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Major Features and Improvements
  *   Improves building wheels from source with ``.
  *   Supports configure GRPC options `max_receive_message_length` from the python
  *   Adds python 3.8 support.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   Adds `grpcio` as py client dependency.
  *   Replaces the C++ MOCK_METHOD`<n>` family of macros with the new MOCK_METHOD
  *   Updates node's `last_update_time_since_epoch` when changing
  *   Disables incompatible Golang BUILD targets temporarily.
  *   Support GetArtifactByTypeAndName, GetExecutionByTypeAndName,
  GetContextByTypeAndName Go API
  Breaking Changes
  *   N/A
  *   Deprecated py3.5 support


Major Features and Improvements
  *   GetArtifacts, GetExecutions and GetContexts now supports pagination and
  ordering results by ID, Create time and last update time fields.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   Python MetadataStore now exposes get_artifact_by_type_and_name and
  get_execution_by_type_and_name methods.
  *   Improves query performance of get_events_by_execution_ids and
  get_events_by_artifact_ids by combing multiple queries.
  *   Drops python dependency on tensorflow to make ml-metadata be friendly with
  non-TFX use cases.
  Breaking Changes
  *   Python MetadataStore APIs return mlmd errors instead of tensorflow errors.
  *   Note: We plan to remove Python 3.5 support after this release.


Major Features and Improvements
  *   Uses metadata_store per request for grpc server to improve scalability.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   Uses Iterable[int] instead Sequence[int] for listing APIs accepting ids.
  *   Depends on `tensorflow>=1.15,!=2.0.*,<3`
  Breaking changes
  *   Drops Python 2 support and stops releasing py2 wheels.


Major Features and Improvements
  *   Upgrades MLMD schema version to 5.
  -   Added state columns to persistent Artifact.state,
  -   Added user-given unique name per type column to Artifact and Execution.
  -   Added create_time_since_epoch, last_update_time_since_epoch to all
  *   Provides GetArtifactByTypeAndName and GetExecutionByTypeAndName API to get
  artifact/execution by type and name.
  *   Refactors transaction executions using TransactionExecutor class.
  *   Supports storing/retrieving Artifact.state and Execution.last_known_state.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   Returns explicit InvalidArgument for get_artifacts_by_uri from 0.15.x
  clients when using 0.21.0+ server.
  Breaking changes


Major Features and Improvements
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   Updates logging level for python mlmd client.
  Breaking changes


Major Features and Improvements
  *   Refactoring MetadataAccessObject to allow for more flexibility.
  *   Release a script to generate Python API documentation.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   GetArtifacts/Executions/Contexts returns OK instead of NotFound to align
  with other listing APIs.
  *   Handles mysql stale connection error 2006 by client-side reconnection.
  *   Handles mysql innodb deadlock error (1213) and lock timeout (1205) via
  client-side retry.
  *   Avoids update node or properties without changes.
  Breaking changes


Major Features and Improvements
  *   Adding artifact states.
  *   Supporting connection retries to gRPC server.
  *   Allowing the Python API put_execution to update or insert related contexts.
  *   Adding a new execution state: CANCELED. This indicates an execution being
  *   Adding two event types: INTERNAL_INPUT and INTERNAL_OUTPUT indended to be
  used by mlmd powered systems (e.g., orchestrator).
  *   Add support to pass migration options as command line parameters to the MLMD
  gRPC server.
  *   Adding a new Python API get_context_by_type_and_name to allow querying a
  context by its type and context name at the same time.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   Refactoring MetadataAccessObject to allow for more flexibility.
  Breaking Changes
  *   The Python API put_execution will need an extra input argument to pass in
  contexts and return updated context_ids. Users using the old API could pass
  in None or an empty list as context and add another variable to hold the
  returned context_ids to migrate.


Major Features and Improvements
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   Passes bytes instead of string to grpc.ssl_channel_credentials.
  *   Align GRPC python client stub error code with swig client error code.
  *   Add verify_server_cert support to MySQL source SSL options.
  Breaking Changes


Major Features and Improvements
  *   Add migration options to gRPC MetadataStoreServerConfig.
  *   Disable auto schema migration by default during connection. The user needs
  to explicitly enable it when connecting an older database.
  *   Support SSL options when using MySQL metadata source.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   Fixes MySQL errors with concurrent connection to an empty database. Now,
  MLMD returns Aborted when concurrent connection error happens and the caller
  can retry appropriately.
  Breaking Changes
  *   Deprecates proto field MigrationOptions.disable_upgrade_migration.
  *   Deprecates `disable_upgrade_migration` in python MetadataStore constructor.


Major Features and Improvements
  *   Add Dockerfile for building a containerized version of the MLMD gRPC server.
  *   Add support for connecting to a MYSQL Metadata Source via Unix sockets.
  *   Add support to pass mysql connection configuration as command line
  parameters to the MLMD gRPC server.
  *   Provides the ability for to communicate with the MLMD gRPC
  server, as an alternative to connecting directly with a database.
  *   Supports Sqlite for Windows and adds scripts to build wheels for python3 in
  *   Provides GetContextTypes to list all Context Types.
  *   MLMD ConnectionConfig provides an option to disable an automatic upgrade.
  *   Supports downgrade of the database schema version to older versions.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  *   Depended on `tensorflow>=1.15,<3`
  *   Starting from 1.15, package `tensorflow` comes with GPU support. Users
  won't need to choose between `tensorflow` and `tensorflow-gpu`.
  *   Caveat: `tensorflow` 2.0.0 is an exception and does not have GPU
  support. If `tensorflow-gpu` 2.0.0 is installed before installing
  `ml_metadata`, it will be replaced with `tensorflow` 2.0.0. Re-install
  `tensorflow-gpu` 2.0.0 if needed.
  Breaking Changes


Major Features and Improvements
  *   Add Context and ContextType to MLMD data model, which are used for capturing
  grouping concepts (e.g., Project, Pipeline, Owner, etc) of Artifacts and
  *   Add CACHED state to Execution state enum to model an execution that is
  skipped due to cached results.
  *   Add the ability to list all instances of ArtifactType and ExecutionType.
  *   Support Type update and enforce backward compatibility.
  *   Support atomic creation and publishing of an execution.
  *   Support building a manylinux2010 compliant wheel in docker so that it works
  in other linux OS outside of Ubuntu.
  *   Provide MLMD migration scheme to migrate out-of-date MLMD instance.
  *   Support creating and querying ContextType.
  *   Support creating, updating and querying Context instances.
  *   Support grouping artifact and executions into contexts.
  *   Support querying related artifacts and executions through contexts.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  Breaking changes


Major Features and Improvements
  *   Established ML Metadata as a standalone package.
  *   Provides a way to store information about how each artifact (e.g. file) was
  *   Provides tools for determining provenance.
  Bug Fixes and Other Changes
  Breaking changes