Changelogs » Openslides-voting

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* new prompts for Interact Mini device
  * new config option: Sort delegates by keypad nummer on delegate board
  * new config option: hide name or keypad number on delegate board
  * new config option: No vote counted as abstention
  * Update attendance every 10 seconds
  * Show key of voting device for each seat on delegate board (for elections)
  * Restrict absentee votes
  * Only create absentee votes if authorized voter present with keypad.
  * Projector performance boost if no delegate board shown.
  * Fixed access permission to read voting principles for normal users.
  * Bug fix: Abstaining vote was rejected
  * updated translations


* Used new VoteCollector 1.10.1 which checks if secret key is available on start voting.
  * Fixed sorting in poll type form.
  * Added missing translations.


* rewrite of old OpenSlides VoteCollector Plugin
  with VoteCollector votings modes
  * new voting modes
  - Named electronic voting
  - Token-based electronic voting
  * voting shares
  * proxies/principals and abstentee votes
  * new delegate board
  For older releases of outdated OpenSlides VoteCollector Plugin see