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* updates distl to 0.2.0 release which includes support for retaining simultaneous sampling between copies of the same underyling distribution, increased precision on latex formatting of uncertainties, and maintaining labels during unit conversion.
  * fix propagating distl distribution objects through constraints to arbitrary depth.
  * update Kepler's third law constraint to be distl-friendly (1+q becomes q+1).
  * parameter.get_distribution: new argument `delta_if_none` to allow returning a delta function.  This is now the default behavior from within b.get/plot_distribution_collection
  * b.sample_distribution_collection: rename `N` argument to `sample_size` (but with backwards compatibility support for `N`).
  * run_checks_solver now includes a warning if priors contain "around" distributions.


* skip nwalkers vs number of parameters check when continue_from is set
  * fallback on twigs when original uniqueids not available (when attempting to continue from a solution loaded into a new bundle, for example)
  * wrapping rules for angle parameters fallback on median of last iteration in the available chain when uniqueids do not match as the initializing distribution likely does not exist anymore


compute vsini from syncpar and pass to RV to enable Rossiter-McLaughlin effect when rv_method='flux-weighted'


* fix bug in plotting MCMC trace plots when any given chain is all nans.


fix bug resulting in a nanslice error when phase_bin is enabled within estimators resulting in a single entry in any given bin.  Now, sigmas will be ignored within the estimator in these cases with a warning in the logger.


* now correctly maps passbands when using the legacy backend (only affects TESS and Tycho)
  * falls back on PHOEBE atmospheres when needing to compute pblums internally for flux scaling prior to calling legacy backend
  * from_legacy bugfix in parsing linear limb-darkening coefficients
  * export_compute/export_solver: add commment warning against manually editing script
  * fixes typo which raised error when rescaling passband-dependent mesh columns


* some systems fail to parse common datetime strings, resulting in inability to import phoebe when checking for available passband updates.  This now prints and logs an error message, but does not prevent import.
  * checking for available passband updates on import now correctly respects the PHOEBE_ENABLE_ONLINE_PASSBANDS environment variable.
  * failed online passbands connection error messages are now only included in the log once (per processor) to avoid spamming the log (but are shown by default when manually calling phoebe.list_online_passbands).


* actually fixes bug (see 2.3.13) that raised internal error when running ebai on an eclipse with width larger than 0.25 in phase.  Note that these systems will still return nans as ebai is not well-suited to these systems, but the internal error will no longer occur.


* enables parallelization (per-time or per-dataset) for optimizers.


* fixes estimator.rv_geometry when primary and secondary component have different times.


* fix bug in applying l3_frac within dataset scaling (pblum_mode='dataset-scaled') when using alternate backends.


* fix bug where falling back on twigs when importing a solution on a different bundle failed.  It is still suggested to save the bundle and import solutions on the bundle used when calling export_solver.


* fix bug that raised internal error when running ebai on an eclipse with width larger than 0.25 in phase. Note that these systems will still return nans as ebai is not well-suited to these systems, but the internal error will no longer occur.


* fix bug in the latex labels on plots when converting from multivariate to univariate distributions.


* fix bug where run_checks raised an error for an empty init_from if continue_from was set.


* fix bug where atm parameter was ignored during passband luminosity scaling while using an alternate backend, resulting in an atmosphere out-of-bounds error in some situations.


* stop attempting to query online passbands after three failed attempts to avoid significant time cost otherwise.


* fix bug where datasets were excluded from plotting if not in any models
  * fix syntax error in run_checks


* fix small bugs that could raise errors when passing some filter kwargs to `run_solver` or `sample_distribution_collection`


* fix check for presence of observational data during run_checks to only consider datasets with attached gaussian processes (GPs)


* fix length comparison of flux_densities and wavelengths during run_checks


* fixed Gordon extinction coefficient calculation in line with erratum
  * added check to require updating affected-passbands (versions at have been updated)
  * removed duplicate Passband methods causing ld/ldint passband computations to fail


* fix the latex representation string for `fillout_factor`, `pot`, `pot_min`, and `pot_max` parameters in a contact binary.


* manually include in to avoid build errors from pip


* removes m2r as an (unlisted) build-dependency. m2r is only required to build the submission to submit to pypi, but is not required to install or run phoebe locally.


* Add support for inverse problem solvers, including "estimators", "optimizers", and "samplers"
  * Add support for attaching distributions (as [distl]( objects) to parameters, including priors and posteriors.
  * Add support for [web and desktop clients]( via a light-weight built in `phoebe-server`.
  * Removed support for Python 2 (now requires Python 3.6+)
  * Implement optional gaussian processes for light curves
  * Implement phase-masking
  * Added official support for [ellc]( and [jktebop]( alternate backends
  * Per-component and per-dataset RV offsets
  * Fixed phasing in time-dependent systems
  * Distinction between anomalous and sidereal period in apsidal motion cases
  * Extinction parameters moved from per-dataset to the system-level
  * Added several new optional constraints
  * Overhaul of the run_checks framework
  * Updated scipy dependency to 1.7+
  * Numerous small bugfixes and enhancements


* fix overriding mesh_init_phi as kwarg to run_compute
  * fix pblum computation to not require irrad_method kwarg
  * fix bundle representation to exclude hidden parameters


* Improves the detection of g++/gcc version to compare against requirements during setup.


* Add support for interstellar extinction/reddening.
  * Support for Python 3.6+ in addition to Python 2.7+.
  * Overhaul of limb-darkening with new ld_mode and ld_coeffs_source parameters.
  * Overhaul of passband luminosity and flux scaling with new pblum_mode parameter, including support for maintaining color relations between multiple passbands.
  * Ability to provide third light in either flux or percentage units, via the new l3_mode and l3_frac parameters.
  * Support for computing a model at different times than the observations, via the new compute_times or computes_phases parameter.
  * Transition from pickled to FITS passband files, with automatic detection for available updates.  The tables can now also be accessed via
  * DISABLED support for beaming/boosting.
  * Allow flipping Kepler's thrid law constraint to solve for q.
  * Require overwrite=True during add_* or run_* methods that would result in overwriting an existing label.
  * Constraint for logg.
  * Account for time-dependence (dpdt/dperdt) in t0 constraints.


* Future-proof to ignore for passband files with extensions other than ".pb" which may be introduced in future versions of PHOEBE.


upgrade electron to address security vulnerability (see 4)


Initial release of the PHOEBE client UI.  Compatible with PHOEBE 2.3.