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* Support for building on OSX MountainLion, and using higher deployment
  targets if the requisite development environment is not available.
  * Use Linux Standard Base SDK rather than AutoTools for building on
  linux.  AutoTools appears to have died an inglorious death, and LSB
  appears to compile things more reliably anyway.
  * Update various packages to their latest available versions.


* Focus on minimizing size of the build, e.g. using -Os.


* This is the first version so nothing's changed, right?
  Well, this code used to be in a project called "plipy" because it
  built a "portable linux python".  Then it grew support for building
  under OSX and it become "pulpy" for "portable unix-like python". Now
  I've got this crazy notion to try the same thing for win32, and the
  name just keeps on changing...
  So the project is new, but the code has been kicked around a fair bit.
  I think I've got it mostly right this time.