Changelogs » Mkdocs-material



* Added support for mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin
* Fixed invalid character in Google Fonts URL


* Added Thai translations
* Fixed missing assets in GitHub release .zip and .tar.gz


* Upgraded EmojiOne to Tweomji due to licensing issues
* Temporarily pinned PyMdown and Markdown due to upcoming changes
* Improved GitHub statistics retrieval
* Fixed errors in Greek translations


* Added Estonian translations
* Fixed removal of copyright banners in minified JavaScript
* Removed unnecessary title attributes from links in table of contents


* Added Afrikaans translations
* Fixed broken page title when h1 contained HTML tags
* Improved accessibility for IE users
* Removed unnecessary title attributes from links in navigation


* Added support for black as a primary color
* Fixed broken footer bar when h1 contained HTML tags


* Added Slovenian translations
* Reverted template minification in favor of mkdocs-minify-plugin
* Fixed 1114: Tabs don't reappear when default font-size is smaller than 16


* Fixed spelling error in Danish translations


* Added support for changing header through metadata title property
* Added font-display: swap to Google Font loading logic
* Removed whitespace from templates, saving 4kb (.7kb gzipped) per request
* Fixed alignment of repository icons on tablet and desktop


* Added Norwegian (Nynorsk) translations
* Fixed loss of focus in non-form input elements due to search hotkeys
* Fixed 1067: Search hotkeys not working for mobile/tablet screensize
* Fixed 1068: Search not correctly aligned for tablet screensize


* Fixed 1072: HTML tags appearing in navigation link titles


* Fixed minor CSS errors detected during validation


* Fixed 1023: Search for Asian languages broken after Lunr.js update
* Fixed 1026: contenteditable elements loose focus on hotkeys


* Fixed 1012: HTML character entities appear in search result titles


* Fixed 762, 816: Glitch in sidebar when collapsing items
* Fixed 869: Automatically expand details before printing


* Added background on hover for table rows
* Removed Google Tag Manager and reverted to Google Analytics
* Removed blocks in partials - Jinja doesn't support them
* Fixed 911: Chrome breaks layout if system language is Chinese [BREAKING]
* Fixed 976: Removed FastClick


* Moved Google Analytics integration into `head` using Google Tag Manager
* Fixed 972: Unicode slugifier breaks table of contents blur on scroll
* Fixed 974: Additional links in table of contents break blur on scroll


* Added support for redirects using metadata refresh
* Fixed 921: Load Google Analytics snippet asynchronously


* Added support for Progressive Web App Manifest
* Fixed 915: Search bug in Safari (upgraded Lunr.js)


* Added Taiwanese translations
* Fixed 906: JavaScript code blocks evaluated in search results


* Added Croatian and Indonesian translations
* Fixed 899: Skip-to-content link invalid from 2nd level on
* Fixed 902: Missing URL filter in footer for FontAwesome link


* Updated Dutch translations
* Fixed 856: Removed preconnect meta tag if Google Fonts are disabled


* Fixed 841: Additional path levels for extra CSS and JS


* Fixed 839: Lunr.js stemmer imports incorrect


* Fixed 838: Search result links incorrect


* Upgraded MkDocs to 1.0 [BREAKING]
* Upgraded Python in official Docker image to 3.6
* Added Serbian and Serbo-Croatian translations


* Fixed build error after MkDocs upgrade


* Added link to home for logo in drawer
* Fixed dependency problems between MkDocs and Tornado


* Added Hindi and Czech translations


* Added support for different spellings for theme color
* Fixed 799: Added support for web font minification in production
* Fixed 800: Added .highlighttable as an alias for .codehilitetable


* Added support for theme color on Android
* Fixed 796: Rendering of nested tabbed code blocks


* Added support for grouping code blocks with tabs
* Added Material and FontAwesome icon fonts to distribution files (GDPR)
* Added note on compliance with GDPR
* Added Slovak translations
* Fixed 790: Prefixed id attributes with "__" to avoid name clashes


* Added Finnish translations


* Fixed rendering issue for details on Edge


* Added Galician translations
* Fixed 730: Scroll chasing error on home page if Disqus is enabled
* Fixed 736: Reset drawer and search upon back button invocation


* Added ability to set absolute URL for logo
* Added Hebrew translations


* Added preconnect for Google Fonts for faster loading
* Fixed 710: With tabs sidebar disappears if JavaScript is not available


* Reverted --dev-addr flag removal from Dockerfile


* Added Catalan translations
* Fixed incorrect margins for buttons in Firefox and Safari
* Replaced package manager yarn with npm 5.6
* Reverted GitHub stars rounding method
* Removed --dev-addr flag from Dockerfile for Windows compatibility


* Added Vietnamese translations


* Added Arabic translations
* Fixed incorrect rounding of amount of GitHub stars
* Fixed double-layered borders for tables


* Added ability to override Disqus integration using metadata
* Fixed 690: Duplicate slashes in source file URLs
* Fixed 696: Active page highlight not working with default palette
* Adjusted German translations


* Moved default search configuration to default translation (English)
* Added support to automatically set text direction from translation
* Added support to disable search stop word filter in translation
* Added support to disable search trimmer in translation
* Added Persian translations
* Fixed support for Polish search
* Fixed disappearing GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket repository icons


* Added Hungarian translations


* Fixed 683: gh-deploy fails inside Docker


* Added Ukrainian translations


* Added default search language mappings for all localizations
* Fixed 673: Error loading non-existent search language
* Fixed 675: Uncaught reference error when search plugin disabled


* Fixed permalink for main headline
* Improved missing translation handling with English as a fallback
* Improved accessibility with skip-to-content link


* Added support for right-to-left languages


* Added focus state for clipboard buttons
* Fixed 400: Search bar steals tab focus
* Fixed search not closing on ENTER when result is selected
* Fixed search not closing when losing focus due to TAB
* Fixed collapsed navigation links getting focus
* Fixed outline being cut off on TAB focus of navigation links
* Fixed bug with first search result navigation being ignored
* Removed search result navigation via TAB (use UP and DOWN)
* Removed outline resets for links
* Improved general tabbing behavior on desktop


* Added example (synonym: snippet) style for Admonition
* Added synonym abstract for summary style for Admonition


* Added Turkish translations
* Fixed unclickable area below header in case JavaScript is not available


* Fixed 639: Broken default favicon


* Fixed 638: Build breaks with Jinja < 2.9


* Fixed 630: Admonition sets padding on any last child
* Adjusted Chinese (Traditional) translations


* Added Dutch translations
* Adjusted targeted link and footnote offsets
* Simplified Admonition styles and fixed padding bug


* Fixed 616: Minor styling error with title-only admonition blocks
* Removed border for table of contents and improved spacing


* Added support for hero teaser
* Added Portuguese translations
* Fixed 586: Footnote backref target offset regression
* Fixed 605: Search stemmers not correctly loaded


* Replaced deprecated babel-preset-es2015 with babel-preset-env
* Refactored Gulp build pipeline with Webpack
* Removed right border on sidebars
* Fixed broken color transition on header


* Added support for white as a primary color
* Added support for sliding site name and title
* Fixed redundant clipboard button when using line numbers on code blocks
* Improved header appearance by making it taller
* Improved tabs appearance
* Improved CSS customizability by leveraging inheritance
* Removed scroll shadows via background-attachment
* Removed breadcrumbs from header


* Fixed details not opening with footnote reference


* Added Japanese translations
* Fixed 540: Jumping to anchor inside details doesn't open it
* Fixed active link colors in footer


* Added Russian translations
* Fixed 542: Horizontal scrollbar between 1220px and 1234px
* Fixed 553: Metadata values only rendering first character
* Fixed 558: Flash of unstyled content
* Fixed favicon regression caused by deprecation upstream


* Fixed error when initializing search
* Fixed styles for link to edit the current page
* Fixed styles on nested admonition in details


* Added support for MkDocs 0.17.1 theme configuration options
* Added support for easier configuration of search tokenizer
* Added support to disable search
* Added Korean translations
* Removed support for MkDocs 0.16.x [BREAKING]


* Added Italian, Norwegian, French and Chinese translations


* Added Polish, Swedish and Spanish translations
* Improved downward compatibility with custom partials
* Temporarily pinned MkDocs version within Docker image to 0.16.3
* Fixed 519: Missing theme configuration file


* Added support for setting language(s) via mkdocs.yml
* Added support for default localization
* Added German and Danish translations
* Fixed 374: Search bar misalignment on big screens


* Added localization to clipboard
* Refactored localization logic


* Improved print styles of code blocks
* Improved search UX (don't close on enter if no selection)
* Fixed 495: Vertical scrollbar on short pages


* Fixed 484: Vertical scrollbar on some MathJax formulas
* Fixed 483: Footnote backref target offset regression


* Fixed 468: Sidebar shows scrollbar if content is shorter (in Safari)


* Fixed 455: Bold code blocks rendered with normal font weight


* Added support to make logo default icon configurable
* Fixed uninitialized overflow scrolling on main pane for iOS
* Fixed error in mobile navigation in case JavaScript is not available
* Fixed incorrect color transition for nested panes in mobile navigation
* Improved checkbox styles for Tasklist from PyMdown Extension package


* Added info (synonym: todo) style for Admonition
* Added question (synonym: help, faq) style for Admonition
* Added support for Details from PyMdown Extensions package
* Improved Admonition styles to match Details
* Improved styles for social links in footer
* Replaced ligatures with Unicode code points to avoid broken layout
* Upgraded PyMdown Extensions package dependency to >= 3.4


* Fixed 421: Missing pagination for GitHub API


* Added support for lazy-loading of search results for better performance
* Added support for customization of search tokenizer/separator
* Fixed 424: Search doesn't handle capital letters anymore
* Fixed 419: Search doesn't work on whole words


* Fixed 398: Forms broken due to search shortcuts
* Improved search overall user experience
* Improved search matching and highlighting
* Improved search accessibility


* Fixed functional link colors in table of contents for active palette
* Fixed 368: Compatibility issues with IE11


* Fixed error when setting language to Japanese for site search


* Fixed offset of search box when repo_url is not set
* Fixed non-disappearing tooltip


* Fixed wrong z-index order of header, overlay and drawer
* Fixed wrong offset of targeted footnote back references


* Added "copy to clipboard" buttons to code blocks
* Added support for multilingual site search
* Fixed search term highlighting for non-latin languages


* Fixed 337: JavaScript error for GitHub organization URLs


* Fixed 329: Broken source stats for private or unknown GitHub repos


* Fixed 316: Fatal error for git clone on Windows
* Fixed 320: Chrome 58 creates double underline for abbr tags
* Fixed 323: Ligatures rendered inside code blocks
* Fixed miscalculated sidebar height due to missing margin collapse
* Changed deprecated MathJax CDN to Cloudflare


* Fixed following of active/focused element if search input is focused
* Fixed layer order of search component elements


* Added build test for Docker image on Travis
* Added search overlay for better user experience (focus)
* Added language from localizations to html tag
* Fixed 270: Source links broken for absolute URLs
* Fixed missing top spacing for first targeted element in content
* Fixed too small footnote divider when using larger font sizes


* Fixed 282: Browser search (META+F) is hijacked


* Fixed broken highlighting for two or more search terms
* Fixed missing search results when only a h1 is present
* Fixed unresponsive overlay on Android


* Fixed deprecated calls for template variables
* Fixed wrong palette color for focused search result
* Fixed JavaScript errors on 404 page
* Fixed missing top spacing on 404 page
* Fixed missing right spacing on overflow of source container


* Added requirements as explicit dependencies in
* Fixed non-synchronized transitions in search form


* Fixed rendering and offset of targetted footnotes
* Fixed 238: Link on logo is not set to site_url


* Added support for localization of search placeholder
* Added keyboard events for quick access of search
* Added keyboard events for search control
* Added opacity on hover for search buttons
* Added git hook to skip CI build on non-src changes
* Fixed non-resetting search placeholder when input is cleared
* Fixed error for unescaped parentheses in search term
* Fixed 229: Button to clear search missing
* Fixed 231: Escape key doesn't exit search
* Removed old-style figures from font feature settings


* Fixed invalid destructuring attempt on NodeList (in Safari, Edge, IE)


* Added support for grouping searched sections by documents
* Added support for highlighting of search terms
* Added support for localization of search results
* Fixed 216: table of contents icon doesn't show if h1 is not present
* Reworked style and layout of search results for better usability


* Added support for page-specific title and description using metadata
* Added support for linking source files to documentation
* Fixed jitter and offset of sidebar when zooming browser
* Fixed incorrectly initialized tablet sidebar height
* Fixed regression for 1: GitHub stars break if the repo_url ends with a '/'
* Fixed undesired white line below copyright footer due to base font scaling
* Fixed issue with whitespace in path for scripts
* Fixed 205: support non-fixed (static) header
* Refactored footnote references for better visibility
* Reduced repaints to a minimum for non-tabs configuration
* Reduced contrast of edit button (slightly)


* Added quote (synonym: cite) style for Admonition
* Added help message to build pipeline
* Fixed wrong navigation link colors when applying palette
* Fixed 197: Link missing in tabs navigation on deeply nested items
* Removed unnecessary dev dependencies


* Fixed incorrectly displayed nested lists when using tabs


* Added tabs navigation feature (optional)
* Added Disqus integration (optional)
* Added a high resolution Favicon with the new logo
* Added static type checking using Facebook's Flow
* Fixed 173: Dictionary elements have no bottom spacing
* Fixed 175: Tables cannot be set to 100% width
* Fixed race conditions in build related to asset revisioning
* Fixed accidentally re-introduced Permalink on top-level headline
* Fixed alignment of logo in drawer on IE11
* Refactored styles related to tables
* Refactored and automated Docker build and PyPI release
* Refactored build scripts


* Fixed 153: Sidebar flows out of constrained area in Chrome 56
* Fixed 159: Footer jitter due to JavaScript if content is short


* Fixed 142: Documentation build errors if h1 is defined as raw HTML
* Fixed 164: PyPI release does not build and install
* Fixed offsets of targeted headlines
* Increased sidebar font size by 0.12rem


* Fixed 117: Table of contents items don't blur on fast scrolling
* Refactored sidebar positioning logic
* Further reduction of repaints


* Fixed 108: Horizontal scrollbar in content area


* Fixed massive repaints happening when scrolling
* Fixed footer back reference positions in case of overflow
* Fixed header logo from showing when the menu icon is rendered
* Changed scrollbar behavior to only show when content overflows


* Introduced Webpack for more sophisticated JavaScript bundling
* Introduced ESLint and Stylelint for code style checks
* Introduced more accurate Material Design colors and shadows
* Introduced modular scales for harmonic font sizing
* Introduced git-hooks for better development workflow
* Rewrite of CSS using the BEM methodology and SassDoc guidelines
* Rewrite of JavaScript using ES6 and Babel as a transpiler
* Rewrite of Admonition, Permalinks and CodeHilite integration
* Rewrite of the complete typographical system
* Rewrite of Gulp asset pipeline in ES6 and separation of tasks
* Removed Bower as a dependency in favor of NPM
* Removed custom icon build in favor of the Material Design iconset
* Removed _blank targets on links due to vulnerability:
* Removed unversioned assets from build directory
* Restructured templates into base templates and partials
* Added build and watch scripts in package.json
* Added support for Metadata and Footnotes Markdown extensions
* Added support for PyMdown Extensions package
* Added support for collapsible sections in navigation
* Added support for separate table of contents
* Added support for better accessibility through REM-based layout
* Added icons for GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket integrations
* Added more detailed documentation on specimen, extensions etc.
* Added a 404.html error page for deployment on GitHub Pages
* Fixed live reload chain in watch mode when saving a template
* Fixed variable references to work with MkDocs 0.16

0.2.4 insecure

* Fixed improperly set default favicon
* Fixed 33: Protocol relative URL for webfonts doesn't work with file://
* Fixed 34: IE11 on Windows 7 doesn't honor max-width on main tag
* Fixed 35: Add styling for blockquotes

0.2.3 insecure

* Fixed 25: Highlight inline fenced blocks
* Fixed 26: Better highlighting for keystrokes
* Fixed 30: Suboptimal syntax highlighting for PHP

0.2.2 insecure

* Fixed 15: Document Pygments dependency for CodeHilite
* Fixed 16: Favicon could not be set through mkdocs.yml
* Fixed 17: Put version into own container for styling
* Fixed 20: Fix rounded borders for tables

0.2.1 insecure

* Fixed 10: Invisible header after closing search bar with ESC key
* Fixed 13: Table cells don't wrap
* Fixed empty list in table of contents when no headline is defined
* Corrected wrong path for static asset monitoring in Gulpfile.js
* Set up tracking of site search for Google Analytics

0.2.0 insecure

* Fixed 6: Include multiple color palettes via mkdocs.yml
* Fixed 7: Better colors for links inside admonition notes and warnings
* Fixed 9: Text for prev/next footer navigation should be customizable
* Refactored templates (replaced if/else with modifiers where possible)

0.1.3 insecure

* Fixed 3: Ordered lists within an unordered list have ::before content
* Fixed 4: Click on Logo/Title without Github-Repository: "None"
* Fixed 5: Page without headlines renders empty list in table of contents
* Moved Modernizr to top to ensure basic usability in IE8

0.1.2 insecure

* Fixed styles for deep navigational hierarchies
* Fixed webfont delivery problem when hosted in subdirectories
* Fixed print styles in mobile/tablet configuration
* Added option to configure fonts in mkdocs.yml with fallbacks
* Changed styles for admonition notes and warnings
* Set download link to latest version if available
* Set up tracking of outgoing links and actions for Google Analytics

0.1.1 insecure

* Fixed 1: GitHub stars don't work if the repo_url ends with a '/'
* Updated NPM and Bower dependencies to most recent versions
* Changed footer/copyright link to Material theme to GitHub pages
* Made MkDocs building/serving in build process optional
* Set up continuous integration with Travis

0.1.0 insecure

* Initial release