Changelogs » Oursql3

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Simple bugfix release, to fix oursql.__version__ string.


These bugs have had the following fixes:
  #838120 (2006, 'MySQL server has gone away') errors can now be mitigated by adding the autoreconnect=True kwargs to the Connection(). This may become the default in future.
  #672059 fetchone() will now not give an error when handling DATE columns that are set to NULL/0 when they were blank.
  #582124 GIL is now released on the mysql_stmt_fetch() mysql call.


* Fixed a bug in oursql.Connection._escape_string and
  oursql.Connection._escape_unicode_string when called with 0-length
  * Fixed FreeBSD support in pstdint.h.
  * Worked around a bug in setuptools in
  * Added support for MYSQL_CONFIG.
  * Added many more parameters for oursql.connect.
  * Mapped more MySQL errors to oursql exceptions.
  * Added oursql.errnos.


- Rebuild of cython source with newer cython, should support python 3.3


* Releasing the GIL for a few more functions that query the remote mysql
  server, fixing launchpad bug #582124.
  * Fixing a memory leak caused by a half-finished code refactor.
  * Working around mysql sometimes returning invalid date data, fixing
  launchpad bug #672059.
  * Fix problem with charset decoding manifesting as an AttributeError in py3k