Changelogs » Numexpr





- The maximum thread count can now be set at import-time by setting the
environment variable 'NUMEXPR_MAX_THREADS'. The default number of
max threads was lowered from 4096 (which was deemed excessive) to 64.
- A number of imports were removed (pkg_resources) or made lazy (cpuinfo) in
order to speed load-times for downstream packages (such as `pandas`, `sympy`,
and `tables`). Import time has dropped from about 330 ms to 90 ms. Thanks to
Jason Sachs for pointing out the source of the slow-down.
- Thanks to Alvaro Lopez Ortega for updates to benchmarks to be compatible with
Python 3.
- Travis and AppVeyor now fail if the test module fails or errors.
- Thanks to Mahdi Ben Jelloul for a patch that removed a bug where constants
in `where` calls would raise a ValueError.
- Fixed a bug whereby all-constant power operations would lead to infinite


- Updates to keep with API changes in newer NumPy versions (228).
Thanks to Oleksandr Pavlyk.
- Removed several warnings (226 and 227).  Thanks to Oleksander Pavlyk.
- Fix bugs in function `stringcontains()` (230).  Thanks to Alexander Shadchin.
- Detection of the POWER processor (232).  Thanks to Breno Leitao.
- Fix pow result casting (235).  Thanks to Fernando Seiti Furusato.
- Fix integers to negative integer powers (240).  Thanks to Antonio Valentino.
- Detect numpy exceptions in expression evaluation (240).  Thanks to Antonio Valentino.
- Better handling of RC versions (243).  Thanks to Antonio Valentino.