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Version 2 has been out for about 5 months and is stable. This 2.0.1 release fixes a gazetteer problem, where certain entries were missing, and clears up several small issues.
  Mordecai still has some accuracy shortcomings that will be addressed in future releases.


This release incorporates bug fixes and improvements to the documentation and paper as part of the [JOSS review process]( and substantial improvement by chilland to how Mordecai stores data in Docker volumes.
  This is the final release before a major re-write in version 2.


Several improvements to Mordecai's functioning, including better place name picking from the Elasticsearch/Geonames gazetteer, a more disaggregated Docker container structure, and numerous improvements in documentation and example usage as part of a submission to the Journal of Open Source Software. In a _non_-breaking API change, the service now returns an additional field containing the admin district of geocoded locations.
  For more details on improvements, see the following closed PRs: 7, 12, 16


Mordecai has been in production use in several settings for over a year. This release reflects the stable version that has been in use. It has several known bugs (see open and closed issues), but is stable overall. If you have an existing application that relies on Mordecai's previous idiosyncrasies, use this version. The master branch of Mordecai will begin to change with new features and improvements to its core geocoding functionality.