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  Fix field names and blanks circumstances.
  * Incorrect fields used in blanks check on D1 form (Naomi Braun, Nicolas May)
  * Field names missing in blanks check on A3 form (Naomi Braun)
  * Adjust builder files to use correct field names for Z1X form (Naomi Braun)


  Updated readme file for run instructions, added more tests, corrected assertion handling, add split script
  * Handle assertion errors gracefully (Naomi Braun)
  * Add tests for CLS issues that cause Warnings (Naomi Braun)
  * Fix errors caused by reformatting (Naomi Braun)
  * Restore packet rejection for CLS form on an early packet and remove outdated tests (Naomi Braun)
  * Create z1/z1x function and tests (Naomi Braun)
  * Add script for ivp/fvp split (Naomi Braun)
  * Adjust tests for new expected behavior (Naomi Braun)
  * Update README with example workflow reflecting our process (Naomi Braun)
  * Stop most CLS errors from preventing packet upload (Naomi Braun)
  * Fix typo in comment (Naomi Braun)
  * Remove error for missing forms on Z1/Z1X and C1S/C2 (Naomi Braun)


  Added automated testing, date checking for certain forms, and bug fixes.
  * Unit tests and Travis CI integration (Taeber Rapczak)
  * Several checks for properly including or omitting Form CLS (Taeber Rapczak, Naomi Braun)
  * Add date check for C1S/C2 and Z1X/Z1 selection (Naomi Braun)
  * Incorrect unknown value '999' for Form A2 INEDUC (Anthony Rodriguez, Nicolas May)
  * C1S/C2 FVP checks (Naomi Braun)
  * Fixed logic for assuring A5 5f details are blank when arthrit is 0 (Naomi Braun)


  This release corrects some form logic bugs and adds a new filter to normalize visit numbers.
  * add a new filter to correct visit dates (Matthew McConnell)
  * fix bug with form logic (Matthew McConnell)
  * fix form position for z1x on fvp (Matthew McConnell)
  * validate that cls was completed in a particular packet before removing a packet missing the form (Matthew McConnell)
  * update fvp field names for cls (Matthew McConnell)


  Nacculator now has logic built in for the Z1X and CLS forms. Also, there
  were various bug fixes and code clean up.
  * Add CLS to IVP (Naomi Braun)
  * Add CLS to ivp and fvp (Naomi Braun)
  * Adding Z1X Form to Nacculator (AjanthaRamineni)
  * add z1x to fvp (Matthew McConnell)
  * Update (Matthew McConnell)
  * Add error for CLS forms appearing too soon (Naomi Braun)
  * fix clean_ptid filter to remove only subjects in the nacc current db (Matthew McConnell)
  * Account for blank spaces in percentage fields (Naomi Braun)
  * Fix typo in form function call (Naomi Braun)
  * Fix typo in header (Naomi Braun)
  * fix bug with c2 form 12d verification (Matthew McConnell)
  * Add extra options in inclusive range for ADCID in header rows (Naomi Braun)


  * add csv and txt files to ignore file to avoid adding data to repo (Kevin Hanson)
  * Update (AjanthaRamineni)
  * ReadMe to new filter (AjanthaRamineni)
  * Adding Lambda functions to filters (AjanthaRamineni)
  * Adding ReadMe to new filter (AjanthaRamineni)
  * Update (AjanthaRamineni)
  * Adjusting a Single Ptid file (AjanthaRamineni)
  * Extracting a file with Visit Number a type Specified (AjanthaRamineni)
  * New filter for Grabbing A Ptid (AjanthaRamineni)


  * add a reqs file for using a venv (Matthew McConnell)
  * Create new script to pull data from REDCap and run filters on it (AjanthaRamineni)
  * Add a filter to change headers based on config (Matthew McConnell)
  * Add fiter to remove unneccessary RedCap Events (AjanthaRamineni)
  * Add a script to run all the filters with a config file (Matthew McConnell)
  * Add a config across all filters with a decorator for validation (Matthew McConnell)
  * Change how filter_ptid works - it now checks ptid, visit type, and visit num (AjanthaRamineni)
  * Update the aod range for kids and siblings. Changed field from num to char (Matthew McConnell)
  * Update changelog and setup (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Update README in preperation for release (Matthew McConnell)
  * Update notes (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Fix logic for determing existance of C1S and C2 forms (AjanthaRamineni)
  * Fix column numbering on FVP B8 form (Naomi Braun)
  * Fix bug where 2 questions should be able to hold values regardless of other values (Matthew McConnell)
  * fixes 25 and adds more debugging logs (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  [0.2.4] - 2017-03-27
  * Added few log statements as changes.
  * Project handover from takirala to ctsit
  [0.2.3] - 2017-02-14
  * Refactored c1s form - redcap C1 form to C1S in alz website
  * Added few fields in the fvp form builder and forms file.
  [0.2.2] - 2017-02-02
  * Header key names for fvp forms.
  * Added few fixes for filters to correct fvp forms.
  * Added logic to skip corrupt forms entries and continue processing valid forms
  [0.2.1] - 2016-01-09
  * While parsing a csv file record by record, if one of the record has both c1s and c2 forms, then that specific record will be discarded and the processing for remaining records will still be continued.
  * Added filters for clean up of data. (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Added five filters : {cleanPtid,updateField,replaceDrugId,fillDefault,fixC1S} (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Filters output can be piped together to apply multiple filters in a sequence (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  [0.2.0] - 2016-12-19
  * Changed header fields for np forms
  * Removed redundant fields for np forms.
  * Added mutually exclusive flag for fvp vs ivp forms (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Restructured, working version for ivp forms. (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Adding blank checks to discard empty records (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Added seperate classes for fvp and np forms (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Added new builder and class files for fvp, np and ivp forms.
  * Added new forms (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  [0.1.5] - 2016-10-10
  * Changed README file to reflect that output from NACCulator should be in .txt format (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Changed form version value for form C1S to be version 2 (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Added the Neuropathology form definitions and rules (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Created error messages where data does not meet form definitions (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Added the C1S temporary Spanish form definitions and rules (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Added flag to have NACCulator output only the Neuropathology form (Tarun Gupta Akirala)
  * Added ability to check for data in C2 or C1S form and make determination on which form to use based on data present or not present (Tarun Gupta Akirala)j