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  - add support for GCE, SoftLayer, HP Cloud, DigitalOcean & NephoScale
  - add support for bare metal servers
  - major improvements in graphs
  - major performance improvements
  - update dependencies (libcloud, jQueryMobile, Ember.js, d3.js)
  - allow custom ssh ports and usernames
  - allow manual installation of monitoring
  - major refactoring of backend and frontend code
  - added API & browser tests
  - improved image management
  - get additional info when probing machines
  ...and many more smaller changes.
  A complete listing of merged pull requests is available at:


  - add support for Openstack
  - add support for RedHat Openshift
  - update install instructions
  - reset machine selection when leaving machine list view
  - fix bug that prevented login to the service in order to get server stats
  - don't allow adding duplicate SSH keys
  - don't allow adding duplicate clouds
  - fix refreshing of the enable monitoring popup
  - support Rackspace Sydney cloud
  - upgrade libcloud version
  - stop polling a machine for data after user disables monitoring for that machine
  - fix duplicate rules bug
  - UI improvements on spinners for rules
  - add extra arguments to machine actions to assist in automatic execution


  - show spinners when editing rules
  - fix issue with polling for monitored machines


  - add bigger spinner while fetching stats
  - improve ram drawing
  - add small png depicting the avg load in list view for monitored machines


  - update apikey/secret cloud labels for Rackspace and Linode
  - make the s in Rackspace lowercase
  - automatically generate key on create machine when there are no keys available
  - change default rule value to 5 instead of 60 since it refers to avg load
  - alerting improvements


  - splash page css fix
  - persistent rules
  - enable commands in rules
  - warn when exceeding the beta service limit of monitored machines


  - Enable monitoring by connecting to service
  - Several graph related fixes for machine stats
  - Shell fixes and styling
  - Change the UI of add cloud and add machine
  - Optionally run deployment script after machine creation
  - Add key section and key actions
  - Convert all jQuery Mobile dialogs to popups and panels
  - Upgrade jQuery to v1.9.1, jQuery Mobile to v1.3.0, Ember.js to v1.0.0-rc3 and libcloud to v0.12.3


  -  Base stable version