Changelogs » Nanoservice

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* Add pickle encoder
  * Add timeouts to tests


* Subscriber bug fix


This release includes heavy refactoring
  * Renamed Classes: `Client` becomes `Requester`, and `Service` becomes `Responder`. Although old classes are still accessible, when instantiated they will emit warnings.
  * Added a new abstract class Endpoint
  * Rewrote process method of Subscriber
  * Any endpoint (Requester, Publisher, etc) can now be `binded` OR `connected` to a nanomsg address; simply supply the boolean flag `bind` when instantiated.
  * Add support for timeouts. When instantiating an endpoint, just supply a pair `timeouts=(10, 10)` which represents (sendTimeout, recvTimeout) AS MILLISECONDS


* Part of service module were rewritten, so that it does not explode when failing to decode a request
  * Better testing


* Improve authenticator performance


* Rename Service and Client `recv` method to `receive`
  * Add crypto module
  * Add optional message authentication between endpoints
  * PubSub logic moved to a new module
  * PubClient renamed to Publisher
  * SubService renamed to Subscriber


* Initial release