Changelogs » Numato-gpio

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  This version is released to relax the pyserial dependency in order to avoid
  problems in the home-assistant project when the new pip resolver is in effect.
  Additional features:
  - Add a very basic unit-test against a pyserial mockup
  - Configure tox to run the tests in a virtualenv
  - Document CLI usage and improve CLI output


  This release fixes an error in the cleanup implementation. When a device can't
  be properly cleaned  (e.g. because it's disconnected), its exception was not
  handled, but fell through to the caller. So remaining devices could not be
  cleaned up anymore.
  - Fix crash during cleanup in case of a Serial communication failure


  While this release is a thorough refactoring of most parts of the code, the
  number of breaking changes has been kept to a minimum.
  The following breaking change was made: Accessor functions in the NumatoUsbGpio
  class namely id(), ver(), notify(), iomask() and iodir() are turned into
  properties. Calls to these functions need to be changed to:
  device_version =   read access = 5   write access, permanent change of the device ID
  dev.notify = True   turn on notifications
  notifications = dev.notify   read whether notifications are enabled or not
  - Change accessor functions into properties (breaking change)
  - Refactor out duplicated code
  - Validate expected device responses instead of discarding read bytes
  - Re-order methods by level of abstraction
  - Add `clean` target to makefile, cleaning up package data from releases
  - Add system tests for limited API tests against a connected real device


  18 April 2020
  This release improves stability of the system by discovering devices from a
  user defined list of device files. Instead of opening a whole generic range of
  devices, the user can now select which ones to use. The default is still
  /dev/ttyACM0 to /dev/ttyACM9 if no list is passed to the discover method.
  - Support discovery from selected device files


  16 April 2020
  This release removes the constraint to firmware version 9 of the Numato device.
  Now all devices with the same command set and word-length might be supported.
  Otherwise an error with a speaking message is raised.
  - Check response of some commands during discovery/construction
  - Remove strict check for firmware version 9


  11 April 2020
  This release is about refactoring and refinement of locking for thread safety
  and error handling. It has no breaking changes.
  - Lock discovery method, so no separate thread could interfere doing the same
  - Lock low level _write method to protect its direct use in the constructor
  - Refactor towards more pythonic code


  5 April 2020
  This version is about learning that a deleted PyPI package can not be
  re-uploaded at all. Hence a bugfix release.


  5 April 2020
  This version mainly improves stability and code formatting.
  - Improve thread synchronization
  - Improve error handling
  - Initialize device more properly
  - Format code with yapf