Changelogs » Model-manager



* Allow parsing of --projectdir/-p as first argument of commandline
* Various fixes, especially in clone plugin
* Added GroupPlugin for simple grouper plugins
* Boolean CLI arguments are set to False via --not-<arg>


* Allow capitalised plugins and dont change plugins to lowercase. Existing
plugins are all changed to lowercase and the browser plugin needs to be
imported via `from modelmanager.plugins.browser import browser`.
* Rename ResultFile and ResultIndicator to File and Indicator in browser plugin.
* Allow clones with a linked resources load the same browser app.
* GrassAttributeTable now works without grass and doesnt support the
`add_attributes` attribute anymore.
* Read `GrassModule` arguments from specified settings dict rather than any
* New defaults argument to `SettingsManager.load`.
* Implement optional `argcomplete` support for the commandline interface.


* first release on PyPI (PyPI name changed to model-manager)
* added *grass* plugin
* added *pandas* plugin
* *browser API* debugged and improved
* many smaller improvements


* implement call function (and view settings) API for the browser plugin
* all browser tables/models are defined in the browser resources, all
modelmanager tables are abstract models


* implementation of core settings file and project class with commandline interface
* browser plugin: Django app that allows saving and viewing of tables in the browser
* templates plugin: easy read and write of templated model input files
* clones plugin: project cloning with optional linking or ignoring