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New Features
  * In `mincom -o soup` return in the json output a  new predicate that contains all producible targets in a minimal community. This new predicate is stored as "producible" in the json output. This featyre is useful in 2 cases:
  * In case there are compounds in targets that are also nutrients (seeds): they would not have appeared in `newly_producible`
  * In case a host is provided: the target compounds that the host can produce by itself would not have been stored in the json
  * Issue with the display of target producers in selected communities
  CI & Tests
  * Add a new test and its associated target file in `toy` related to returning all producible targets


  - final producers for the targets. Miscoto will search for the organisms able to activate the reaction producing each of the targets. This is computed in the full community with `miscoto_scopes` and in the selected minimal communities with `miscoto_mincom`. The information is stored in the `targets_producers` key in the json output.
  - test for the new final producer feature.


Modify mincom json ouput
  - rename `optimum_inter` into `score_optimum_inter`
  - rename `optimum_union` into `score_optimum_union`
  - add result of --optsol in json with the `one_model` key.
  - add `keystone_species`, `essential_symbionts` and `alternative_symbionts` in json if --union and --intersection are used together.


  * minexch behaviour (missing solution) when running without host
  * add new tests for the above cases


Improvement of tests, better documentation, Github actions


First release that uses Clyngor rather than Pyasp for ASP support.


This is the last release of Miscoto using Pyasp as a support for ASP computing.
  This version and the ones before are not compatible with [metage2metabo](