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OAuth2.0 Provider - Features
* 660: OIDC add support of nonce, c_hash, at_hash fields
- New RequestValidator.fill_id_token method
- Deprecated RequestValidator.get_id_token method
* 677: OIDC add UserInfo endpoint
- New RequestValidator.get_userinfo_claims method

OAuth2.0 Provider - Security
* 665: Enhance data leak to logs
- New default to not expose request content in logs
- New function `oauthlib.set_debug(True)`
* 666: Disabling query parameters for POST requests

OAuth2.0 Provider - Bugfixes
* 670: Fix validate_authorization_request to return the new PKCE fields
* 674: Fix token_type to be case-insensitive (bearer and Bearer)

OAuth2.0 Client - Bugfixes
* 290: Fix Authorization Code's errors processing
* 603: BackendApplication.Client.prepare_request_body use the "scope" argument as intended.
* 672: Fix edge case when expires_in=Null

OAuth1.0 Client
* 669: Add case-insensitive headers to oauth1 BaseEndpoint


* 650: Fixed space encoding in base string URI used in the signature base string.
* 652: Fixed OIDC /token response which wrongly returned "&state=None"
* 654: Doc: The value `state` must not be stored by the AS, only returned in /authorize response.
* 656: Fixed OIDC "nonce" checks: raise errors when it's mandatory


* Fixed OAuth2.0 regression introduced in 3.0.0: Revocation with Basic auth no longer possible 644


OAuth2.0 Provider - outstanding Features

* OpenID Connect Core support
* RFC7662 Introspect support
* RFC8414 OAuth2.0 Authorization Server Metadata support (605)
* RFC7636 PKCE support (617 624)

OAuth2.0 Provider - API/Breaking Changes

* Add "request" to confirm_redirect_uri 504
* confirm_redirect_uri/get_default_redirect_uri has a bit changed 445
* invalid_client is now a FatalError 606
* Changed errors status code from 401 to 400:
- invalid_grant: 264
- invalid_scope: 620
- access_denied/unauthorized_client/consent_required/login_required 623
- 401 must have WWW-Authenticate HTTP Header set. 623

OAuth2.0 Provider - Bugfixes

* empty scopes no longer raise exceptions for implicit and authorization_code 475 / 406

OAuth2.0 Client - Bugfixes / Changes:

* expires_in in Implicit flow is now an integer 569
* expires is no longer overriding expires_in 506
* parse_request_uri_response is now required 499
* Unknown error=xxx raised by OAuth2 providers was not understood 431
* OAuth2's `prepare_token_request` supports sending an empty string for `client_id` (585)
* OAuth2's `WebApplicationClient.prepare_request_body` was refactored to better
support sending or omitting the `client_id` via a new `include_client_id` kwarg.
By default this is included. The method will also emit a DeprecationWarning if
a `client_id` parameter is submitted; the already configured `self.client_id`
is the preferred option. (585)

OAuth1.0 Client:

* Support for HMAC-SHA256 498

General fixes:

* $ and ' are allowed to be unencoded in query strings 564
* Request attributes are no longer overriden by HTTP Headers 409
* Removed unnecessary code for handling python2.6
* Add support of python3.7 621
* Several minors updates to and tox
* Set pytest as the default unittest framework



* Fixed some copy and paste typos (535)
* Use secrets module in Python 3.6 and later (533)
* Add request argument to confirm_redirect_uri (504)
* Avoid populating spurious token credentials (542)
* Make populate attributes API public (546)



* Moved oauthlib into new organization on GitHub.
* Include license file in the generated wheel package. (494)
* When deploying a release to PyPI, include the wheel distribution. (496)
* Check access token in self.token dict. (500)
* Added bottle-oauthlib to docs. (509)
* Update repository location in Travis. (514)
* Updated docs for organization change. (515)
* Replace G+ with Gitter. (517)
* Update requirements. (518)
* Add shields for Python versions, license and RTD. (520)
* Fix ReadTheDocs build (521).
* Fixed "make" command to test upstream with local oauthlib. (522)
* Replace IRC notification with Gitter Hook. (523)
* Added Github Releases deploy provider. (523)



* 2.0.5 contains breaking changes.



* Fix OAuth2Error.response_mode for 463.
* Documentation improvement.


* Fixed typo that caused OAuthlib to crash because of the fix in "Address missing OIDC errors and fix a typo in the AccountSelectionRequired exception".


* Address missing OIDC errors and fix a typo in the AccountSelectionRequired exception.
* Update proxy keys on CaseInsensitiveDict.update().
* Redirect errors according to OIDC's response_mode.
* Added universal wheel support.
* Added log statements to except clauses.
* According to RC7009 Section 2.1, a client should include authentication credentials when revoking its tokens.
As discussed in 339, this is not make sense for public clients.
However, in that case, the public client should still be checked that is infact a public client (authenticate_client_id).
* Improved prompt parameter validation.
* Added two error codes from RFC 6750.
* Hybrid response types are now be fragment-encoded.
* Added Python 3.6 to Travis CI testing and trove classifiers.
* Fixed BytesWarning issued when using a string placeholder for bytes object.
* Documented PyJWT dependency and improved logging and exception messages.
* Documentation improvements and fixes.


* Dropped support for Python 2.6, 3.2 & 3.3.
* (FIX) `OpenIDConnector` will no longer raise an AttributeError when calling `openid_authorization_validator()` twice.


* (FIX) Normalize handling of request.scopes list


* (New Feature) **OpenID** support.
* Documentation improvements and fixes.



- This project now depends on OAuthlib 3.0.0 and above. It does **not** support
versions of OAuthlib before 3.0.0.
- Updated oauth2 tests to use 'sess' for an OAuth2Session instance instead of `auth`
because OAuth2Session objects and methods acceept an `auth` paramether which is
typically an instance of `requests.auth.HTTPBasicAuth`
- `OAuth2Session.fetch_token` previously tried to guess how and where to provide
"client" and "user" credentials incorrectly. This was incompatible with some
OAuth servers and incompatible with breaking changes in oauthlib that seek to
correctly provide the `client_id`. The older implementation also did not raise
the correct exceptions when username and password are not present on Legacy
- Avoid automatic netrc authentication for OAuth2Session.


* (Fix) Query strings should be able to include colons.
* (Fix) Cast body to a string to ensure that we can perform a regex substitution on it.


* (Enhancement) Better sanitisation of Request objects __repr__.


* (Fix) '(', ')', '/' and '?' are now safe characters in url encoded strings.
* (Enhancement) Added support for specifying if refresh tokens should be created on authorization code grants.
* (Fix) OAuth2Token now handles None scopes correctly.
* (Fix) Request token is now available for OAuth 1.
* (Enhancement) OAuth2Token is declared with __slots__ for smaller memory footprint.
* (Enhancement) RefreshTokenGrant now allows to set issue_new_refresh_tokens.
* Documentation improvements and fixes.


* (Fix) Changed the documented return type of the invalidate_request_token() method from the RSA key to None since nobody is using the return type.
* (Enhancement) Added a validator log that will store what the endpoint has computed for debugging and logging purposes (OAuth 1 only for now).


* (Fix) Allow client secret to be null for public applications that do not mandate it's specification in the query parameters.
* (Fix) Encode request body before hashing in order to prevent encoding errors in Python 3.


* (Fix) Added token_type_hint to the list of default Request parameters.



* (Breaking Change) Replace pycrypto with cryptography from
* (Breaking Change) Update jwt to 1.0.0 (which is backwards incompatible) no oauthlib api changes
were made.
* (Breaking Change) Raise attribute error for non-existing attributes in the Request object.
* (Fix) Strip whitespace off of scope string.
* (Change) Don't require to return the state in the access token response.
* (Change) Hide password in logs.
* (Fix) Fix incorrect invocation of prepare_refresh_body in the OAuth2 client.
* (Fix) Handle empty/non-parsable query strings.
* (Fix) Check if an RSA key is actually needed before requiring it.
* (Change) Allow tuples for list_to_scope as well as sets and lists.
* (Change) Add code to determine if client authentication is required for OAuth2.
* (Fix) Fix error message on invalid Content-Type header for OAtuh1 signing.
* (Fix) Allow ! character in query strings.
* (Fix) OAuth1 now includes the body hash for requests that specify any content-type that isn't x-www-form-urlencoded.
* (Fix) Fixed error description in oauth1 endpoint.
* (Fix) Revocation endpoint for oauth2 will now return an empty string in the response body instead of 'None'.
* Increased test coverage.
* Performance improvements.
* Documentation improvements and fixes.



Released on May 16, 2018

- Fix error handlers
- Update supported OAuthlib
- Add support for string type token



Released on Jun 9, 2017

- Handle HTTP Basic Auth for client's access to token endpoint (301)
- Allow having access tokens without expiration date (311)
- Log exception traceback. (281)



Released on Jun 2, 2016

- Revert the wrong implement of non credential oauth2 require auth
- Catch all exceptions in OAuth2 providers
- Bugfix for examples, docs and other things



Released on Nov 3, 2015

- Bugfix in client parse_response when body is none.
- Update contrib client by tonyseek
- Typo fix for OAuth1 provider
- Fix OAuth2 provider on non credential clients by Fleurer



Released on Mar 9, 2015

- Improve on security.
- Fix on contrib client.



Released on Feb 3, 2015

- New feature for contrib client, which will become the official client in
the future via `136`_ and `176`_.
- Add appropriate headers when making POST request for access toke via `169`_.
- Use a local copy of instance 'request_token_params' attribute to avoid side
effects via `177`_.
- Some minor fixes of contrib by Hsiaoming Yang.

.. _`177`:
.. _`169`:
.. _`136`:
.. _`176`:



- Added Fitbit compliance fix.
- Fixed an issue where newlines in the response body for the access token
request would cause errors when trying to extract the token.
- Fixed an issue introduced in v0.7.0 where users passing ``auth`` to several
methods would encounter conflicts with the ``client_id`` and
``client_secret``-derived auth. The user-supplied ``auth`` argument is now
used in preference to those options.



* (Quick fix) Unpushed locally modified files got included in the PyPI 0.7.1
release. Doing a new clean release to address this. Please upgrade quickly
and report any issues you are running into.



* (Quick fix) Add oauthlib.common.log object back in for libraries using it.



* (Change) OAuth2 clients will not raise a Warning on scope change if
the environment variable ``OAUTHLIB_RELAX_TOKEN_SCOPE`` is set. The token
will now be available as an attribute on the error, ``error.token``.
Token changes will now also be announced using blinker.
* (Fix/Feature) Automatic fixes of non-compliant OAuth2 provider responses (e.g. Facebook).
* (Fix) Logging is now tiered (per file) as opposed to logging all under ``oauthlib``.
* (Fix) Error messages should now include a description in their message.
* (Fix/Feature) Optional support for jsonp callbacks after token revocation.
* (Feature) Client side preparation of OAuth 2 token revocation requests.
* (Feature) New OAuth2 client API methods for preparing full requests.
* (Feature) OAuth1 SignatureOnlyEndpoint that only verifies signatures and client IDs.
* (Fix/Feature) Refresh token grant now allow optional refresh tokens.
* (Fix) add missing state param to OAuth2 errors.
* (Fix) add_params_to_uri now properly parse fragment.
* (Fix/Feature) All OAuth1 errors can now be imported from oauthlib.oauth1.
* (Fix/Security) OAuth2 logs will now strip client provided password, if present.
* Allow unescaped  in urlencoded parameters.

0.6.3 insecure


Quick fix. OAuth 1 client repr in 0.6.2 overwrote secrets when scrubbing for print.

0.6.2 insecure


* Numerous OAuth2 provider errors now suggest a status code of 401 instead
of 400 (247.

* Added support for JSON web tokens with oauthlib.common.generate_signed_token.
Install extra dependency with oauthlib[signedtoken] (237).

* OAuth2 scopes can be arbitrary objects with __str__ defined (240).

* OAuth 1 Clients can now register custom signature methods (239).

* Exposed new method oauthlib.oauth2.is_secure_transport that checks whether
the given URL is HTTPS. Checks using this method can be disabled by setting
the environment variable OAUTHLIB_INSECURE_TRANSPORT (249).

* OAuth1 clients now has __repr__ and will be printed with secrets scrubbed.

* OAuth1 Client.get_oauth_params now takes an oauthlib.Request as an argument.

* urldecode will now raise a much more informative error message on
incorrectly encoded strings.

* Plenty of typo and other doc fixes.

0.6.1 insecure


Draft revocation endpoint features and numerous fixes including:

* (OAuth 2 Provider) is_within_original_scope to check whether a refresh token
is trying to aquire a new set of scopes that are a subset of the original scope.

* (OAuth 2 Provider) expires_in token lifetime can be set per request.

* (OAuth 2 Provider) client_authentication_required method added to differentiate
between public and confidential clients.

* (OAuth 2 Provider) rotate_refresh_token now indicates whether a new refresh
token should be generated during token refresh or if old should be kept.

* (OAuth 2 Provider) returned JSON headers no longer include charset.

* (OAuth 2 Provider) validate_authorizatoin_request now also includes the
internal request object in the returned dictionary. Note that this is
not meant to be relied upon heavily and its interface might change.

* and many style and typo fixes.

0.6.0 insecure


OAuth 1 & 2 provider API refactor with breaking changes:

* All endpoint methods change contract to return 3 values instead of 4. The new
signature is `headers`, `body`, `status code` where the initial `redirect_uri`
has been relocated to its rightful place inside headers as `Location`.

* OAuth 1 Access Token Endpoint has a new required validator method

* OAuth 1 Authorization Endpoint now returns a 200 response instead of 302 on
`oob` callbacks.

0.5.1 insecure


OAuth 1 provider fix for incorrect token param in nonce validation.

0.5.0 insecure


OAuth 1 provider refactor. OAuth 2 refresh token validation fix.



Released on Feb 18, 2014

- OAuthlib released 0.6.1, which caused a bug in oauth2 provider.
- Validation for scopes on oauth2 right via `72`_.
- Handle empty response for application/json via `69`_.

.. _`69`:
.. _`72`:

0.4.2 insecure


OAuth 2 draft to RFC. Removed OAuth 2 framework decorators.

0.4.1 insecure


Documentation corrections and various small code fixes.

0.4.0 insecure


OAuth 2 Provider support (experimental).

0.3.8 insecure


OAuth 2 Client now uses custom errors and raise on expire.

0.3.7 insecure


OAuth 1 optional encoding of Client.sign return values.

0.3.6 insecure


Revert default urlencoding.

0.3.5 insecure


Default unicode conversion (utf-8) and urlencoding of input.

0.3.4 insecure


A number of small features and bug fixes.

0.3.3 insecure


OAuth 1 Provider verify now return useful params.

0.3.2 insecure


Fixed 62, all Python 3 tests pass.



Python 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 support (experimental).

0.3.0 insecure


Initial OAuth 2 client support.



Exclude non urlencoded bodies during request verification.



OAuth provider support.



Soft dependency on PyCrypto.

0.1.3 insecure


Use python-rsa instead of pycrypto.

0.1.1 insecure


Fix installation of pycrypto dependency.

0.1.0 insecure


OAuth 1 client functionality seems to be working. Hooray!


In the beginning, there was the word.