Changelogs » Pdfconduit

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  - Created logging feature for test suite which records testing information and saves to .csv
  - Added requirements.txt for development


  - Moved utils into its own sub-module
  - Imports optimization
  - Modified files


  - FIXED: Issue where canvas elements of a 'layered' watermark were being incorrectly drawn
  - Added config.json and config sub-module to gui sub-package


  - NEW: Added convert module for image to pdf conversion and visa versa
  - Created pdf2img and img2pdf wrapper functions

  - FIXED: pagescale parameter placement in WatermarkDraw call in draw method
  - Was causing a syntax error


  - FIXED: Issue where Flatten class created incorrectly scaled PDF documents
  - Issue was created by pagescaling in WatermarkDraw __init__ method
  - Fixed by added parameter pagescale set to default of False


  - FIXED: Issue where watermark was inconsistently place on 11x17 PDF documents
  - Added watermark pagesize scaling to WatermarkDraw method
  - Improved test_watermark unittests


  - The pdfconduit package has been divided into several sub-packages (conduit and gui).


  - Improved Watermark.draw() method functionality
  - Modified to handle cases where text2, image or copyright are None
  - Updated handles scenario where image directory is not available


  - Fixed issue where would exit with a warning on windows
  - Identified as a possible cause of UnclosedResource warnings
  - Improved test suite


  - Added tabs to watermark GUI form
  - Only on Windows (PySimpleGUI tabs are currently ugly on MacOS)
  - Console no longer appears when watermarker.exe is launched


  - Fixed issue when text from Label class was too big
  - Added flat method to
  - Created function to calculate font size in Label class


  - Fixed issue in where upscale call was giving unneeded margin_x param
  - Added assertion to to validate page_range
  - Moved target_w and target_h params to __init__ method of
  - Removed redundant tests from
  - Added PDF dimensions print statements to test_upscale tearDown methods
  - Added Flat vs. Layered PDF generator to


  - Added PyMuPDF and tqdm to install_requires
  - PyMuPDF is a dependency of the flatten module
  - tqdm is a dependency of several time intensive modules
  - Created flatten module to convert PDF page contents to singular flat layer
  - Added file
  - Convert PDF file into PNG file for each page
  - Convert images into multiple PDFs or a single merged PDF
  - Added flatten parameter to watermarker GUI


  - Fixed issue large PDF files issue
  - Files taking a long time to write
  - File size was too large
  - Added progress bar parameters to Encrypt module
  - Restored pdfrw methods to upscale, rotate and add because of speed
  limitations with PyPDF3
  - Added to convert PDF files to image files


  - Fixed test suite and added unit testing modules
  - Fixed Label class x and y calculations