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Added secure binary fields (module `mpyc.bfield`) and binary polynomials (module `mpyc.gf2x`).
  New module `mpyc.random` with various secure distributions, mimicking Python's `random` module.
  Revised core modules, dynamic PRSS setup (no static keys anymore), program counter as tuple.
  Added `if_else()` for efficient oblivious selection.
  General integer division (`//`, `%`, `divmod()`) with public divisor for secure ints and fxps.
  Codestyle: pycodestyle, pylint.
  New demos: AES and one-way hash chains, binarized neural network for MNIST.
  Use of top-level `await` in Jupyter notebooks.
  Enhanced command-line interface, with simplified Windows batch files and Unix shell scripts.
  Corresponds to package **mpyc 0.5** on [PyPI](


Major changes involve exact/integer division, `SecFxp`.
  SSL support added. Streamlined command line arguments (`-H` help added).
  Handling `input()`, `output()` enhanced.
  Switched from *n*-party to *m*-party for true *m*ultiparty computation;)
  Corresponds to package **mpyc 0.4** on [PyPI](


First public version (alpha) including several demos.
  Corresponds to package **mpyc 0.3** on [PyPI](