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  * No code changes.
  * Updated depedencies.
  * Documentation fixes.


  * Significant breaking changes all around.
  * Adopted more mainstream terminology of block diagrams.  "Blocks"
  instead of "terminals", "connections" instead of "links".
  * Introduced the ability to define overlapping blocks.
  * Eliminated the ``drawing_priority`` attribute.  Drawing order is now
  definition order.
  * Content of the ``blocks`` section in the definition file is now a
  sequence instead of a mapping.  Program relies on definition order.
  * Replaced ``start_bias`` and ``end_bias`` attributes with
  ``entrances`` and ``exits`` attributes.
  * Removed ``column_margin`` and ``row_margin`` diagram attributes.
  Added ``margin_*`` block attributes.
  * Replaced ``padding`` diagram attribute with ``padding_*``
  * Got rid of the ``pins`` key in row definitions.
  * Added autogeneration of blocks.
  * Made diagram center in the drawing area.
  * Improved the refinement engine.
  * Updated the documentation.  Added the Gallery section.
  * Added a few more examples.


  * Made compatible with Python 3.7.
  * Replaced igraph with NetworkX to ease installation.
  * Moved documentation to Read the Docs.


  * Enabled multiple style references in definition files.
  * Made debug switch compatible with Python 3.8.


  * Enforced the UTF-8 character encoding for the definition file.


  * Introduced the ability to create shapes spanning multiple rows and
  * Major API breaking changes: Replaced ``nodes`` with ``terminals``
  and ``pins`` in order to facilitate the expansion of connected
  objects.  Both API and diagram definition files affected.
  * Added the ``text_orientation`` attribute.
  * Updated the documentation to reflect the changes.  Added the
  acknowledgments and release history sections.


  * API breaking change: renamed :py:func:`convert_ddf()` public
  function to the arguably more user friendly :py:func:`translate()`.
  * Added the ``arrow_aspect`` and ``arrow_base`` attributes.
  * Fixed bug when ``buffer_width`` is not set.
  * Updated the documentation to reflect the changes and correct a few
  errors; made the stability warning a bit less scary.
  * Added the scripts.


  * First release.
  * Important functionality already in place.