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- Increase min chars for commit link detection to avoid false positives [abosio]
- Fix handling of empty values for display [rpatterson]
- Include ZCML of dependencies, fixes errors in add-on tests [rpatterson]
- Fix a registry key missing from fresh installs [rpatterson]
- Fixed several internationalization problems.  [maurits]
- Allow for graceful handling of missing vocab terms [cdw9]



- Plone 5 compatibility
- Complete refactor using Dexterity for Trackers and
Issues (see Poi 3.x for migration)
- Issues are now folderish for holding attachments.
- New template layouts
- CSV export from issue search
- New field for relating issues to each other



- Added a migration path from Poi 2.x to 4.x, which migrates
Trackers and Issues to Dexterity.
This requires a version of compatible with Plone 4.3,
with minimum version 1.1.2.
This version of Poi is to only be
used in Plone 4 as a migration step, and is not a useable version of Poi.
You will see errors like ``AttributeError: issuefolder`` when you try to
view a tracker. This is okay. You can now migrate to Plone 5.



- Avoid security warning on startup.  You get a warning about our
IResponseAdder viewlet manager, which apparently has a security
declaration for nonexistent method '__getitem__'.  So we add that
method and let it return an IndexError, because this is a
``zope.contentprovider`` which is not meant to iterate over
viewlets.  [maurits]

- Use blob file for attachments in issues and responses.  This comes
with an upgrade step to migrate them.
Fixes `issue 32 <>`_.



- Added basic options to ``BasePoiMail``.  This avoids doing the same
calculations on various sub classes.  [maurits]

- Load ``rss.png`` instead of ``rss.gif``.  [maurits]

- Fixed ``poi.js`` javascript for newer jQuery versions.  1.9 would
fall over an undefined ``jQuery.browser``.  1.7 would fall over an
unrecognized expression, needing extra quotes.  Still works on 1.4.
Fixes `issue 30 <>`_.



- Only do link detection in plain or intelligent text fields.  If a
field has html and contains an html space ``&160`` and you have an
issue 160, it will start looking very ugly.  Note that by default
html is not allowed.  [maurits]



- Require Products.DataGridField 1.9.2 as minimum.  This means we no
longer use the ``isDataGridFilled`` validator, but simply rely on
``required=True`` for the ``availableAreas`` and
``availableIssueTypes`` fields of the trackers.



- Refer to .png Plone images in css instead of .gif.

- When we go to search form, current filters are pre-selected.

- Filled in missing translations for de and removed stale fuzzy entries



- Show technicians in the responsible managers list in the search

- Sort the available releases of trackers in PloneSoftwareCenter by
id, which means: by version.

- Fix auto-recognized issue/revision links when displayed in the
tracker log.  These would point outside of the tracker.  Now we pass
the absolute url of the tracker.  Note that responses cache their
rendered html text in a variable ``rendered_text``, which is only
updated when you edit the response, so this may not have effect on
existing responses.

- Fix corner cases in recognizing links to issues and revisions.  Add
the patterns for these two in ```` so they can be
overridden.  Also add the template to use when recognizing a link to
another issue there.



- Fixed mail templates styles for new issue and new response

- Some style fixes; removed all inline styles left, translated to
CSS rules.



- Removed the text type selection for the tracker description.  Note:
when editing and saving an existing tracker and it has html code in
its description, you may get a validation error: "Mimetype text/html
is not allowed."  In that case you need to edit the description and
remove the html tags.

- Some style fixes; removed inline styles.



- Also allow text/plain for the details field.  This fixes a problem
with Plone 4.3.

- Updated italian translation

- Now supporting the "Site Administrator" role

- Fix tracker security; issues inside private folder
must not be visible to anonymous users

2.2.2 insecure


- Show the 'Watch/Stop watching this tracker' button again.

- Fixed ``KeyError: portal`` on several pages for anonymous users.

2.2.1 insecure


- Issue search form criteria can be pre-selected from request.

- Quick search and add issue button are now available on all pages.

- Most metadata are now clickable links.

- Added issue_portal_type parameter in IssueFolderView.  It is now
possible to use a custom content type inherited from PoiIssue.

2.2 insecure


- Completed French translations.

- Store the watchers of a tracker in a lines field instead of
annotations.  This way, you can edit them as Manager if that is
needed.  Added an upgrade step to migrate all existing trackers.

- Fixed changes in a response that were being saved with a wrong id.
This did not cause missing data, just a duplicate id in the response
changes.  This is never shown in the UI, so should only be a problem
for third party code that directly accesses this response data

2.1.4 insecure


- Fix advanced search form not returning results unless both `Issue
number` and `Submitter` were specified.

2.1.3 insecure


- Fixed reinstall error.  Metadata would be missing in the catalog

- Included Products.AddRemoveWidget and Products.DataGridField in configure.zcml

2.1.2 insecure


- Fixed packaging error.

2.1.1 insecure


- Made compatible with Plone 4.3.  Lost compatibility with Plone 4.0.

- Fix Unauthorized/"Insufficient Privileges" error under Plone 4.2.

2.1.0 insecure


- completed german translation [jensens]

2.1.0b1 insecure


- Get rid of all code that still handled old PoiResponses.  If you
still have those (meaning you were using Poi 1.1.x before this),
then you must first update to version 2.0.x and run the upgrade

- Add an uninstall method and profile, to clean up a bit more.  In
addition to what the CMFQuickInstaller does, we remove our catalog
columns and indexes, our skin layer from the skin selections, and
our types from the parentMetaTypesNotToQuery in the

- Refactored all email notifications to templates. This should make it
easier to customize and translate.

- Fixed example link for collective changesets.

- When clicking on the suggested login button, show a popup.

- Removed

- Refactored the email notifications by creating a page template
``browser/`` and a css file ``skins/Poi/poi-email.css``
and using that instead of hardcoded stuff in a python file

- Allow assigning portlets to trackers and issues.

- Make sure the issue-info-box does not inherit a 100% width, as is the
case on at the moment (6 September 2011), which is far too
wide for this little box.

- Added file so that .mo translation files will be
included in source distributions (with help from zest.releaser and

2.0.2 insecure


- Depend on Products.CMFPlone instead of Plone to improve Plone 4.1

- Do not fail when rendering a response that has a text/x-html-safe
mimetype or where the html transform returns nothing.  (Merged from
1.2 branch.)

- Review French translations

2.0.1 insecure


- Split profile registration and upgrade steps from configure.zcml
into a new profiles.zcml as it is quite big already.

- Fix: for the 'no change' label and input the ids were empty.

- Removed our dependency on collective.autopermission, as its
functionality is integrated in Zope 2.12 (Plone 4.0).

2.0 insecure


- Lower the minimum dependency on Products.AddRemoveWidget to 1.4.2
again, as I had a report about a performance hit in 1.4.3 in corner
cases not related to Poi itself; and 1.4.2 is fine really, though
1.4.4 has a fix for Plone 4 in a part that Poi does not use.

- Do not advise users to click on 'search for issues' as that link is
nowhere; instead it should be 'Advanced issue search'.

For changes in 2.0b2 and earlier, see ``docs/HISTORY.txt``.