Changelogs » Panoptes-client

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- Change: Allow uploads to Azure cloud, add header to cloud upload PUT requests


- New: Add `SubjectWorkflowStatus` class
  - New: Add attached image methods to `Project`
  - Fix: Save workflow configuration if changed
  - Change: Update requests requirement >=2.4.2,<2.25
  - Change: Update mock requirement to >=2.0,<4.1
  - Change: Update future requirement from to >=0.16,<0.19


- Fix: Can't save new objects with individual links
  - Fix: Missing 'six' dependency


- New: Add asynchronous multi-threaded subject creation
  - New: Add `LinkCollection` for managing links to multiple objects
  - New: Allow `Panoptes` class to act as a context manager
  - New: Add `Panoptes.interactive_login` method
  - New: Add authentication method selection (via `Panoptes.connect(login=...)`)
  - New: Add `CollectionRole` class
  - New: Add `Collection.set_default_subject()`
  - New: Add `SubjectSet.__contains__()`
  - New: Add `PanoptesObject.delete()` method
  - New: Add `Organization` class
  - New: Add `Project.avatar`
  - New: Allow finding `Collection`s by slug
  - New: Allow finding `User`s from a list of email addresses
  - New: Allow batched `User` lookups by login name
  - New: Allow editing `Collection` project links and descriptions
  - New: Allow editing `Workflow` `tasks`, `primary_language`, and `mobile_friendly`
  - New: Allow editing `User.valid_user`
  - Fix: Fix reloading for `User` class
  - Fix: Passing `set`s to batchable methods
  - Change: Use multiple threads for media uploads
  - Change: Make global client thread safe
  - Change: Retry all `GET` requests on server failures
  - Change: Log in immediately rather than waiting for first request
  - Change: Raise an exception if media mime type can't be determined
  - Change: Log a warning if libmagic is broken
  - Change: Use six for string type checking
  - Change: Raise exception when linking unsaved objects
  - Change: Update requests requirement to >=2.4.2,<2.22
  - Change: Update future requirement to >=0.16,<0.18


- Fix: TypeError when creating subjects
  - Update default client IDs


- Fix: Fix saving subjects with updated metadata
  - Fix: Fix calling `` when nothing has changed


- Fix: Exports are not automatically decompressed on download
  - Fix: Unable to `save` a Workflow
  - Fix: Fix typo in documentation for Classification
  - Fix: Fix saving objects initialised from object links


- New: Add methods for adding Project links
  - New: Enable debugging if PANOPTES_DEBUG is set in env
  - Fix: Fix accessing list of linked projects
  - Move testing dependencies to extras
  - Change User.avatar to be a property
  - Specify dependency versions


- Fix: Avoid reloading resource after create actions
  - Fix: Add buffer to bearer token expiration check
  - Remove default export timeout


- New: Add support for non-image media types (requires libmagic)
  - New: Allow lazy loading of objects
  - New: Add `WorkflowVersion` class and `Workflow.versions` property
  - Fix: Don't submit empty JSON by default for GET requests
  - Fix: Adding location paths in Python 2
  - Fix: Return a list of linked objects instead of a map in Python 3
  - Use `SetMemberSubject` for `SubjectSet.subjects` lookup to improve speed
  - Set default endpoint to
  - Raise TypeError if positional batchable argument is missing
  - Convert `Collection.subjects` and `SubjectSet.subjects` to properties


- New: Python 3 compatibility
  - Fix: Fix passing sets to batchable methods
  - Fix: `AttributeError` in `Workflow.add_subject_sets()`


- New: Add Collection
  - New: Allow editing of workflows
  - New: Add method to get User's avatar
  - New: Add support for iterating over numpy arrays
  - New: Add per-Workflow exports
  - Fix: setting endpoint in environment variable
  - Fix: Stop iterating if there are no objects in the current page


- New: Add Project.collaborators() and ProjectRole
  - New: Add admin option
  - Fix: Raise PanoptesAPIException instead of StopIteration
  - Fix: Make ResultPaginator handle None responses
  - Fix: Raise PanoptesAPIException instead of StopIteration in PanoptesObject.where()


- New: Send SubjectSet.remove() requests in batches
  - Fix: Raise PanoptesAPIException instead of StopIteration in Project.find()
  - Fix: Don't read the image file on every upload attempt


- Fix: Bearer token checking only occurs when necessary


- New: Support for all data exports
  - New: Project owners can update `ProjectPreference` settings
  - New: Removed `subject_sets` method and `SetMemberSubject` (now in links)
  - New: Add set to iterable types
  - Fix: Only save links if it's been modified
  - Fix: Specify minimum requests version


- New: Add User model
  - New: Add option for env vars for auth
  - New: Add scope kwarg to Classification.where()
  - New: Add SetMemberSubject class
  - New: Submit subject links in batches in SubjectSet.add()
  - New: oauth for client apps
  - Fix: Skip trying to read export state if description was empty
  - Fix: Don't rely on the response having a Content-Length header


- New: Automatically retry failed image uploads
  - New: Project classifications export
  - New: Subject retirement in Workflow
  - New: Add client ID for
  - New: Add ProjectPreferences
  - New: Add Classification
  - New: Removing subject set links
  - Fix: IOError: Too many open files (in, line 64) 6


- Initial release!
  - Allows creating and modifying projects, subjects, subject sets