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  - Nothing changed yet.


  - Make ``threadSiteSubscriber`` (the traversal subscriber for
  ``ISite`` objects) will install a traversed site that is a root if
  there is no current site.
  Previously, it never installed root sites.
  - Make ``threadSiteSubscriber`` install sites when their configuration
  is not recognized.
  Previously, it would raise ``LocationError``.
  - Fix tests with, and require, 4.4.0 or above. See
  - Fix deprecation warning from ``nti.transactions``. Requires
  ``nti.transactions`` 4.0. See :issue:`33`.


  - Improvements and bug fixes to ``nti.testing.print_tree``.


  - Test changes: Depend on ``nti.testing`` 3.0 and refactor certain
  internal test methods for improved isolation. The dependency on
  ZODB is now >= 5.6.0.
  Some internal, undocumented test attributes (``current_mock_db``, a
  ZODB.DB, and ``current_transaction`` which was actually a ZODB
  Connection) have been removed. The former is replaced with
  ``nti.testing.zodb.ZODBLayer.db``, and there is no replacement for
  the later.
  - Add the module ````. This contains extensible,
  documnted versions of the functions that were previously in
  ```` as private helpers.
  - Add support for Python 3.8.
  - Make ``hostpolicy.install_main_application_and_sites()`` set the
  *root_alias* correctly. Previously, instead of setting it to the
  *root_name*, it set it to the *main_name*.


  - Update ``run_job_in_site`` to work with nti.transactions 3.0 and
  enable the optimizations of an explicit transaction manager.
  - Test support for Python 3.7.
  - Stop claiming support for Python 3.4 or 3.5; those aren't tested.
  - Test support for PyPy3.


  - Add subscriber to unregister ``IBaseComponents`` on host policy folder


  - Allow ``ISiteMapping`` to map between persistent sites.


  - Add the ability to map one (non-persistent) site to another via
  configuration. If ``get_site_for_site_names`` does not find
  persistent site components for a site, it will fall back to looking
  for a configured ``ISiteMapping`` pointing to another target site.


  - Require zope.interface 4.4.2 or greater; 4.4.1 has regressions.
  - Require transaction >= 2.1.2 for its more relaxed handling of text
  or byte meta data.
  - Require BTrees >= 4.3.2 for its relaxed handling of objects with
  default comparison.


  - ``run_job_in_site`` now supports :func:`functools.partial` objects
  and other callables that don't have a ``__name__`` and/or
  ``__doc__``. See :issue:`16`.


  - Support for transaction 2.0, and fix a lurking UnicodeError under
  Python 3. See :issue:`14`.


  - If you are using zope.interface 4.3.0 or greater, you can register
  utilities and adapters using ``implementedBy`` (so bare classes) in
  a BTreeLocalSiteManager. Otherwise, using an older version, you'll
  get a TypeError and may be unable to complete the registration or
  transition to BTrees, and the map data may be inconsistent.


  - First PyPI release.
  - Add support for Python 3.
  - Remove HostPolicySiteManager.subscribedRegisterUtility and
  subscribeUnregisterUtility. See :issue:`5`. This may be a small
  performance regression in large sites. If so we'll find a different
  way to deal with it.
  - Remove HostSitesFolder._delitemf. It was unused and buggy.
  - Add BTreesLocalSiteManager to automatically switch internal
  registration data to BTrees when possible and necessary. See :issue:`4`.
  - Add :func:``
  for setting up a database. See :issue:`9`.