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  * Added
  - support for Python 3.8
  - compiled the C++ and FORTRAN examples for 64-bit macOS
  * Changed
  - the frozen server32 executable (for Windows/Linux) uses Python 3.7.7 and Python.NET 2.4.0
  - use ``__package__`` as the logger name
  - renamed ``utils.port_in_use()`` to ``utils.is_port_in_use()`` and added support for
  checking the status of a port in macOS
  - changes to how a .NET library is loaded:
  + include the System namespace by default
  + do not automatically create the class instance
  * Removed
  - Support for Python 3.4


  * Added
  - a `shutdown_handler()` method to `Server32` (PR `19 <>`_)
  - a section to the docs that explains how to re-freeze the 32-bit server
  - a `kill_timeout` keyword argument to `Client64.shutdown_server32()`
  - the `rpc_timeout` keyword argument to `Client64` (thanks to fake-name)
  - search `HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\Wow6432Node\\CLSID` in the Windows Registry for additional ActiveX `ProgID`'s
  - `extras_require` parameter to `` with keys: `clr`, `java`, `com`, `all`
  * Changed
  - the frozen server32 executable (for Windows/Linux) now uses Python 3.7.3 and Python.NET 2.4.0
  - rename the optional `-asp` and `-aep` command line arguments to be `-s` and `-e` respectively
  - the current working directory where the 64-bit Python interpreter was executed from is now
  automatically appended to ``os.environ['PATH']`` on the 32-bit server
  - `` uses an `ArgumentParser` instead of directly reading from `sys.argv`
  * Fixed
  - use ``sys.executable -m PyInstaller`` to create the 32-bit server
  (part of PR `18 <>`_)
  - the 32-bit server prints error messages to `sys.stderr` instead of `sys.stdout`
  - issue `15 <>`_ - wait for the
  subprocess that starts the 32-bit server to terminate and set a value for the `returncode`
  - issue `14 <>`_ - use `os.kill`
  to stop the 32-bit server if it won't stop after `kill_timeout` seconds


  * Added
  - support for loading a Component Object Model (COM) library on Windows
  - the `requires_pythonnet` and `requires_comtypes` kwargs to ``freeze_server32.main()``
  - ``'clr'`` as an alias for ``'net'`` for the `libtype` parameter in `LoadLibrary`
  - the ``utils.get_com_info()`` function
  - support for unicode paths in Python 2
  - examples for working with numpy arrays and C++ structs
  * Changed
  - the frozen server32 executable (for Windows/Linux) now runs on Python 3.6.8
  - if loading a .NET assembly succeeds but calling `GetTypes()` fails then a detailed error
  message is logged rather than raising the exception - the value of `lib` will be `None`
  - the default timeout value when waiting for the 32-bit server to start is now 10 seconds
  - the `Client64` class now raises `Server32Error` if the 32-bit server raises an exception
  - the `Client64` class now inherits from `object` and the reference to `HTTPConnection`
  is now a property value
  - the `__repr__` methods no longer include the id as a hex number
  * Fixed
  - set ``sys.stdout = io.StringIO()`` if `quiet=True` on the server


  * Added
  - the ``version_info`` namedtuple now includes a *releaselevel*
  - Support for Python 3.7
  * Fixed
  - Issue `11 <>`_
  - ``utils.wait_for_server()`` raised `NameError: name 'TimeoutError' is not defined` for Python 2.7
  - ``utils.port_in_use()`` raised `UnicodeDecodeError` (`PR 9 <>`_)
  - ```` is now also compatible with Sphinx 1.7+
  * Changed
  - the frozen server32 executable (for Windows/Linux) now runs on Python 3.6.6
  - pythonnet is now an optional dependency on Windows and py4j is now optional for all OS
  - rename `Dummy` example to `Echo`
  * Removed
  - Support for Python 3.3


  * Added
  - `Py4J <>`_ wrapper for loading ``.jar`` and ``.class`` Java files
  - example on how to load a library that was built with LabVIEW
  * Fixed
  - Issue `8 <>`_
  - Issue `7 <>`_
  - ``AttributeError("'LoadLibrary' object has no attribute '_lib'") raised in repr()``
  * Changed
  - rename ``DotNetContainer`` to ``DotNet``
  - use ``socket.socket.bind`` to select an available port instead of checking of
  calling ``utils.port_in_use``
  - moved the static methods to the ``msl.loadlib.utils`` module:
  + Client64.port_in_use -> utils.port_in_use
  + Client64.get_available_port -> utils.get_available_port
  + Client64.wait_for_server -> utils.wait_for_server
  + LoadLibrary.check_dot_net_config -> utils.check_dot_net_config
  + LoadLibrary.is_pythonnet_installed -> utils.is_pythonnet_installed


  * Added
  - include ``os.environ['PATH']`` as a search path when loading a shared library
  - the frozen server32 executable (for Windows/Linux) now runs on Python 3.6.3
  - support that the package can now be installed by ``pip install msl-loadlib``
  * Fixed
  - remove ``sys.getsitepackages()`` error for virtualenv (`issue 5 <>`_)
  - received ``RecursionError`` when freezing with PyInstaller 3.3
  - replaced ``FileNotFoundError`` with ``IOError`` (for Python 2.7 support)
  - recompile cpp_lib\*.dll and fortran_lib\*.dll to not depend on external dependencies


  - fix ReadTheDocs build error -- AttributeError: module 'site' has no attribute 'getsitepackages'
  - strip whitespace from append_sys_path and append_environ_path
  - make pythonnet a required dependency only for Windows


  *NOTE: This release breaks backward compatibility*
  - can now pass \*\*kwargs from the Client64 constructor to the Server32-subclass constructor
  - new command line arguments for starting the 32-bit server: --kwargs, --append_environ_path
  - renamed the --append_path command line argument to --append_sys_path
  - Server32.interactive_console() works on Windows and Linux
  - edit documentation (thanks to karna48 for the pull request)


  - the frozen server32 executable (for Windows/Linux) now uses Python v3.6.1 and Python.NET v2.3.0
  - include ctypes.util.find_library and sys.path when searching for shared library


  - refreeze server32 executables


  - fix releaselevel bug


  - examples now working in Linux
  - fix MSL namespace
  - include all C modules, classes and System.Type objects in the .NET loaded-library object
  - create a custom C library for the examples
  - edit docstrings and documentation
  - many bug fixes


  - Initial release