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* Fixed bug: unpacking wrapped entities does not work with ``/log_entries``


* Whitelisting of endpoints supported by the ``r*`` / ``*_all`` methods has been rescinded, and documentation has been updated with how to identify endpoints that these methods can be used with.


* More helpful error messaging when using ``r*`` / ``*_all`` methods on endpoints they don't support
* Resource envelope auto-unpacking no longer validates for the presence of a ``type`` property in order to support posting to business impact metrics


* Methods ``list_all`` and ``dict_all`` turn all results from an index into a list/dict to save a bit of effort


* Support for performing multi-update actions (i.e. *Manage Incidents*) via the ``rput`` method.
* The default behavior of ``iter_all`` is now to raise an exception if an error response is received from the API during iteration.

**Changelog Started 2018-11-28**