Changelogs » Misp-stix-converter

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  - Seems one index to MISPEvent was left in the old style. [Hannah Ward]
  - For some reason I change Campaign last time, not ThreatActor. [Hannah
  - Changed test instance API - flushed DB. [Hannah Ward]
  - STIX moved ThreatActor to `core` [Hannah Ward]
  - Ignore None condition. [Raphaël Vinot]
  - Updated test server. [Hannah Ward]
  - Added ITW STIX files, fixed MD5s failing on the wrong length. [Hannah
  - Forced reverse conversion on tests. [Hannah Ward]
  - Removed unicode definitions from XML. [Hannah Ward]
  - Merge branch 'master' of [Hannah
  - Import hashes, fix mutexes. [Raphaël Vinot]
  - Have a fieri christmas! [Hannah Ward]
  - Versionless pymisp. [Hannah Ward]
  - Point dep to CIRCL's pymisp. [Hannah Ward]
  - Version bump. [Hannah Ward]
  - Re-add pymisp to deps. [Hannah Ward]
  - Maybe I fixed the weird pymisp deps? [Hannah Ward]
  - Use git version of PyMISP. [Hannah Ward]
  - Removed dep on example misp login. [Hannah Ward]
  - Added max size of spooledfile. [Hannah Ward]
  - Don't touch disk on loading stix. [Hannah Ward]
  - I forgot a backtick. [Hannah Ward]
  - Updated readme with pip instructions. [Hannah Ward]
  - Duplicated login example for pypi. [Hannah Ward]
  - Updated setup. [Hannah Ward]
  - Merge pull request 5 from MISP/fix_load. [Hannah Ward]
  Generic support of
  - Make sure we don't process the same observable twice. [Raphaël Vinot]
  - Fix last commit. [Raphaël Vinot]
  - Generic support of [Raphaël Vinot]
  - Accidentally added 2 guy fieris. [Hannah Ward]
  - Merge branch 'master' of [Hannah
  - Added picture of guy fieri in celebration of soltra's demise. [Hannah
  - Added picture of guy fieri in celebration of soltra's demise. [Hannah
  - Updated dependencies, fixed one erroneous underscore. [Hannah Ward]
  - Merge pull request 3 from MISP/rename. [Hannah Ward]
  Rename threatintel -> misp_stix_converter
  - Add wrapper to open a STIX file. [Raphaël Vinot]
  - Rename threatintel -> misp_stix_converter. [Raphaël Vinot]
  Importing "threatintel" wasn't really clear in the sin you were
  Also, make some more functions so it ie easier to use from PyMISP
  - Merge pull request 2 from MISP/refactoring. [Hannah Ward]
  PEP8 \o/
  - Use MISPEvent for STIX converter. [Raphaël Vinot]
  - Use MISPEvent. [Raphaël Vinot]
  - PEP8 \o/ [Raphaël Vinot]
  - Updated coverage, added test files. [Hannah Ward]
  - Added test sample misp and stix files. [Hannah Ward]
  - STIXPackage needs to be instantiated. [Hannah Ward]
  - Merge pull request 1 from adulau/master. [Hannah Ward]
  A simple TAXII client fetching hailataxii samples and save the STIX XML.
  - A simple TAXII client fetching hailataxii samples and save the STIX
  XML. [Alexandre Dulaunoy]
  - Update [Hannah Ward]
  - Added coveralls maybe. [Hannah Ward]
  - Adding travis (and hopefully coveralls who knows) [Hannah Ward]
  - I can spell. [Hannah Ward]
  - Usage: Once. I like this readme, but it's broken. [Hannah Ward]
  - Migrated to stix1.2. [Hannah Ward]
  - Updated readme for new project structure. [Hannah Ward]
  - Updated readme. [Hannah Ward]
  - Updated readme. [Hannah Ward]
  - Added STIX that actually works, also restructure. [Hannah Ward]
  - Updated licence. [Hannah Ward]
  - Removed requirement for URL in misp. [Hannah Ward]
  - Added inits. [Hannah Ward]
  - Restructured, added setup. [Hannah Ward]
  - Cleaned up the repo a bit. [Hannah Ward]
  - Updated to have like a million more datatypes. [Hannah Ward]
  - Added licence. [Hannah Ward]
  - Removed deps on SMASH. [Hannah Ward]
  - Improved pipeline on PUSH. [Hannah Ward]
  - Merge branch 'master' of
  [Hannah Ward]
  - Added readme. [Hannah Ward]
  - Added readme. [Hannah Ward]
  - STIX -> MISP. [Hannah Ward]
  - MISP->STIX. [Hannah Ward]