fix an issue where `pulumi` would not respect common `NO_PROXY` settings (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2134](

- The CLI wil now correctly report any output from a Python program which writes to `sys.stderr` (fixes [pulumi/pulumi1542](

- Don't install packages by default for Python projects when creating a new project from a template using `pulumi new`. Previously, `pulumi` would install these packages using `pip install` and they would be installed globally when `pulumi` was run outside a virtualenv.

- Fix an issue where `pulumi` could panic during a peview when using a first class provider which was constructed using an output property of another resource (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2223](

- Fix an issue where `pulumi` would fail to load resource plugins for newer dev builds.

- Fix an issue where running two copies of `pulumi plugin install` in parallel for the same plugin version could cause one to fail with an error about renaming a directory.

- Fix an issue where if the directory containing the `pulumi` executable was not on the `$PATH` we would fail to load language plugins. We now will also search next to the current running copy of Pulumi (fixes [pulumi/pulumi1956](

- Fix an issue where passing a key of the form `foo:config:bar:baz` to `pulumi config set` would succeed but cause errors later when trying to interact with the stack. Setting this value is now blocked eagerly (fixes [pulumi/pulumi2171](


- Supply easy mechanisms to add Internet and NAT gateways to a VPC.
- Change awsx.elasticloadbalancingv2.Listener.endpoint from a method to a property.
- Change to be a richer type to allow extensibility.
- Allow awsx.elasticloadbalancingv2.NetworkListener to be used as to simply
incoming APIGateway routes to a NetworkListener endpoint.
- Add support for arbitrary APIGateway integration routes (i.e. to any supported aws service).
Note: this comes with a small breaking change where the names of some apigateway types have
changed from ProxyXXX to IntegrationXXX.
- Require at least version 0.16.14 of pulumi/pulumi, in order to support the `deleteBeforeReplace`
option and improve handling of delete-before-replace.


- Renamed 'aws-infra' package to 'awsx'.
- Moved `aws.apigateway.x.Api` from `pulumi/aws` into this package under the name `awsx.apigateway.Api`.


- Experimental abstractions have been promoted to supported abstractions.  see new modules for:
- autoscaling
- ec2
- ecs
- elasticloadbalancingv2



- Add some experimental abstractions for Services and Tasks in the `experimental` module.



- Fix an issue where passing a cluster to another component would fail in some cases.