Changelogs » Montage-wrapper

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  - Fix bug that caused drizzle factor to be ignored in reproject, reproject_hdu,
  and reproject_cube.


  - Added wrapper for mTileImage command. [14]
  - Fix typo in name of mFixNaN command. [16]
  - Ensure that reproject_hdu cleans up any temporary directories. [17]
  - Make sure that temporary directories created by mosaic() are always removed. [19]
  - The code base is now fully Python 2 and 3 compatible, and 2to3 is no longer used. [20]
  - Use the astropy-helpers package. [21]


  - Disabled configuration file since it is not used. This gets rid of the
  warning at import time.
  - No longer check if Montage is in the PATH on install, but instead just on


  - Added missing files required for installation
  - Added a unit test for `mosaic`


  - removed unused files
  - added documentation about setting custom MPI command


  - python-montage is now an Astropy affiliated package, and has been
  renamed to montage_wrapper.
  - improved performance of mosaic() by ignoring frames that don't overlap with
  the requested header. Also improved exceptions in mosaic().
  - new function ``reproject_cube`` to reproject a FITS cube slice by slice
  (thanks to Adam Ginsburg).
  - various bug fixes reported by users, and improved documentation.


  - Fixed bug with user-specified work directory
  - Allow user to specify whether to only adjust levels when carrying out
  the background matching


  - Migrated to GitHub
  - Improved handing to check whether Montage commands are present
  - Improved handling of temporary work directory


  - Minor bug fixes and improvements


  - Initial release