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* Add a set_html() method to the browser object

2019-11-07 Kovid Goyal


* URLs passed into mechanize now automatically have URL unsafe characters
percent encoded. This is necessary because newer versions of python
disallow processing of URLs with unsafe characters. Note that this means
values return by get_full_url(), get_selector() etc will be percent encoded.

2019-08-18 Kovid Goyal


* When filling forms with unicode strings automatically encode them into
the correct encoding fr the HTML page being viewed
* Guess content type when uploading files if not specified
* py3 compat - Have the version of simple cookies be 0 rather than None

2019-04-12 Kovid Goyal


* A couple of python 3 specific fixes for proxy authorization and
* adding controls to forms

2019-03-16 Kovid Goyal


* A couple of python 3 specific fixes for servers with missing robots.txt
files and also errors when using basic/digest auth

2019-01-16 Kovid Goyal


* Python 3 compatibility
* Add a finalize_request_headers callback to Browser to allow users full
control of what headers are sent with every request
* Preserve header ordering when making HTTP requests

2018-09-11 Kovid Goyal


* Fix processing of http-equiv meta tags incorrectly lower casing the content
* Fix error when a textbox contained within a form contains unicode characters

2017-10-13 Kovid Goyal
* 0.3.6 release.
* Use html5-parser for parsing HTML, when available instead of html5lib
for a big performance boost.
* Fix error when trying to submit forms with non-ascii values on systems
where the default encoding is ascii.
* Fix errors on python environments with broken threading

2017-06-24 Kovid Goyal
* 0.3.5 release.
* Fix error when trying to open pages that contain HTML entities that
decode to unicode characters in their <head> sections

2017-05-05 Kovid Goyal
* 0.3.3 release.
* Add get() and __getitem__ methods to the response object for conveninent access to response headers

2017-04-29 Kovid Goyal
* 0.3.2 release.
* Allow overriding of Host headers via addheaders
* Fix using unicode strings in addheaders and trying to send data with a request failing

2017-03-17 Kovid Goyal
* 0.3.1 release.
* Allow easily selecting forms based on HTML attributes of the <form> tag
* Allow specifying the HTTP method when creating requests
* Convenience API to set headers
* Convenience API for dealing with cookies
* Create full documentation at:

2017-03-15 Kovid Goyal
* 0.3.0 release.
* Support HTML 5 (all html is now parsed using html5lib)
* Implement cloning of browser instances via Browser.__copy__()
* Make gzip content-encoding non-experimental. Always handle it if sent by the server, regardless of set_handle_gzip().
* mechanize now requires python >= 2.7.0
* When processing cookies that have a blank (unset) path, assume the path
is /. Mimics modern browser behavior.
* Support PyPy (added to continuous integration testing)
* Make the global urlopen/urlretrieve methods threadsafe
* Add support for user supplied CA certificates
* Fix gzip not being requested on HTTPS connections
* Normalize the case of HTTP headers in requests
* Fix proxy authentication for https connections not working
* Size of codebase reduced by 10,000 lines of code (40%)

* Backward incompatibility: The factory keyword argument to Browser is no longer allowed
* Backward incompatibility: Browser.forms() and Browser.links() return unicode strings instead of byte strings
* Backward incompatibility: When searching for a form control if more than one control matches, an AmbiguityError is always raised
* Backward incompatibility: There is no longer a mechanize.ParseError and mechanize.ParseResponse
class. Parsing now uses the HTML 5 algorithm, which is designed to not fail on malformed markup.
* Backward incompatibility: For links that do not have any text the text
attribute is now always an empty string instead of None or an empty string.
* Backward incompatibility: Remove support for the <isindex> HTML tag which was deprecated in HTML 4 and removed in HTML 5

2011-03-31 John J Lee <>
* 0.2.5 release.
* This is essentially a no-changes release to fix easy_install
breakage caused by a SourceForge issue
* Sourceforge is returning invalid HTTP responses, make download
links point to PyPI instead
* Include cookietest.cgi in source distribution
* Note new IETF cookie standardisation effort

2010-10-28 John J Lee <>
* 0.2.4 release.
* Fix IndexError on empty Content-type header value. (GH-18)
* Fall back to another encoding if an unknown one is declared.
Fixes traceback on unknown encoding in Content-type header.

2010-10-16 John J Lee <>
* 0.2.3 release.
* Fix str(ParseError()) traceback. (GH-25)
* Add equality methods to mechanize.Cookie . (GH-29)

2010-07-17 John J Lee <>
* 0.2.2 release.
* Officially support Python 2.7 (no changes were required)
* Fix TypeError on .open()ing ftp: URL (only affects Python 2.4
and 2.5)
* Don't include HTTPSHandler in __all__ if it's not available

2010-05-16 John J Lee <>
* 0.2.1 release.
* API change: Change argument order of
HTTPRedirectHandler.redirect_request() to match urllib2.
* Fix failure to use bundled BeautifulSoup for forms. (GH-15)
* Fix default cookie path where request path has query containing
/ character. (
* Fix failure to raise on click for nonexistent label. (GH-16)
* Documentation fixes.

2010-04-22 John J Lee <>
* 0.2.0 release.
* Behaviour change: merged upstream urllib2 change (allegedly a
"bug fix") to return a response for all 2** HTTP responses (e.g.
206 Partial Content).  Previously, only 200 caused a response
object to be returned.  All other HTTP response codes resulted
in a response object being raised as an exception.
* Behaviour change: Use of mechanize classes with `urllib2` (and
vice-versa) is no longer supported.  However, existing classes
implementing the urllib2 Handler interface are likely to work
unchanged with mechanize.  Removed RequestUpgradeProcessor,
ResponseUpgradeProcessor, SeekableProcessor.
* ClientForm has been merged into mechanize.  This means that
mechanize has no dependencies other than Python itself.  The
ClientForm API is still available -- to switch from ClientForm to
mechanize, just s/ClientForm/mechanize in your source code, and
ensure any use of the module logging logger named "ClientForm" is
updated to use the new logger name "mechanize.forms".  I probably
won't do further standalone releases of ClientForm.
* Stop monkey-patching Python stdlib.
* Merge fixes from urllib2 trunk
* Close file objects on .read() failure in .retrieve()
* Fix a python 2.4 bug due to buggy urllib.splithost
* Fix Python 2.4 syntax error in _firefox3cookiejar
* Fix typo that hid mechanize.seek_wrapped_response and
mechanize.str2time.  Fixes
* Fix an obvious bug with experimental firefox 3 cookiejar support.
It's still experimental and not properly tested.
* Change documentation to not require a .port attribute on request
objects, since that's unused.
* Doc fixes
* Added mechanize.urljoin (RFC 3986 compliant function for joining
a base URI with a URI reference)
* Merge of ClientForm (see above).
* Moved to git (from SVN)
* Created an issue tracker
* Docs are now in markdown format (thanks John Gabriele).
* Website rearranged.  The old website has been archived at .  The new website is
essentially just the mechanize pages, rearranged and cleaned up a
* Source code rearranged for easier merging with upstream urllib2
* Fully automated release process.
* New test runner.  Single test suite; tests create their own HTTP
server fixtures (server fixtures are cached where possible for

2009-02-07 John J Lee <>
* 0.1.11 release.
* Fix quadratic performance in number of .read() calls (and add an
automated performance test).

2008-12-03 John J Lee <>
* 0.1.10 release.
* Add support for Python 2.6: Raise URLError on file: URL errors,
not IOError (port of upstream urllib2 fix).  Add support for
Python 2.6's per-connection timeouts: Add timeout arguments to
urlopen(), Request constructor, .open(), and .open_novisit().
* Drop support for Python 2.3
* Add Content-length header to Request object (httplib bug that
prevented doing that was fixed in Python 2.4).  There's no
change is what is actually sent over the wire here, just in what
headers get added to the Request object.
* Fix AttributeError on .retrieve() with a Request (as opposed to
URL string) argument
* Don't change CookieJar state in .make_cookies().
* Fix AttributeError in case where .make_cookies() or
.cookies_for_request() is called before other methods like
.extract_cookies() or .make_cookie_header()
* Fixes affecting version cookie-attribute
* Silence module logging's "no handlers could be found for logger
mechanize" warning in a way that doesn't clobber attempts to set
log level sometimes
* Don't use private attribute of request in request upgrade
handler (what was I thinking??)
* Don't call setup() on import of
* Add new public function effective_request_host
* Add .get_policy() method to CookieJar
* Add method CookieJar.cookies_for_request()
* Fix documented interface required of requests and responses (and
add some tests for this!)
* Allow either .is_unverifiable() or .unverifiable on request
objects (preferring the former)
* Note that there's a new functional test for digest auth, which
fails when run against the sourceforge site (which is the
default).  It looks like this reflects the fact that digest auth
has been fairly broken since it was introduced in urllib2.  I
don't plan to fix this myself.

2008-09-24 John J Lee <>
* 0.1.9 release.
* Fix ImportError if sqlite3 not available
* Fix a couple of functional tests not to wait 5 seconds each

2008-09-13 John J Lee <>
* 0.1.8 release.
* Close sockets.  This only affects Python 2.5 (and later) -
earlier versions of Python were unaffected.  See
* Make title parsing follow Firefox behaviour wrt child
elements (previously the behaviour differed between Factory and
* Fix BeautifulSoup RobustLinksFactory (hence RobustFactory) link
text parsing for case of link text containing tags (Titus Brown)
* Fix issue where more tags after <title> caused default parser to
raise an exception
* Handle missing cookie max-age value.  Previously, a warning was
emitted in this case.
* Fix thoroughly broken digest auth (still need functional
test!) (trebor74hr...)
* Handle cookies containing embedded tabs in mozilla format files
* Remove an assertion about mozilla format cookies file
contents (raise LoadError instead)
* Fix MechanizeRobotFileParser.set_opener()
* Fix selection of global form using .select_form() (Titus Brown)
* Log skipped Refreshes
* Stop tests from clobbering files that happen to be lying around
in cwd (!)
* Use SO_REUSEADDR for local test server.
* Raise exception if local test server fails to start.
* Tests no longer (accidentally) depend on third-party coverage
* The usual docs and test fixes.
* Add convenience method Browser.open_local_file(filename)
* Add experimental support for Firefox 3 cookie jars
("cookies.sqlite").  Requires Python 2.5
* Fix a NameError (gzip support is experimental)

2007-05-31 John J Lee <>
* 0.1.7b release.
* Sub-requests should not usually be visiting, so make it so.  In
fact the visible behaviour wasn't really broken here, since
.back() skips over None responses (which is odd in itself, but
won't be changed until after stable release is branched).
However, this patch does change visible behaviour in that it
creates new Request objects for sub-requests (e.g. basic auth
retries) where previously we just mutated the existing Request
* Changes to sort out abuse of by SeekableProcessor and
ResponseUpgradeProcessor (latter shouldn't have been public in
the first place) and resulting confusing / unclear / broken
behaviour.  Deprecate SeekableProcessor and
ResponseUpgradeProcessor.  Add SeekableResponseOpener.  Remove
SeekableProcessor and ResponseUpgradeProcessor from Browser.
Move UserAgentBase.add_referer_header() to Browser (it was on by
default, breaking UserAgent, and should never really have been
* Fix HTTP proxy support: r29110 meant that Request.get_selector()
didn't take into account the change to .__r_host
(Thanks tgates...).
* Redirected robots.txt fetch no longer results in another
attempted robots.txt fetch to check the redirection is allowed!
* Fix exception raised by RFC 3986 implementation with
urljoin(base, '/..')
* Fix two multiple-response-wrapping bugs.
* Add missing import in tests (caused failure on Windows).
* Set svn:eol-style to native for all text files in SVN.
* Add some tests for upgrade_response().
* Add a functional test for 302 + 404 case.
* Add an -l option to run the functional tests against a local
twisted.web-based server (you need Twisted installed for this
to work).  This is much faster than running against
* Add -u switch to skip unittests (and only run the doctests).

2007-01-07 John J Lee <>


* Add mechanize.ParseError class, document it as part of the
mechanize.Factory interface, and raise it from all Factory
implementations.  This is backwards-compatible, since the new
exception derives from the old exceptions.
* Bug fix: Truncation when there is no full .read() before
navigating to the next page, and an old response is read after
navigation.  This happened e.g. with r =;
r.readline();;; br.back() .
* Bug fix: when .back() caused a reload, it was returning the old
response, not the .reload()ed one.
* Bug fix: .back() was not returning a copy of the response, which
presumably would cause seek position problems.
* Bug fix: base tag without href attribute would override document
URL with a None value, causing a crash (thanks Nathan Eror).
* Fix .set_response() to close current response first.
* Fix non-idempotent behaviour of Factory.forms() / .links() .
Previously, if for example you got a ParseError during execution
of .forms(), you could call it again and have it not raise an
exception, because it started out where it left off!
* Add a missing copy.copy() to RobustFactory .
* Fix redirection to 'URIs' that contain characters that are not
allowed in URIs (thanks Riko Wichmann).  Also, Request
constructor now logs a module logging warning about any such bad
* Add .global_form() method to Browser to support form controls
whose HTML elements are not descendants of any FORM element.
* Add a new method .visit_response() .  This creates a new history
entry from a response object, rather than just changing the
current visited response.  This is useful e.g. when you want to
use Browser features in a handler.
* Misc minor bug fixes.

2006-10-25 John J Lee <>


ClientForm>=0.2.5 (for an important bug fix affecting fragments
in URLs).  There are no other changes in this release -- this
release was done purely so that people upgrading to the latest
version of mechanize will get the latest ClientForm too.

2006-10-14 John J Lee <>


* Improved auth & proxies support.
* Follow RFC 3986.
* Add a .set_cookie() method to Browser .
* Add Browser.open_novisit() and Request.visit to allow fetching
files without affecting Browser state.
* UserAgent and Browser are now subclasses of UserAgentBase.
UserAgent's only role in life above what UserAgentBase does is
to provide the .set_seekable_responses() method (it lives there
because Browser depends on seekable responses, because that's
how browser history is implemented).
* Bundle BeautifulSoup 2.1.1.  No more dependency pain!  Note that
BeautifulSoup is, and always was, optional, and that mechanize
will eventually switch to BeautifulSoup version 3, at which
point it may well stop bundling BeautifulSoup.  Note also that
the module is only used internally, and is not available as a
public attribute of the package.  If you dare, you can import it
("from mechanize import _beautifulsoup"), but beware that it
will go away later, and that the API of BeautifulSoup will
change when the upgrade to 3 happens.  Also, BeautifulSoup
support (mainly RobustFactory) is still a little experimental
and buggy.
* Fix HTTP-EQUIV with no content attribute case (thanks Pratik
* Fix bug with quoted META Refresh URL (thanks Nilton Volpato).
* Fix crash with </base> tag (yajdbgr02...).
* Somebody found a server that (incorrectly) depends on HTTP
header case, so follow the Title-Case convention.  Note that the
Request headers interface(s), which were (somewhat oddly -- this
is an inheritance from urllib2 that should really be fixed in a
better way than it is currently) always case-sensitive still
are; the only thing that changed is what actually eventually
gets sent over the wire.
* Use mechanize (not urllib) to open robots.txt.  Don't consult
RobotFileParser instance about non-HTTP URLs.
* Fix OpenerDirector.retrieve(), which was very broken (thanks
Duncan Booth).
* Crash in a much more obvious way if trying to use OpenerDirector
after .close() .
* .reload() on .back() if necessary (necessary iff response was
not fully .read() on first .open()ing ) * Strip fragments before
retrieving URLs (fixed Request.get_selector() to strip fragment)
* Fix catching HTTPError subclasses while still preserving all
their response behaviour
* Correct over-enthusiastic documented guarantees of
closeable_response .
* Fix assumption that httplib.HTTPMessage treats dict-style
__setitem__ as append rather than set (where on earth did I get
that from?).
* Expose History in mechanize/ (though interface is
still experimental).
* Lots of other "internals" bugs fixed (thanks to reports /
patches from Benji York especially, also Titus Brown, Duncan
Booth, and me ;-), where I'm not 100% sure exactly when they
were introduced, so not listing them here in detail.
* Numerous other minor fixes.
* Some code cleanup.

2006-05-21 John J Lee <>


* mechanize now exports the whole urllib2 interface.
* Pull in bugfixed auth/proxy support code from Python 2.5.
* Bugfix: strip leading and trailing whitespace from link URLs
* Fix .any_response() / .any_request() methods to have ordering.
consistent with rest of handlers rather than coming before all
of them.
* Tell cookie-handling code about new TLDs.
* Remove Browser.set_seekable_responses() (they always are
* Show in web page examples how to munge responses and how to do
* Rename 0.1.* changes document 0.1.0-changes.txt -->
* In 0.1 changes document, note change of logger name from
"ClientCookie" to "mechanize"
* Add something about response objects to changes document
* Improve Browser.__str__
* Accept regexp strings as well as regexp objects when finding
* Add crappy gzip transfer encoding support.  This is off by
default and warns if you turn it on (hopefully will get better
later :-).
* A bit of internal cleanup following merge with pullparser /

2006-05-06 John J Lee <>


* Merge ClientCookie and pullparser with mechanize.
* Response object fixes.
* Remove accidental dependency on BeautifulSoup introduced in
0.1.0a (the BeautifulSoup support is still here, but
BeautifulSoup is not required to use mechanize).

2006-05-03 John J Lee <>


* Stop trying to record precise dates in changelog, since that's
silly ;-)
* A fair number of interface changes: see 0.1.0-changes.txt.
* Depend on recent ClientCookie with copy.copy()able response
* Don't do broken XHTML handling by default (need to review code
before switching this back on, e.g. should use a real XML parser
for first-try at parsing).  To get the old behaviour, pass
i_want_broken_xhtml_support=True to mechanize.DefaultFactory /
.RobustFactory constructor.
* Numerous small bug fixes.
* Documentation & fixes.
* Don't use cookielib, to avoid having to work around Python 2.4
RFC 2109 bug, and to avoid my braindead thread synchronisation
code in cookielib :-((((( (I haven't encountered specific
breakage due to latter, but since it's braindead I may as well
avoid it).

2005-11-30 John J Lee <>
* Fixed setuptools support.
* Release 0.0.11a.

2005-11-19 John J Lee <>
* Release 0.0.10a.

2005-11-17 John J Lee <>
* Fix set_handle_referer.

2005-11-12 John J Lee <>
* Fix history (Gary Poster).
* Close responses on reload (Gary Poster).
* Don't depend on SSL support (Gary Poster).

2005-10-31 John J Lee <>
* Add setuptools support.

2005-10-30 John J Lee <>
* Don't mask AttributeError exception messages from ClientForm.
* Document intent of .links() vs. .get_links_iter(); Rename
LinksFactory method.
* Remove pullparser import dependency.
* Remove Browser.urltags (now an argument to LinksFactory).
* Document Browser constructor as taking keyword args only (and
change positional arg spec).
* Cleanup of lazy parsing (may fix bugs, not sure...).

2005-10-28 John J Lee <>
* Support ClientForm backwards_compat switch.

2005-08-28 John J Lee <>
* Apply optimisation patch (Stephan Richter).

2005-08-15 John J Lee <>
* Close responses (ie. close the file handles but leave response
still .read()able &c., thanks to the response objects we're
using) (

2005-08-14 John J Lee <>
* Add missing argument to UserAgent's _add_referer_header stub.
* Doc and comment improvements.

2005-06-28 John J Lee <>
* Allow specifying parser class for equiv handling.
* Ensure correct default constructor args are passed to
* Allow configuring details of Refresh handling.
* Switch to tolerant parser.

2005-06-11 John J Lee <>
* Do .seek(0) after link parsing in a finally block.
* Regard text/xhtml as HTML.
* Fix 2.4-compatibility bugs.
* Fix spelling of '_equiv' feature string.

2005-05-30 John J Lee <>
* Turn on Referer, Refresh and HTTP-Equiv handling by default.

2005-05-08 John J Lee <>
* Fix .reload() to not update history (thanks to Titus Brown).
* Use cookielib where available

2005-03-01 John J Lee <>
* Fix referer bugs: Don't send URL fragments; Don't add in Referer
header in redirected request unless original request had a
Referer header.

2005-02-19 John J Lee <>
* Allow supplying own mechanize.FormsFactory, so eg. can use
ClientForm.XHTMLFormParser.  Also allow supplying own Request
class, and use sensible defaults for this.  Now depends on
ClientForm 0.1.17.  Side effect is that, since we use the
correct Request class by default, there's (I hope) no need for
using RequestUpgradeProcessor in Browser._add_referer_header()

2005-01-30 John J Lee <>
* Released 0.0.9a.

2005-01-05 John J Lee <>
* Fix examples (scraped sites have changed).
* Fix .set_*() method boolean arguments.
* The .response attribute is now a method, .response()
* Don't depend on BaseProcessor (no longer exists).

2004-05-18 John J Lee <>


* Added robots.txt observance, controlled by
* BASE element has attribute 'href', not 'uri'! (patch from Jochen
* Fixed several bugs in handling of Referer header.
* Link.__eq__ now returns False instead of raising AttributeError
on comparison with non-Link (patch from Jim Jewett)
* Removed dependencies on HTTPS support in Python and on

2004-01-18 John J Lee <>
* Added robots.txt observance, controlled by
UserAgent.set_handle_robots().  This is now on by default.
* Removed set_persistent_headers() method -- just use .addheaders,
as in base class.

2004-01-09 John J Lee <>
* Removed unnecessary dependence on SSL support in Python.  Thanks
to Krzysztof Kowalczyk for bug report.
* Released 0.0.7a.

2004-01-06 John J Lee <>
* Link instances may now be passed to .click_link() and
* Added a new example program,

2004-01-05 John J Lee <>
* Released 0.0.5a.
* If <title> tag was missing, links and forms would not be parsed.
Also, base element (giving base URI) was ignored.  Now parse
title lazily, and get base URI while parsing links.  Also, fixed
ClientForm to take note of base element.  Thanks to Phillip J.
Eby for bug report.
* Released 0.0.6a.

2004-01-04 John J Lee <>
* Fixed _useragent._replace_handler() to update self.handlers
* Updated required pullparser version check.
* Visiting a URL now deselects form (sets self.form to None).
* Only first Content-Type header is now checked by
._viewing_html(), if there are more than one.
* Stopped using getheaders from ClientCookie -- don't need it,
since depend on Python 2.2, which has .getheaders() method on
responses.  Improved comments.
* .open() now resets .response to None.  Also rearranged .open() a
bit so instance remains in consistent state on failure.
* .geturl() now checks for non-None .response, and raises Browser.
* .back() now checks for non-None .response, and doesn't attempt
to parse if it's None.
* .reload() no longer adds new history item.
* Documented tag argument to .find_link().
* Fixed a few places where non-keyword arguments for .find_link()
were silently ignored.  Now raises ValueError.

2004-01-02 John J Lee <>
* Use response_seek_wrapper instead of seek_wrapper, which broke
use of reponses after they're closed.
* (Fixed response_seek_wrapper in ClientCookie.)
* Fixed adding of Referer header.  Thanks to Per Cederqvist for
bug report.
* Released 0.0.4a.
* Updated required ClientCookie version check.

2003-12-30 John J Lee <>
* Added support for character encodings (for matching link text).
* Released 0.0.3a.

2003-12-28 John J Lee <>
* Attribute lookups are no longer forwarded to .response --
you have to do it explicitly.
* Added .geturl() method, which just delegates to .response.
* Big rehash of UserAgent, which was broken.  Added a test.
* Discovered that zip() doesn't raise an exception when its
arguments are of different length, so several tests could pass
when they should have failed.  Fixed.
* Fixed <A/> case in ._parse_html().
* Released 0.0.2a.

2003-12-27 John J Lee <>
* Added and improved docstrings.
* Browser.form is now a public attribute.  Also documented
Browser's public attributes.
* Added base_url and absolute_url attributes to Link.
* Tidied up .open().  Relative URL Request objects are no longer
converted to absolute URLs -- they should probably be absolute
in the first place anyway.
* Added proper Referer handling (the handler in ClientCookie is a
hack that only covers a restricted case).
* Added click_link method, for symmetry with .click() / .submit()
methods (which latter apply to forms).  Of these methods,
.click/.click_link() returns a request, and .submit/
.follow_link() actually .open()s the request.
* Updated broken example code.

2003-12-24 John J Lee <>
* Modified so can easily register with PyPI.

2003-12-22 John J Lee <>
* Released 0.0.1a.