Changelogs » Phoebe



* Fixes bug where irradiation was over-optimized and not recomputed as needed for
eccentric or misaligned orbits. Introduced in the optimizations in 2.1.6.


* Fixes 'long' location of spots on single stars.
* Fixes treatment of spots on secondary 'half' of contact systems.
* Fixes loading legacy files with a spot that has source of 0 due to a bug in legacy.
* Fixes overriding 'ntriangles' by passing keyword argument to run_compute.


* Fixes the polar rotation axis for RVs in contact systems with non-90 inclinations
by re-enabling the alignment (pitch, yaw) constraints and enforcing them to be 0.


* Fixes infinite loop when trying to flip esinw AND ecosw
* Adds ability to flip mass (Kepler's third law) to solve for q
* Fixes bug introduced in 2.1.9 in which out-of-limits constrained parameters in an envelope were being raised before all constraints could resolve successfully.


* Fixes applying t0 when importing legacy dataset which use phase.
* Fixes ignoring other compute options when running checks on kwargs during run_compute.


* Fixes loading legacy datasets which use phase (by translating to time with the current ephemeris).
* Fixes loading legacy datasets with errors in magnitudes (by converting to errors in flux units).
* Fixes plotting RV datasets in which only one component has times (which is often the case when importing from a legacy file).


* Removes ldint from the weights in the computations of RVs and LPs.


* Fixes a bug where parameter limits were not being checked and out-of-limits errors not raised correctly.


* Fixes a bug where certain parameters would cause the meshing algorithm to fail to converge.  With this fix, up to 4 additional attempts will be made with random initial starting locations which should converge for most cases.


comparison operators bugfix:
* Fixes a bug where comparisons between Parameters/ParameterSets and values were returning nonsensical values.
* Comparing ParameterSets with any object will now return a NotImplementedError
* Comparing Parameters will compare against the value or quantity, with default units when applicable.
* Comparing equivalence between two Parameter objects will compare the uniqueids of the Parameters, NOT the values.


optimization bugfix:
* Fixes a bug where automatic detection of eclipses was failing to properly fallback on only detecting the horizon.
* Introduces several other significant optimizations, particularly in run_compute.


bugfix release for get_orbits and lineprofiles for single star systems.


bugfix release for freq constraint when flipped to solve for period instead of frequency.


bugfix release for overflow error in semi-detached systems


bugfix release changing all constraints to be in solar units instead of SI to address insufficient precision.


fix auto-detection of MPI environment for non-openmpi installations.


spin-orbit misalignment release (see changelog for an abbreviated list of changes)


Set astropy dependency to be >=1.0 and < 3.0 (as astropy 3.0 requires python 3).


Fix bug in importing PHOEBE legacy files that contain extraneous spaces/whitespace.


Fix bug in which datasets created after loading JSON file were ignored by run_compute.


Bugfixes and hiding unused Parameters for contact binary systems.


Minor bugfixes to import/export of PHOEBE legacy files


Check for compatible units when converting and raise an error when not compatible.


Support for semi-detached systems, including fixing bug in importing semi-detached systems from a PHOEBE legacy file.


Temporary patch to the treatment of vgamma.  Definition of vgamma will change to match that of phoebe legacy in the 2.1 release.  See the changelog for more details.


Bugfix for the t0_* parameters. See the changelog for more details.


Bugfix for the treatment of spots.  If using spots, please make sure to update to 2.0.2 or later.  See the changelog for more details.


Minor bugfix (see changelog) that only affects internal values of absolute quantities or manually computed *absolute* fluxes/luminosities.


Official 2.0.0 release, accompanied by the [release paper](, ApJS 227, 29 (2016).


Beta release of PHOEBE 2.0 to coincide with the submission of the [PHOEBE 2.0 release paper](  The official 2.0 release will come with the acceptance and publication of the paper.