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  * :class:`.Rule` to represent one rule of a subreddit.
  * :class:`.SubredditRules` to get and add rules.
  * Ability to submit polls with :meth:`.submit_poll`.
  * :class:`.PollData` and :class:`.PollOption`.
  * Ability to view poll data and poll options via the ``.poll_data`` attribute
  on poll submissions.
  * Add method :meth:`~.Reddit.delete` to :class:`.Reddit` class to support HTTP
  DELETE requests.
  * Added :class:`.CalendarConfiguration` to represent the configuration of a
  :class:`.Calendar` widget.
  * Added :class:`.Hover` to represent the hover state of a :class:`.Button`.
  * Added :class:`.Styles` to represent widget styling information.
  * Ability to stream live thread updates via new class
  :class:`.LiveThreadStream` with method :meth:`~.LiveThreadStream.updates`.
  * :meth:`.RemovalReason.update`\ 's parameters are now optional.
  * :meth:`.SubredditRemovalReasons.__getitem__` now takes integers and slices to
  get removal reasons from the list of reasons as returned by Reddit.
  * :attr:`.WebSocketException.original_exception` is deprecated and slated for removal in PRAW 8.0.
  * An issue where certain subreddit settings could not be set through
  :meth:`.SubredditModeration.update`, such as ``welcome_message_enabled``
  and ``welcome_message_text``. This change also removes the need for PRAW
  to track current subreddit settings and send unmodified ones in the
  update request.
  * Instances of ``BadRequest``\ s captured by PRAW that do not contain any
  detailed JSON data are re-raised as the original ``BadRequest``.
  * :meth:`.submit_image` and :meth:`.submit_video` will throw
  :class:`.MediaPostFailed` when Reddit fails to post an image or video post.


  * ``config_interpolation`` parameter for :class:`.Reddit` supporting basic and
  extended modes.
  * Add :meth:`.Redditors.partial_redditors` that returns lightweight redditor
  objects that contain only a few fields. This is useful for resolving
  Redditor IDs to their usernames in bulk.
  * :meth:`.User.friends` has a new parameter ``user`` that takes either an
  instance of :class:`.Redditor` or a string containing a redditor name and
  returns an instance of :class:`.Redditor` if the authenticated user is
  friends with the user, otherwise throws an exception.
  * :meth:`.SubmissionModeration.flair` has the parameter ``flair_template_id``
  for applying flairs with template IDs.
  * :meth:`~.Emoji.update` supports modifying an emoji's permissions.
  * :meth:`~.SubredditEmoji.add` now supports optionally passing booleans to set
  an emoji's permissions upon upload.
  * Methods :meth:`.SubredditLinkFlairTemplates.update` and
  :meth:`.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.update` contain a new parameter,
  ``fetch``, that toggles the automatic fetching of existing data from Reddit.
  It is set to True by default.
  * Values in methods :meth:`.SubredditLinkFlairTemplates.update` and
  :meth:`.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.update` that are left as the
  defaults will no longer be over-written if the ``fetch`` parameter is set to
  ``True``, but will fill in existing values for the flair template.
  * The parameter ``text`` for methods
  :meth:`.SubredditLinkFlairTemplates.update` and
  :meth:`.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.update` is no longer required.
  * There is a new method, :meth:`.Subreddit.post_requirements`, to fetch a
  subreddit's post requirements.
  * Method :meth:`.SubmissionModeration.sticky` will now ignore the Confict
  exception generated by trying to sticky the same post multiple times.
  * A new method :meth:`` will uncollapse a
  comment that was collapsed because of Crowd Control
  * Methods :meth:`.Subreddit.submit_image` and :meth:`.Subreddit.submit_video`
  will throw :class:`.TooLargeMediaException` if the submitted media is
  rejected by Reddit due to the size of the media.
  * Class :class:`.Reddit` has an attribute, ``validate_on_submit``, that can be
  set after class initialization that causes methods :meth:`.Subreddit.submit`,
  :meth:`.Subreddit.submit_image`, :meth:`.Subreddit.submit_video`, and
  :meth:`.Submission.edit` to check that the submission matches a subreddit's
  post validation rules. This attribute will be functionally useless once
  Reddit implements their change. This attribute will be deprecated on the next
  release after Reddit's change, and will be removed on the next major release
  after Reddit's change.
  .. warning:: In May-June 2020, Reddit will force all submissions to run through
  a subreddit's validation rules.
  * Introduced a data class, :class:`.RedditErrorItem`, to represent an
  individual error item returned from Reddit.
  * Class :class:`.RedditAPIException` now serves as a container for the
  :class:`.RedditErrorItem`\ s. You can access the items by doing
  ``RedditAPIException.items``, which returns a list.
  * :class:`.APIException` is an alias to :class:`.RedditAPIException`.
  * Parameter ``discussion_type`` to methods :meth:`.Subreddit.submit`,
  :meth:`.Subreddit.submit_image`, and :meth:`.Subreddit.submit_video` to
  support submitting as a live discussion (set to ``CHAT``).
  * Instances of :class:`.Trophy` can be compared for equality with each other.
  * :class:`.Reddit` has a new configurable parameter, ``timeout``. This defaults
  to 16 seconds. It controls how long PRAW will wait for a response before
  throwing an exception.
  * PRAW now handles ratelimit errors returned as instances of
  * :class:`.Reddit` has one new parameter, ``ratelimit_seconds`` . The parameter
  configures the maximum amount of seconds to catch ratelimits for.
  It defaults to 5 seconds when not specified.
  * ``prawcore.BadRequest`` should no longer be raised. Instead a more useful
  :class:`.RedditAPIException` instance will be raised.
  * Set the default comment sort to ``confidence`` instead of ``best`` because it
  turns out ``best`` isn't actually the correct value for the parameter.
  * :class:`.APIException` is deprecated and slated for removal in PRAW 8.0.
  * :meth:`.SubredditFlair.update` will not error out when the flair text
  contains quote marks.
  * Converting :class:`.APIException` to string will no longer escape unicode
  * Module ``praw.models.modaction`` no longer exists. Please use the module
  ``praw.models.mod_action``, or directly import ``ModAction``
  from ``praw.models``.
  * Methods :meth:`.SubredditLinkFlairTemplates.update` and
  :meth:`.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.update` will no longer
  create flairs that are using an invalid template id, but instead throw a
  * Method ``reddit.user.moderator_subreddits`` has been removed. Please use
  :meth:`.Redditor.moderated` instead.


  * Removed usages of ``NoReturn`` that caused PRAW to fail due to
  ``ImportError`` in Python ``<3.5.4`` and ``<3.6.2``.


  * :meth:`.set_original_content` supports
  marking a submission as original content.
  * :meth:`.unset_original_content` supports
  unmarking a submission as original content.
  * :meth:`.Redditor.moderated` to get a list of a Redditor's
  moderated subreddits.
  * Parameter ``without_websockets`` to :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit_image` and
  :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit_video` to submit without using WebSockets.
  * :meth:`.Reddit.redditor` supports ``fullname`` param to fetch a Redditor
  by the fullname instead of name.
  :class:`.Redditor` constructor now also has ``fullname`` param.
  * Add :class:`.RemovalReason` and :class:`.SubredditRemovalReasons` to work
  with removal reasons
  * Attribute ``removal_reasons`` to :class:`.SubredditModeration` to interact
  with new removal reason classes
  * Parameters ``mod_note`` and ``reason_id`` to
  :meth:`.ThingModerationMixin.remove` to optionally apply a removal reason on
  * Add :class:`.SubredditModerationStream` to enable moderation streams
  * Attribute ``stream`` to :class:`.SubredditModeration` to interact with new
  moderation streams
  * Add :meth:`.SubredditModerationStream.edited` to allow streaming
  of :meth:`.SubredditModeration.edited`
  * Add :meth:`.SubredditModerationStream.log` to allow streaming
  of :meth:`.SubredditModeration.log`
  * Add :meth:`.SubredditModerationStream.modmail_conversations` to allow
  streaming of :meth:`.Modmail.conversations`
  * Add :meth:`.SubredditModerationStream.modqueue` to allow streaming
  of :meth:`.SubredditModeration.modqueue`
  * Add :meth:`.SubredditModerationStream.reports` to allow streaming
  of :meth:`.SubredditModeration.reports`
  * Add :meth:`.SubredditModerationStream.spam` to allow streaming
  of :meth:`.SubredditModeration.spam`
  * Add :meth:`.SubredditModerationStream.unmoderated` to allow streaming
  of :meth:`.SubredditModeration.unmoderated`
  * Add :meth:`.SubredditModerationStream.unread` to allow streaming
  of :meth:`.SubredditModeration.unread`
  * Parameter ``exclude_before`` to :func:`.stream_generator` to allow
  :meth:`.SubredditModerationStream.modmail_conversations` to work
  * Parameters ``allowable_content`` and ``max_emojis`` to
  :meth:`~.SubredditLinkFlairTemplates.add`, and
  :meth:`~.SubredditFlairTemplates.update`, as well as its child classes.
  * Method ``reddit.user.moderator_subreddits`` as :meth:`.Redditor.moderated`
  provides more functionality.
  * The file for ModActions (praw/models/ has been moved to
  praw/models/ and the previous has been Deprecated.
  **Expected Changes**
  * The behavior of func:`APIException` will no longer unicode-escape strings
  in the next minor release


  * :meth:`~.Submission.crosspost` support parameter ``flair_id`` to
  flair the submission immediately upon crossposting.
  * :meth:`~.Submission.crosspost` support parameter ``flair_text`` to
  set a custom text to the flair immediately upon crossposting.
  * :meth:`~.Submission.crosspost` support parameter ``nsfw`` to
  mark the submission NSFW immediately upon crossposting.
  * :meth:`~.Submission.crosspost` support parameter ``spoiler`` to
  mark the submission as a spoiler immediately upon crossposting.
  * :meth:`.add_community_list` has parameter ``description`` to support
  unannounced upstream Reddit API changes.
  * :meth:`~.WidgetModeration.update` supports passing a list of
  :class:`.Subreddit` objects.
  * Removed ``css_class`` parameter cannot be used with ``background_color``,
  ``text_color``, or ``mod_only`` constraint on methods:
  * ``SubredditFlairTemplates.update()``
  * ``SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.add()``
  * ``SubredditLinkFlairTemplates.add()``
  * Drop official support for Python 2.7.
  * ``Multireddit.rename()`` no longer works due to a change in the Reddit API.


  * ``SubredditListingMixin.gilded()``, as this was supposed to be removed
  in 6.0.0 after deprecation in 5.2.0.


  * Collections (:class:`.Collection` and helper classes).
  * :meth:`.submit`, :meth:`.submit_image`, and :meth:`.submit_video` can be used
  to submit a post directly to a collection.
  * ``praw.util.camel_to_snake`` and ``praw.util.snake_case_keys``.
  * Comments can now be locked and unlocked via ``comment.mod.lock()`` and
  ``comment.mod.unlock()``. See: (:meth:`.ThingModerationMixin.lock` and
  * ``align`` parameter to :meth:`.SubredditStylesheet.upload_banner_additional_image`
  * :meth:`` now accepts any non-str iterable for fullnames
  (not just ``list``).
  * :meth:`` now returns a generator instead of a list when
  using the ``url`` parameter.


  * :meth:`.SubredditStylesheet.upload_banner`
  * :meth:`.SubredditStylesheet.upload_banner_additional_image`
  * :meth:`.SubredditStylesheet.upload_banner_hover_image`
  * :meth:`.SubredditStylesheet.delete_banner`
  * :meth:`.SubredditStylesheet.delete_banner_additional_image`
  * :meth:`.SubredditStylesheet.delete_banner_hover_image`
  * :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit`, :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit_image`, and
  :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit_video` support parameter ``nsfw`` to
  mark the submission NSFW immediately upon posting.
  * :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit`, :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit_image`, and
  :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit_video` support parameter ``spoiler`` to
  mark the submission as a spoiler immediately upon posting.
  * :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit_image` and :meth:`~.Subreddit.submit_video` support
  parameter ``timeout``. Default timeout has been raised from 2 seconds to
  10 seconds.
  * Added parameter ``function_kwargs`` to :func:`.stream_generator` to
  pass additional kwargs to ``function``.
  * :meth:`.Subreddit.random` returns ``None`` instead of raising
  :class:`.ClientException` when the subreddit does not support generating
  random submissions.
  * Bumped minimum prawcore version to 1.0.1.


  * :meth:`~.SubredditFlair.set` supports parameter ``flair_template_id`` for
  giving a user redesign flair.


  * Add method :meth:`.Redditor.trophies` to get a list of the Redditor's
  * Add class :class:`.PostFlairWidget`.
  * Add attributes ``reply_limit`` and ``reply_sort`` to class :class:`.Comment`
  * Add class :class:`.SubredditWidgetsModeration` (accessible through
  :attr:`.SubredditWidgets.mod`) and method :meth:`.add_text_area`.
  * Add class :class:`.WidgetModeration` (accessible through the ``.mod``
  attribute on any widget) with methods :meth:`~.WidgetModeration.update` and
  * Add method :meth:`.Reddit.put` for HTTP PUT requests.
  * Add methods :meth:`.add_calendar` and :meth:`.add_community_list`.
  * Add methods :meth:`.add_image_widget` and :meth:`.upload_image`.
  * Add method :meth:`.add_custom_widget`.
  * Add method :meth:`.add_post_flair_widget`.
  * Add method :meth:`.add_menu`.
  * Add method :meth:`.add_button_widget`.
  * Add method :meth:`~.SubredditWidgetsModeration.reorder` to reorder a
  subreddit's widgets.
  * Add :class:`.Redditors` (``reddit.redditors``) to provide Redditor listings.
  * Add :meth:`.submit_image` for submitting native images to Reddit.
  * Add :meth:`.submit_video` for submitting native videos and videogifs to
  * :meth:`` returns ``None`` in :attr:`~praw.Reddit.read_only` mode.
  * :meth:`.SubredditLinkFlairTemplates.__iter__` uses the v2 flair API endpoint.
  This change will result in additional fields being returned. All fields that
  were previously returned will still be returned.
  * :meth:`.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.__iter__` uses the v2 flair API
  endpoint. The method will still return the exact same items.
  * Methods :meth:`~.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.add`,
  :meth:`~.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.update`, and
  :meth:`~.SubredditLinkFlairTemplates.update` can add and update
  redesign-style flairs with the v2 flair API endpoint. They can still update
  pre-redesign-style flairs with the older endpoint.
  * Widgets of unknown types are parsed as ``Widget`` s rather than raising an


  * Add method :meth:`.WikiPage.revision` to get a specific wiki page revision.
  * Added parameter ``skip_existing`` to :func:`.stream_generator` to skip
  existing items when starting a stream.
  * Add method :meth:`` to get the front page "best" listing.
  * Add :attr:`.Subreddit.widgets`, :class:`.SubredditWidgets`,
  and widget subclasses like :class:`.TextArea` to support fetching
  Reddit widgets.
  * Add method :meth:`.Submission.mark_visited` to mark a submission as visited
  on the Reddit backend.
  * Fix ``RecursionError`` on :class:`.SubredditEmoji`'s ``repr`` and ``str``.
  * :meth:`.SubredditFilters.add` and :meth:`.SubredditFilters.remove`
  also accept a :class:`.Subreddit` for the ``subreddit`` parameter.
  * Remove restriction which prevents installed (non-confidential) apps from
  using OAuth2 authorization code grant flow.
  * ``Subreddit.submissions`` as the API endpoint backing the method is no
  more. See


  * Add method :meth:`~.Reddit.patch` to :class:`.Reddit` class to support HTTP
  PATCH requests.
  * Add class :class:`.Preferences` to access and update Reddit preferences.
  * Add attribute :attr:`.User.preferences` to access an instance of
  * Add method :meth:`.Message.delete()`.
  * Add class :class:`.Emoji` to work with custom subreddit emoji.
  * ``Subreddit.submissions`` as the API endpoint backing the method is going
  away. See
  * Fix bug with positive ``pause_after`` values in streams provided by
  :func:`.stream_generator` where the wait time was not reset after a yielded
  * Parse URLs with trailing slashes and no ``"comments"`` element when creating
  :class:`.Submission` objects.
  * Fix bug where ``Subreddit.submissions`` returns a same submission more than
  * Fix bug where ``ListingGenerator`` fetches the same batch of submissions in
  an infinite loop when ``"before"`` parameter is provided.
  * Removed support for Python 3.3 as it is no longer supported by requests.


  * :attr:``, to stream submissions and comments from a
  * :meth:`.Redditor.block`
  * Now raises ``prawcore.UnavailableForLegalReasons`` instead of an
  ``AssertionError`` when encountering a HTTP 451 response.


  * An attribute on :class:`.LiveUpdate` now works as lazy attribute (i.e.
  populate an attribute when the attribute is first accessed).
  * ``subreddit.comments.gilded`` because there isn't actually an endpoint that
  returns only gilded comments. Use ``subreddit.gilded`` instead.
  * Removed ``comment.permalink()`` because ``comment.permalink`` is now an
  attribute returned by Reddit.


  * :attr:``, with methods :meth:`.RedditorStream.submissions()`
  and :meth:`.RedditorStream.comments()` to stream a Redditor's
  comments or submissions
  * :class:`.RedditorStream` has been added to facilitate
  * :meth:`.Inbox.collapse` to mark messages as collapsed.
  * :meth:`.Inbox.uncollapse` to mark messages as uncollapsed.
  * Raise :class:`.ClientException` when calling :meth:`~.Comment.refresh` when
  the comment does not appear in the resulting comment tree.
  * :meth:`.Submission.crosspost` to crosspost to a subreddit.
  * Calling :meth:`~.Comment.refresh` on a directly fetched, deeply nested
  :class:`.Comment` will additionally pull in as many parent comments as
  possible (currently 8) enabling significantly quicker traversal to the
  top-most :class:`.Comment` via successive :meth:`.parent()` calls.
  * Calling :meth:`~.Comment.refresh` previously could have resulted in a
  ``AttributeError: "MoreComments" object has no attribute "_replies"``
  exception. This situation will now result in a :class:`.ClientException`.
  * Properly handle ``BAD_CSS_NAME`` errors when uploading stylesheet images with
  invalid filenames. Previously an ``AssertionError`` was raised.
  * :class:`.Submission`'s ``gilded`` attribute properly returns the expected
  value from reddit.


  * Calls to :meth:`.hide()` and :meth:`.unhide()` properly batch into requests
  of 50 submissions at a time.
  * Lowered the average maximum delay between inactive stream checks by 4x to 16
  seconds. It was previously 64 seconds, which was too long.


  * :meth:`.Comment.disable_inbox_replies`, :meth:`.Comment.enable_inbox_replies`
  :meth:`.Submission.disable_inbox_replies`, and
  :meth:`.Submission.enable_inbox_replies` to toggle inbox replies on comments
  and submissions.
  * ``cloudsearch`` is no longer the default syntax for
  :meth:``. ``lucene`` is now the default
  syntax so that PRAW's default is aligned with Reddit's default.
  * :meth:`` will now take either a list of fullnames
  or a single URL string.
  * :meth:`.Subreddit.submit` accepts a flair template ID and text.
  * Fix accessing :attr:`.LiveUpdate.contrib` raises ``AttributeError``.
  * Iterating directly over :class:`.SubredditRelationship` (e.g.,
  ``subreddit.banned``, ``subreddit.contributor``, ``subreddit.moderator``,
  etc) and :class:`.SubredditFlair` is no longer possible. Iterate instead over
  their callables, e.g. ``subreddit.banned()`` and ``subreddit.flair()``.
  * The following methods are removed:
  ``Subreddit.mod.approve``, ``Subreddit.mod.distinguish``,
  ``Subreddit.mod.ignore_reports``, ``Subreddit.mod.remove``,
  ``Subreddit.mod.undistinguish``, ``Subreddit.mod.unignore_reports``.
  * Support for passing a :class:`.Submission` to :meth:`.SubredditFlair.set`
  is removed.
  * The ``thing`` argument to :meth:`.SubredditFlair.set` is removed.
  * Return values from :meth:`.Comment.block`, :meth:`.Message.block`,
  :meth:`.SubredditMessage.block`, :meth:`.SubredditFlair.delete`,
  :meth:`.friend`, :meth:`.Redditor.message`, :meth:`.Subreddit.message`,
  :meth:`.select`, and :meth:`.unfriend` are removed as they do not provide
  any useful information.
  * ``praw.ini`` no longer reads in ``http_proxy`` and ``https_proxy`` settings.
  * ``is_link`` parameter of :meth:`.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.add` and
  :meth:`.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.clear`. Use
  :class:`.SubredditLinkFlairTemplates` instead.


  The release's sole purpose is to announce the deprecation of the ``is_link``
  parameter as described below:
  * :attr:`.SubredditFlair.link_templates` to manage link flair templates.
  * ``is_link`` parameter of :meth:`.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.add` and
  :meth:`.SubredditRedditorFlairTemplates.clear`. Use
  :class:`.SubredditLinkFlairTemplates` instead.


  * Calling :meth:`.parent` works on :class:`.Comment` instances obtained via


  * :meth:`~praw.models.reddit.subreddit.Modmail.unread_count` to get unread
  count by conversation state.
  * :meth:`~praw.models.reddit.subreddit.Modmail.bulk_read` to mark conversations
  as read by conversation state.
  * :meth:`~praw.models.reddit.subreddit.Modmail.subreddits` to fetch subreddits
  using new modmail.
  * :meth:`~praw.models.reddit.subreddit.Modmail.create` to create a new modmail
  * :meth:`` to mark modmail conversations
  as read.
  * :meth:`~praw.models.ModmailConversation.unread` to mark modmail conversations
  as unread.
  * :meth:`~praw.models.reddit.subreddit.Modmail.conversations` to get new
  modmail conversations.
  * :meth:`~praw.models.ModmailConversation.highlight` to highlight modmail
  * :meth:`~praw.models.ModmailConversation.unhighlight` to unhighlight modmail
  * :meth:`~praw.models.ModmailConversation.mute` to mute modmail conversations.
  * :meth:`~praw.models.ModmailConversation.unmute` to unmute modmail
  * :meth:`~praw.models.ModmailConversation.archive` to archive modmail
  * :meth:`~praw.models.ModmailConversation.unarchive` to unarchive modmail
  * :meth:`~praw.models.ModmailConversation.reply` to reply to modmail
  * :meth:`~praw.models.reddit.subreddit.Modmail.__call__` to get a new modmail
  * :meth:`` to stream new items in the inbox.
  * Exponential request delay to all streams when no new items are returned in a
  request. The maximum delay between requests is 66 seconds.
  * :meth:`.submit` accepts ``selftext=''`` to create a title-only submission.
  * :class:`.Reddit` accepts ``requestor_class=cls`` for a customized requestor
  class and ``requestor_kwargs={"param": value}`` for passing arguments to
  requestor initialization.
  * :meth:`~praw.models.reddit.subreddit.SubredditStream.comments`,
  :meth:`~praw.models.reddit.subreddit.SubredditStream.submissions`, and
  :meth:`` accept a ``pause_after`` argument to
  allow pausing of the stream. The default value of ``None`` retains the
  preexisting behavior.
  * ``cloudsearch`` will no longer be the default syntax for
  :meth:`` in PRAW 5. Instead ``lucene`` will be the default
  syntax so that PRAW's default is aligned with Reddit's default.
  * Fix bug where :class:`.WikiPage` revisions with deleted authors caused
  * :class:`.Submission` attributes ``comment_limit`` and ``comment_sort``
  maintain their values after making instances non-lazy.


  * :meth:`.LiveThreadContribution.update` to update settings of a live thread.
  * ``reset_timestamp`` to :meth:`.limits` to provide insight into when the
  current rate limit window will expire.
  * :meth:`.upload_mobile_header` to upload subreddit mobile header.
  * :meth:`.upload_mobile_icon` to upload subreddit mobile icon.
  * :meth:`.delete_mobile_header` to remove subreddit mobile header.
  * :meth:`.delete_mobile_icon` to remove subreddit mobile icon.
  * :meth:`.LiveUpdateContribution.strike` to strike a content of a live thread.
  * :meth:`.LiveContributorRelationship.update` to update contributor
  permissions for a redditor.
  * :meth:`.LiveContributorRelationship.update_invite` to update contributor
  invite permissions for a redditor.
  * :meth:`.LiveThread.discussions` to get submissions linking to the thread.
  * :meth:`` to report the thread violating the Reddit rules.
  * :meth:`` to get the currently featured live thread.
  * :meth:`` to fetch information about each live thread in
  live thread IDs.
  * Uploading an image resulting in too large of a request (>500 KB) now
  raises ``prawcore.TooLarge`` instead of an ``AssertionError``.
  * Uploading an invalid image raises func:`APIException`.
  * :class:`.Redditor` instances obtained via :attr:`.moderator` (e.g.,
  ``reddit.subreddit("subreddit").moderator()``) will contain attributes with
  the relationship metadata (e.g., ``mod_permissions``).
  * :class:`.Message` instances retrieved from the inbox now have attributes
  ``author``, ``dest`` ``replies`` and ``subreddit`` properly converted to
  their appropriate PRAW model.


  * :meth:`.LiveContributorRelationship.leave` to abdicate the live thread
  contributor position.
  * :meth:`.LiveContributorRelationship.remove` to remove the redditor
  from the live thread contributors.
  * :meth:`.limits` to provide insight into number of requests made and remaining
  in the current rate limit window.
  * :attr:`.LiveThread.contrib` to obtain an instance of
  * :meth:`.LiveThreadContribution.add` to add an update to the live thread.
  * :meth:`.LiveThreadContribution.close` to close the live thread permanently.
  * :attr:`.LiveUpdate.contrib` to obtain an instance of
  * :meth:`.LiveUpdateContribution.remove` to remove a live update.
  * :meth:`.LiveContributorRelationship.accept_invite` to accept an invite to
  contribute the live thread.
  * :meth:`.SubredditHelper.create` and :meth:`.SubredditModeration.update` have
  documented support for ``spoilers_enabled``. Note, however, that
  :meth:`.SubredditModeration.update` will currently unset the
  ``spoilers_enabled`` value until such a time that Reddit returns the value
  along with the other settings.
  * :meth:`.spoiler` and :meth:`.unspoiler` to change a submission's spoiler
  * :meth:`.LiveContributorRelationship.invite` and
  :meth:`.LiveContributorRelationship.remove_invite` now hit endpoints,
  which starts with "api/", for consistency.
  * :meth:`.ModeratorRelationship.update`, and
  :meth:`.ModeratorRelationship.update_invite` now always remove known unlisted


  * ``.Subreddit.rules`` to get the rules of a subreddit.
  * :class:`.LiveContributorRelationship`, which can be obtained through
  :attr:`.LiveThread.contributor`, to interact with live threads'
  * :meth:`~.ModeratorRelationship.remove_invite` to remove a moderator invite.
  * :meth:`.LiveContributorRelationship.invite` to send a contributor invitation.
  * :meth:`.LiveContributorRelationship.remove_invite` to remove the contributor
  * Return values from :meth:`.Comment.block`, :meth:`.Message.block`,
  :meth:`.SubredditMessage.block`, :meth:`.SubredditFlair.delete`,
  :meth:`.friend`, :meth:`.Redditor.message`, :meth:`.Subreddit.message`,
  :meth:`.select`, and :meth:`.unfriend` will be removed in PRAW 5 as they do
  not provide any useful information.
  * :meth:`.hide()` and :meth:`.unhide()` now accept a list of additional
  * :meth:`.replace_more` is now recoverable. Previously, when an exception was
  raised during the work done by :meth:`.replace_more`, all unreplaced
  :class:`.MoreComments` instances were lost. Now :class:`.MoreComments`
  instances are only removed once their children have been added to the
  :class:`.CommentForest` enabling callers of :meth:`.replace_more` to call the
  method as many times as required to complete the replacement.
  * Working with contributors on :class:`.SubredditWiki` is done consistently
  through ``contributor`` not ``contributors``.
  * ``Subreddit.moderator()`` works.
  * ``live_thread.contributor()`` now returns :class:`.RedditorList` correctly.
  * ``validate_time_filter`` is no longer part of the public interface.


  * :meth:`praw.models.Subreddits.search_by_topic` to search subreddits by topic.
  * :meth:`praw.models.LiveHelper.__call__` to provide interface to
  * :class:`.SubredditFilters` to work with filters for special subreddits, like
  * Added callables for :class:`.SubredditRelationship` and
  :class:`.SubredditFlair` so that ``limit`` and other parameters can be
  * Add :meth:`~praw.models.Message.reply` to :class:`.Message` which was
  accidentally missed previously.
  * Add ``sticky`` parameter to :meth:`.CommentModeration.distinguish` to sticky
  * :meth:`.flair` to add a submission's flair from an instance of
  * :meth:`.Comment.parent` to obtain the parent of a :class:`.Comment`.
  * :meth:`.opt_in` and :meth:`.opt_out` to :class:`.Subreddit` to permit working
  with quarantined subreddits.
  * :class:`.LiveUpdate` to represent an individual update in a
  * Ability to access an individual :class:`.LiveUpdate` via
  * :meth:`.LiveThread.updates` to iterate the updates of the thread.
  * :meth:`.me` now caches its result in order to reduce redundant requests for
  methods that depend on it. Set ``use_cache=False`` when calling to bypass the
  * :meth:`.replace_more` can be called on :class:`.Comment` ``replies``.
  * ``validate_time_filter`` will be removed from the public interface in PRAW
  4.2 as it was never intended to be part of it to begin with.
  * Iterating directly over :class:`.SubredditRelationship` (e.g.,
  ``subreddit.banned``, ``subreddit.contributor``, ``subreddit.moderator``,
  etc) and :class:`.SubredditFlair` will be removed in PRAW 5. Iterate instead
  over their callables, e.g. ``subreddit.banned()`` and ``subreddit.flair()``.
  * The following methods are deprecated to be removed in PRAW 5 and are replaced
  with similar ``Comment.mod...`` and ``Submission.mod...`` alternatives:
  ``Subreddit.mod.approve``, ``Subreddit.mod.distinguish``,
  ``Subreddit.mod.ignore_reports``, ``Subreddit.mod.remove``,
  ``Subreddit.mod.undistinguish``, ``Subreddit.mod.unignore_reports``.
  * Support for passing a :class:`.Submission` to :meth:`.SubredditFlair.set`
  will be removed in PRAW 5. Use :meth:`.flair` instead.
  * The ``thing`` argument to :meth:`.SubredditFlair.set` is replaced with
  ``redditor`` and will be removed in PRAW 5.
  * :meth:`.SubredditModeration.update` accurately updates
  ``exclude_banned_modqueue``, ``header_hover_text``, ``show_media`` and
  ``show_media_preview`` values.
  * Instances of :class:`.Comment` obtained through the inbox (including
  mentions) are now refreshable.
  * Searching ``/r/all`` should now work as intended for all users.
  * Accessing an invalid attribute on an instance of :class:`.Message` will raise
  :py:class:`.AttributeError` instead of :class:`.PRAWException`.


  * Fix bug where ipython tries to access attribute
  ``_ipython_canary_method_should_not_exist_`` resulting in a useless fetch.
  * Fix bug where Comment replies becomes ``[]`` after attempting to access an
  invalid attribute on the Comment.
  *[...] converts the passed in page name to lower case as pages are
  only saved in lower case and non-lower case page names results in a Redirect
  exception (thanks pcjonathan).


  * ``implicit`` parameter to :meth:`.url` to support the implicit flow for
  **installed** applications (see:
  * :meth:`.scopes` to discover which scopes are available to the current
  * Lots of documentation:


  * :meth:`~praw.models.Auth.authorize` properly sets the session's
  Authentication (thanks williammck).


  PRAW 4 introduces significant breaking changes. The numerous changes are not
  listed here, only the feature removals. Please read through
  :doc:`/getting_started/quick_start` to help with updating your code to
  PRAW 4. If you require additional help please ask on `/r/redditdev
  <>`_ or via Slack.
  * :meth:`praw.models.Comment.block`, :meth:`praw.models.Message.block`, and
  :meth:`praw.models.SubredditMessage.block` to permit blocking unwanted user
  * :meth:`praw.models.LiveHelper.create` to create new live threads.
  * :meth:`praw.models.Redditor.unblock` to undo a block.
  * :meth:`` to iterate through gold subreddits.
  * :meth:`` to search for subreddits by name and
  * :meth:`` to obtain newly created subreddits in
  * :meth:`praw.models.User.karma` to retrieve the current user's subreddit
  * ``praw.models.reddit.submission.SubmissionModeration.lock`` and
  ``praw.models.reddit.submission.SubmissionModeration.unlock`` to change a
  Submission's lock state.
  * :meth:`praw.models.reddit.subreddit.SubredditFlairTemplates.delete` to
  delete a single flair template.
  * :meth:`praw.models.reddit.subreddit.SubredditModeration.unread` to iterate
  over unread moderation messages.
  * :meth:`praw.models.reddit.subreddit.ModeratorRelationship.invite` to invite a
  moderator to a subreddit.
  * :meth:`praw.models.reddit.subreddit.ModeratorRelationship.update` to update a
  moderator's permissions.
  * :meth:`praw.models.reddit.subreddit.ModeratorRelationship.update_invite` to
  update an invited moderator's permissions.
  * :meth:`praw.models.Front.random_rising`,
  :meth:`praw.models.Subreddit.random_rising` and
  * :class:`~.WikiPage` supports a revision argument.
  * :meth:`~.SubredditWiki.revisions` to obtain a list of recent revisions to a
  * :meth:`~.WikiPage.revisions` to obtain a list of revisions for a wiki
  * Support installed-type OAuth apps.
  * Support read-only OAuth for all application types.
  * Support script-type OAuth apps.
  .. note:: Only prominent changes are listed here.
  * ``helpers.comments_stream`` is now
  * ``helpers.submissions_between`` is now
  ``Subreddit.submissions``. This new method now only iterates
  through newest submissions first and as a result makes approximately 33%
  fewer requests.
  * ``helpers.submission_stream`` is now
  * Removed :class:`.Reddit`'s ``login`` method. Authentication must be done
  through OAuth.
  * Removed ``praw-multiprocess`` as this functionality is no longer needed with
  PRAW 4.
  * Removed non-oauth functions ``Message.collapse`` and ``Message.uncollapse``
  * Removed captcha related functions.
  For changes prior to version 4.0 please see: `3.4.0 changelog