Changelogs » Mahotas



* Fix co-occurrence matrix computation (patch by databaaz)


* Fix compilation on Windows


* Make watershed work for >2³¹ voxels (issue 102)
* Remove milk from demos
* Improve performance by avoid unnecessary array copies in
``cwatershed()``, ``majority_filter()``, and color conversions
* Fix bug in interpolation


* Fix deprecation warning with numpy float detection (issue 95)


* Fix bug in Bernsen thresholding (issue 84)


* Fix distribution (add missing file)


* Fix `resize_to` return exactly the requested size
* Fix hard crash when computing texture on arrays with negative values
(issue 72)
* Added `distance` argument to haralick features (pull request 76, by
Guillaume Lemaitre)


* Add filter_labeled function
* Fix tests on 32 bit platforms and older versions of numpy


* Add `short` argument to citation() function
* Add `max_iter` argument to thin() function
* Fixed labeled.bbox when there is no background (issue 61, reported by
Daniel Haehn)
* Added ```` script
* bbox now allows dimensions greater than 2 (including when using the
``as_slice`` and ``border`` arguments)
* Extended croptobbox for dimensions greater than 2
* Added use_x_minus_y_variance option to haralick features
* Add function ``lbp_names``


* Improve memory handling in freeimage.write_multipage
* Fix moments parameter swap
* Add labeled.bbox function
* Add `return_mean` and `return_mean_ptp` arguments to haralick function
* Add difference of Gaussians filter (by Jianyu Wang)
* Add Laplacian filter (by Jianyu Wang)
* Fix crash in median_filter when mismatched arguments are passed
* Fix gaussian_filter1d for ndim > 2


* Add PIL based IO


* Export mean_filter at top level
* Fix to Zernike moments computation (reported by Sergey Demurin)
* Fix compilation in platforms without npy_float128 (patch by Gabi Davar)


* Add minlength argument to labeled_sum
* Generalize regmax/regmin to work with floating point images
* Allow floating point inputs to ``cwatershed()``
* Correctly check for float16 & float128 inputs
* Make sobel into a pure function (i.e., do not normalize its input)
* Fix sobel filtering


* Explicitly set numpy.include_dirs() in [patch by Andrew
Stromnov on github]


* Export locmax|locmin at the mahotas namespace level
* Break away ellipse_axes from eccentricity code as it can be useful on
its own
* Add find() function
* Add mean_filter() function
* Fix cwatershed() overflow possibility
* Make labeled functions more flexible in accepting more types
* Fix crash in close_holes() with nD images (for n > 2)
* Remove matplotlibwrap
* Use standard setuptools for building (instead of numpy.distutils)
* Add overlay() function


* Fix crash in close_holes() with nD images (for n > 2)


* Better error checking
* Fix interpolation of integer images using order 1
* Add resize_to & resize_rgb_to
* Add coveralls coverage
* Fix SLIC superpixels connectivity
* Add remove_regions_where function
* Fix hard crash in convolution
* Fix axis handling in convolve1d
* Add normalization to moments calculation


* Add mahotas.demos.load()
* Add stretch_rgb() function
* Add demos to mahotas namespace
* Fix SLIC superpixels


* Add border & as_slice arguments to bbox()
* Better error message in gaussian_filter
* Allow as_rgb() to take integer arguments
* Extend distance() to n-dimensions
* Update to newer Numpy APIs (remove direct access to PyArray members)
* Add morph.disk() function
* Add perimeter() function
* Add eccentricity() function


* Fix requirements filename


* Add lbp_transform() function
* Add rgb2sepia function
* Add mahotas.demos.nuclear_image() function
* Work around matplotlib.imsave's implementation of greyscale
* Fix Haralick bug (report & patch by Tony S Yu)
* Add count_binary1s() function


* Fix tests in Python 3
* Fix a few corner cases in texture analysis
* Integrate with travis
* Update citation (include DOI)


* Make matplotlib a soft dependency
* Add demos.image_path() function
* Add citation() function


* Use matplotlib as IO backend (fallback only)
* Compute dense SURF features
* Fix sobel edge filtering (post-processing)
* Faster 1D convultions (including faster Gaussian filtering)
* Location independent tests (run anywhere)
* Add labeled.is_same_labeling function
* Post filter SLIC for smoother regions
* Fix compilation warnings on several platforms


* Add ``haralick_features`` function
* Add ``out`` parameter to morph functions which were missing it
* Fix erode() & dilate() with empty structuring elements
* Special case binary erosion/dilation in C-Arrays
* Fix long-standing warning in TAS on zero inputs
* Add ``verbose`` argument to
* Add ``circle_se`` to ``morph``
* Allow ``loc(max|min)`` to take floating point inputs
* Add Bernsen local thresholding (``bernsen`` and ``gbernsen`` functions)


* Fix distance() of non-boolean images (issue 24 on github)
* Fix encoding issue on PY3 on Mac OS (issue 25 on github)
* Add relabel() function
* Add remove_regions() function in labeled module
* Fix median_filter() on the borders (respect the `mode` argument)
* Add mahotas.color module for conversion between colour spaces
* Add SLIC Superpixels
* Many improvements to the documentation


* Fix compilation in older G++
* Faster Otsu thresholding
* Python 3 support without 2to3
* Add `cdilate` function
* Add `subm` function
* Add tophat transforms (functions `tophat_close` and `tophat_open`)
* Add `mode` argument to euler() (patch by Karol M. Langner)
* Add `mode` argument to bwperim() & borders() (patch by Karol M. Langner)


* Fix compilation on 32-bit machines (Patch by Christoph Gohlke)


* Fix interpolation (Report by Christoph Gohlke)
* Fix second interpolation bug (Report and patch by Christoph Gohlke)
* Update tests to newer numpy
* Enhanced debug mode (compile with DEBUG=2 in environment)
* Faster morph.dilate()
* Add labeled.labeled_max & labeled.labeled_min (This also led to a
refactoring of the labeled_* code)
* Many documentation fixes


* Fix compilation on Mac OS X 10.8 (reported by Davide Cittaro)
* Freeimage fixes on Windows by Christoph Gohlke
* Slightly faster _filter implementaiton


* Haar wavelets (forward and inverse transform)
* Daubechies wavelets (forward and inverse transform)
* Corner case fix in Otsu thresholding
* Add soft_threshold function
* Memory usage improvements in regmin/regmax/close_holes (first reported
as issue 9 by thanasi)
* Have polygon.convexhull return an ndarray (instead of a list)
* Python 3 support


* Auto-convert integer to double on gaussian_filter (previously, integer
values would result in zero-valued outputs).
* Check for integer types in (reg|loc)(max|min)
* Use name `out` instead of `output` for output arguments. This matches
Numpy better
* Switched to MIT License


* Fix gaussian_filter bug when order argument was used (reported by John
Mark Agosta)
* Add morph.cerode
* Improve regmax() & regmin(). Rename previous implementations to locmax()
& locmin()
* Fix erode() on non-contiguous arrays


* Move features to submodule
* Add function
* Add morph.regmax & morph.regmin functions
* Add morph.close function
* Fix morph.dilate crash


* Fix installation of test data
* Greyscale erosion & dilation
* Use imread module (if available)
* Add output argument to erode() & dilate()
* Add 14th Haralick feature (patch by MattyG) --- currently off by default
* Improved zernike interface (zernike_moments)
* Add remove_bordering to labeled
* Faster implementation of ``bwperim``
* Add ``roundness`` shape feature


* Fix type bug in 32 bit machines (Bug report by Lech Wiktor Piotrowski)
* Add as_rgb (especially useful for interactive use)
* Fix convolve1d
* Fix rank_filter
* Add Gaussian filtering (from scipy.ndimage)


* Add ``descriptor_only`` argument to surf.descriptors
* Specify all function signatures on
* Check that convolution arguments have right dimensions (instead of
* Add convolve1d (from scipy.ndimage)
* Fix Compilation on Mac OS X


* Allow specification of centre in Zernike moment computation
* Fix Local Binary Patterns
* Remove dependency on scipy
* Add interpolate module (from scipy.ndimage)
* Add labeled_sum & labeled_sizes
* gvoronoi no longer depends on scipy
* mahotas is importable without scipy
* Fix bugs in 2D TAS (reported by Jenn Bakal)
* Support for 1-bit monochrome image loading with freeimage
* Fix GIL handling on errors (reported by Gareth McCaughan)
* Fix freeimage for 64-bit computers


* Fix fill_polygon bug (fix by joferkington)
* Fix Haralick feature 6 (fix by Rita Simões)
* Implement morph.get_structuring_element for ndim > 2. This implies that
functions such as label() now also work in multiple dimensions
* Add median filter & rank_filter functions
* Add template_match function
* Refactor by use of mahotas.internal
* Better error message for when the compiled modules cannot be loaded
* Update contact email. All docs in numpydoc format now.


* Add `max_points` & `descriptor_only` arguments to
* Fix haralick for 3-D images (bug report by Rita Simões)
* Better error messages
* Fix hit&miss for non-boolean inputs
* Add `label()` function


* Fix bug in ``cwatershed()`` when using return_lines=1
* Fix bug in ``cwatershed()`` when using equivalent types for image and
* Move tests to mahotas.tests and include them in distribution
* Include ChangeLog in distribution
* Fix compilation on the Mac OS (patch by K-Michael Aye)
* Fix compilation warnings on gcc


* Improve ``mahotas.stretch()`` function
* Fix corner case in surf (when determinant was zero)
* ``threshold`` argument in
* imreadfromblob() & imsavetoblob() functions
* ``max_points`` argument for
* Add ``mahotas.labeled.borders`` function


* Fix memory leak in _surf
* More robust searching for freeimage
* More functions in to retrieve intermediate results
* Improve compilation on Windows (patches by Christoph Gohlke)


* Release the GIL in morphological functions
* Convolution
* just_filter option in edge.sobel()
* mahotas.labeled functions
* SURF local features


* Improve Local Binary patterns (faster and better interface)
* Much faster erode() (10x faster)
* Faster dilate() (2x faster)
* TAS for 3D images
* Haralick for 3D images
* Fix mahotas.imread for RGBA images


* Implement mahotas.thin() in C++ for speed
* Add np.uint64 support to fullhistogram()
* Drop GIL when possible
* Add imresize() wrapper around ndimage.zoom


* support Python2.5


* freeimage dependency made optional
* bbox() for N>2 dimensions
* documentation work


* Distance transform
* bwperim()
* freeimage interface
* zernike moment computation