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  Release: 2020-07-03
  * Fixed multithread safety issue in fetching row.
  * Removed obsolete members from Cursor. (e.g. `messages`, `_warnings`, `_last_executed`)


  Release: 2020-07-02
  * Dropped Python 2 support
  * Dropped Django 1.11 support
  * Add context manager interface to Connection which closes the connection on ``__exit__``.
  * Add ``ssl_mode`` option.


  Release: 2019-11-21
  * The ``cp1252`` encoding is used when charset is "latin1". (390)


  Release: 2019-11-06
  * The ``auth_plugin`` option is added. (389)


  Release: 2019-08-12
  * ``charset`` option is passed to ``mysql_options(mysql, MYSQL_SET_CHARSET_NAME, charset)``
  before ``mysql_real_connect`` is called.
  This avoid extra ``SET NAMES <charset>`` query when creating connection.


  Release: 2019-08-09
  * ``--static`` build supports ``libmariadbclient.a``
  * Try ``mariadb_config`` when ``mysql_config`` is not found
  * Fixed warning happend in Python 3.8 (359)
  * Fixed ``from MySQLdb import *``, while I don't recommend it. (369)
  * Fixed SEGV ``MySQLdb.escape_string("1")`` when libmariadb is used and
  no connection is created. (367)
  * Fixed many circular references are created in ``Cursor.executemany()``. (375)


  Release: 2019-02-08
  * Fix Django 1.11 compatibility. (327)
  mysqlclient 1.5 will not support Django 1.11.  It is not because
  mysqlclient will break backward compatibility, but Django used
  unsupported APIs and Django 1.11 don't fix bugs including
  compatibility issues.


  Release: 2019-01-19
  * Fix dict parameter support (323, regression of 1.4.0)


  Release: 2019-01-18
  * Dropped Python 3.4 support.
  * Removed ``threadsafe`` and ``embedded`` build options.
  * Remove some deprecated cursor classes and methods.
  * ``_mysql`` and ``_mysql_exceptions`` modules are moved under
  ``MySQLdb`` package. (293)
  * Remove ``errorhandler`` from Connection and Cursor classes.
  * Remove context manager API from Connection.  It was for transaction.
  New context manager API for closing connection will be added in future version.
  * Remove ``waiter`` option from Connection.
  * Remove ``escape_sequence``, and ``escape_dict`` methods from Connection class.
  * Remove automatic MySQL warning checking.
  * Drop support for MySQL Connector/C with MySQL<5.1.12.
  * Remove ``_mysql.NULL`` constant.
  * Remove ``_mysql.thread_safe()`` function.
  * Support non-ASCII field name with non-UTF-8 connection encoding. (210)
  * Optimize decoding speed of string and integer types.
  * Remove ``MySQLdb.constants.REFRESH`` module.
  * Remove support for old datetime format for MySQL < 4.1.
  * Fix wrong errno is raised when ``mysql_real_connect`` is failed. (316)


  Release: 2018-12-04
  * Support static linking of MariaDB Connector/C (265)
  * Better converter for Decimal and Float (267, 268, 273, 286)
  * Add ``Connection._get_native_connection`` for XTA project (269)
  * Fix SEGV on MariaDB Connector/C when some methods of ``Connection``
  objects are called after ``Connection.close()`` is called. (270, 272, 276)
  * Fix ``Connection.client_flag`` (266)
  * Fix SSCursor may raise same exception twice (282)
  * This removed ``Cursor._last_executed`` which was duplicate of ``Cursor._executed``.
  Both members are private.  So this type of changes are not documented in changelog
  generally.  But Django used the private member for ``last_executed_query`` implementation.
  If you use the method the method directly or indirectly, this version will break
  your application.  See
  * ``waiter`` option is now deprecated. (285)
  * Fixed SSL support is not detected when built with MySQL < 5.1 (291)


  Support build with MySQL 8
  Fix decoding tiny/medium/long blobs (215)
  Remove broken row_seek() and row_tell() APIs (220)
  Reduce callproc roundtrip time (223)


  Fix tuple argument again (201)
  InterfaceError is raised when Connection.query() is called for closed connection (202)


  Support MariaDB 10.2 client library (197, 177, 200)
  Allow bulk insert which no space around `VALUES` (179)
  Fix leak of `connection->converter`. (182)
  Support error `numbers > CR_MAX_ERROR` (188)
  Fix tuple argument support (145)


  Added `binary_prefix` option (disabled by default) to support
  `_binary` prefix again. (134)
  Fix SEGV of `_mysql.result()` when argument's type is unexpected. (138)
  Deprecate context interface of Connection object. (149)
  Don't use workaround of `bytes.decode('ascii', 'surrogateescape')` on Python 3.6+. (150)


  Revert adding `_binary` prefix for bytes/bytearray parameter. It broke backward compatibility.
  Fix Windows compile error on MSVC.


  Update error constants (113)
  Use `_binary` prefix for bytes/bytearray parameters (106)
  Use mysql_real_escape_string_quote() if exists (109)
  Better Warning propagation (101)
  Fix conversion error when mysql_affected_rows returns -1
  Fix Cursor.callproc may raise TypeError (90, 91)
  connect() supports the 'database' and 'password' keyword arguments.
  Fix accessing dangling pointer when using ssl (78)
  Accept %% in Cursor.executemany (83)
  Fix warning that caused TypeError on Python 3 (68)


  Support link args other than '-L' and '-l' from mysql_config.
  Missing value for column without default value cause IntegrityError.  (33)
  Support BIT type. (38)
  More tests for date and time columns. (41)
  Fix calling .execute() method for closed cursor cause TypeError. (37)
  Improve peformance to parse date. (43)
  Support geometry types (49)
  Fix warning while multi statement cause ProgrammingError. (48)


  Fix escape_string() doesn't work.
  Remove `Cursor.__del__` to fix uncollectable circular reference on Python 3.3.
  Add context manager support to `Cursor`. It automatically closes cursor on `__exit__`.
  .. code-block::
  with conn.cursor() as cur:
  cur.execute("SELECT 1+1")
  cur is now closed


  Fix TINYBLOB, MEDIUMBLOB and LONGBLOB are treated as string and decoded
  to unicode or cause UnicodeError.
  Fix aware datetime is formatted with timezone offset (e.g. "+0900").


  * Remove compiler warnings.
  * Fix compile error when using libmariadbclient.
  * Fix GIL deadlock while dealloc.


  * Fix exception reraising doesn't work.


  * Add send_query() and read_query_result() method to low level connection.
  * Add waiter option.


  This is a first fork of MySQL-python.
  Now named "mysqlclient"
  * Support Python 3
  * Add autocommit option
  * Support microsecond in datetime field.


  No changes.
  rc 1
  Fixed a dangling reference to the old types module.
  beta 5
  Another internal fix for handling remapped character sets.
  `_mysql.c` was broken for the case where read_timeout was *not* available. (Issue 6)
  Documentation was converted to sphinx but there is a lot of cleanup left to do.
  beta 4
  Added support for the MySQL read_timeout option. Contributed by
  Jean Schurger (
  Added a workaround so that the MySQL character set utf8mb4 works with Python; utf8 is substituted
  on the Python side.
  beta 3
  Unified test database configuration, and set up CI testing with Travis.
  Applied several patches from André Malo ( which fix some issues
  with exception handling and reference counting and TEXT/BLOB conversion.
  beta 2
  Reverted an accidental change in the exception format. (issue 1)
  Reverted some raise statements so that they will continue to work with Python < 2.6
  beta 1
  A lot of work has been done towards Python 3 compatibility, and avoiding warnings with Python 2.7.
  This includes import changes, converting dict.has_kay(k) to k in dict, updating some test suite methods, etc.
  Due to the difficulties of supporting Python 3 and Python < 2.7, 1.2.4 will support Python 2.4 though 2.7.
  1.3.0 will support Python 3 and Python 2.7 and 2.6.
  MySQLdb-2.0 is instead going to become moist-1.0. See
  The Windows build has been simplified, and I plan to correct pre-built i386 packages built
  against the Python-2.7 package and MySQL Connector/C-6.0. Contact me if you
  need ia64 packages.
  The connection's cursorclass (if not default) was being lost on reconnect.
  Newer versions of MySQL don't use OpenSSL and therefore don't have HAVE_SSL defined, but they do have
  a different SSL library. Fixed this so SSL support would be enabled in this case.
  The regex that looked for SQL INSERT statement and VALUES in cursor.executemany() was made case-insensitive


===================== has been update to include various fixes that affect the build.
  Better Python version and dependency detection as well as eliminate exception
  warnings under Python 2.6.
  Eliminated memory leaks related to Unicode and failed connections.
  Corrected connection .escape() functionality.
  Miscellaneous cleanups and and expanded testing suite to ensure ongoing release


  The build system has been completely redone and should now build
  on Windows without any patching; uses setuptools.
  Added compatibility for Python 2.5, including support for with statement. now takes an optional boolean argument which can
  enable (or disable) automatic reconnection.
  Support returning SET columns as Python sets was removed due to an
  API bug in MySQL; corresponding test removed.
  Added a test for single-character CHAR columns.
  BLOB columns are now returned as Python strings instead of byte arrays.
  BINARY character columns are always returned as Python strings, and not
  Fixed a bug introduced in 1.2.1 where the new SHOW WARNINGS support broke
  Only encode the query (convert to a string) when it is a unicode instance;
  re-encoding encoded strings would break things.
  Make a deep copy of conv when connecting, since it can be modified.
  Added support for new VARCHAR and BIT column types.
  DBAPISet objects were broken, but nobody noticed.


  Switched to Subversion. Was going to do this for 1.3, but a
  SourceForge CVS outage has forced the issue.
  Mapped a lot of new 4.1 and 5.0 error codes to Python exceptions
  Added an API call for mysql_set_character_set(charset) (MySQL > 5.0.7)
  Added an API call for mysql_get_character_set_info() (MySQL > 5.0.10)
  Revamped the build system. Edit site.cfg if necessary (probably not
  in most cases)
  Python-2.3 is now the minimum version.
  Dropped support for mx.Datetime and stringtimes; always uses Python
  datetime module now.
  Improved unit tests
  New connect() options:
  * charset: sets character set, implies use_unicode
  * sql_mode: sets SQL mode (i.e. ANSI, etc.; see MySQL docs)
  When using MySQL-4.1 or newer, enables MULTI_STATEMENTS
  When using MySQL-5.0 or newer, enables MULTI_RESULTS
  When using MySQL-4.1 or newer, more detailed warning messages
  are produced
  SET columns returned as Python Set types; you can pass a Set as
  a parameter to cursor.execute().
  Support for the new MySQL-5.0 DECIMAL implementation
  Support for Python Decimal type
  Some use of weak references internally. Cursors no longer leak
  if you don't close them. Connections still do, unfortunately.
  ursor.fetchXXXDict() methods raise DeprecationWarning
  cursor.begin() is making a brief reappearence.
  cursor.callproc() now works, with some limitations.


  There are some minor build fixes which probably only affect MySQL
  older than 4.0.
  If you had MySQL older than 4.1, the new charset and sql_mode
  parameters didn't work right. In fact, it was impossible to create
  a connection due to the charset problem.
  If you are using MySQL-4.1 or newer, there is no practical difference
  between 1.2.1 and 1.2.1_p2, and you don't need to upgrade.