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Add support for more expressive type annotations in function signatures.
  Fix problems with types being clipped when containing `,`.
  Fix docstring not found error due to function signature containing special characters.
  Big thanks to jamesETsmith for fixing this.


This release includes:
  * Support for pybind11 docstrings.
  * Add a tutorial to explain how to get started using the package.
  * Support PEP-484 annotations.
  * Allow type information to be passed to the parser.
  * Issue warnings for args that have no documentation.
  * Add several configurable options to the parser.
  * Fix extraction of multi-line function signatures.
  * Fix over-loaded functions.
  A big thanks to gcarleo for his help with this release.


Add copyright statement to header of source files.


* Fix missing version info when using --version
  * Fix missing template file needed to output markdown when installing from pip




Include examples


Pre-release that supports extraction of docstrings from python source files and that can output to Markdown, JSON, and plain-text.