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  - [Core] Rebranding to LITHOPS


  - [Core] Generic compute client logic
  - [Core] IBM IAM service client lib
  - [Core] IBM VPC service client lib
  - [Docker] Docker backend compatible with IBM VPC VM
  -  [Ceph] Fix in ceph endpoint
  -  [Docker] Improved Docker executor


  - [GCR] Added Google Cloud Run Backend
  - [Core] Fixed invoker token bucket when quota limit is reached
  - [Core] Fixed logging
  - [Core] Fixed invoker when it reaches quota limit
  - [Core] Fixed delete cloudobject
  - [Localhost] Fixed invocations ability to launch subprocesses
  - [Docker] Fixed docker running as user and not root
  - [Core] Improved Storage abstraction
  - [Core] InternalStorage uses storage abstraction


  - [GCS] Added Google Cloud Storage Backend
  - [Knative] Configurable CPU parameter
  - [Core] Fixed issue in extra_args when iterdata is a dict
  - [Core] Fixed CloudObjects keys collisions
  - [Core] Fixed case where function argument is a list or tuple


  - [Core] New docker_executor()
  - [Ceph] New Ceph Storage backend
  - [Core] Moved all stats from 'f._call_status' to a new 'f.stats' variable
  - [Core] Bump httplib2 from 0.13.0 to 0.18.0
  - [Localhost] Improved localhost storage backend
  - [Core] Fixed issue in pw.clean(cs=cobjs) when passing a large list of cobjs


  - [Core] Added 'data_limit' config param in pywren section
  - [Core] Added context-manager-like executor and example
  - [Core] Added debug mode in tests with '-d' flag
  - [Core] Added delete_cobject() and delete_cobjects() storage methods
  - [Core] Reducer logic moved to jobrunner
  - [Core] cloudobject methods moved from internal_storage to ibm_cos
  - [Core] renamed cloudobject put method from 'put_object' to 'put_cobject'
  - [Core] renamed cloudobject get method from 'get_object' to 'get_cobject'
  - [Core] 'internal_storage' func param renamed to 'storage'
  - [Core] pw.clean method can now clean cloudobjects
  - [Knative] Set default Knative runtime timeout to 10 minutes
  - [Knative] Added more debug logs in Knative
  - [Knative] Enabled building default knative runtime locally
  - [Core] Fixed issue in map_reduce() method
  - [Core] Fixed issue in plot() method when using numpy 1.18.1
  - [Core] Fixed issue in cloudpickle when iterdata contains complex objects
  - [Core] Fixed issue with extra_env vars passed to functions
  - [Core] Fixed issue in memory monitor
  - [Core] Fixed issue in pywren-ibm-cloud cli
  - [Core] Fixed issue when wait()/get_result() methods are called multiple times
  - [Core] Fixed minor issue with ps_mem module in windows hosts
  - [Knative] Fixed knative to pass all tests
  - [Knative] Fixed remote_invoker in knative
  - [Knative] Fixed issue when pywren version mismatch in Knative
  - [Knative] Fixed issue in Knative when the default runtime is built
  - [knative] Fixed building default runtime based on current python version
  - [knative] Fixed OOM exceptions from knative to be correctly raised
  - [IBM COS] Fixed issue when using local_executor with IBM COS authorized by an api_key


  - [Core] pw.create execution_plots() renamed to pw.plot()
  - [Core] Docs updated
  - [Core] Fixed internal issues
  - [knative] Fixed minor issue in knative


  - [Core] Added support for Python 3.8
  - [Core] Added memory monitor
  - [Core] Updated knative to work for new releases
  - [Core] Updated tblib from 1.4.0 to 1.6.0
  - [Core] Changed get_current_memory_usage() to get_memory_usage()
  - [Core] pywren-runtime client is now called pywren-ibm-cloud
  - [Core] Fixed issue with internal partitioner
  - [Core] Fixed issue with get_result()
  - [Core] Fixed issue with windows hosts
  - [Core] Some other Internal fixes


  - [Core] Prevent get_result() to wait forever when using COS
  - [Core] Added more debug logs
  - [Infinispan] Infinispan storage backend
  - [Core] Reduced the number of COS clients created in each function activation
  - [Core] Fixed internal issue with storage
  - [Core] Fixed future exception handling
  - [Core] Some other Internal fixes


  - [Core] Prevent get_result() to wait forever when using RabbitMQ
  - [knative] Added new Dockerflies for knative
  - [Core] Changed way to raise function exceptions
  - [Knative] Changed way to build custom runtimes for knative
  - [IBM CF] COS private_endpoint is now mandatory if using IBM CF
  - [Knative] Fixed knative when it creates a runtime based on an already built image
  - [Core] Fixed throw_except parameter on wait() and get_result()
  - [Core] Some other Internal fixes


  - [Core] New way to create RabbitMQ resources
  - [Core] Default invoker background processes set to 2
  - [Core] Code refactoring
  - [Core] Fixed issue when config in runtime is used multiple times
  - [Core] Fixed invoker stop() method
  - [Core] Some other Internal fixes


  - OpenWhisk Compute backend
  - openwhisk_executor()
  - Allowed multiple users in same CF namespace
  - Added IBM COS request retrying when ReadTimeoutError
  - COS token will expire 10 minutes before
  - CF IAM token will expire 10 minutes before
  - Improved remote invoker
  - Reraise exception from functions
  - Docs updated
  - Default runtime timeout set to seconds
  - default function timeout set to 595 secs
  - Fixed new invoker usage in notebooks
  - fixes in knative backend
  - Some other Internal fixes


  - New invoker mechanism
  - New native remote invoker for ibm_cf
  - pywren-runtime clean command to delete all tmp data
  - capacity to limit the number of concurrent workers
  - architecture documentation
  - Changed Internal data cleaner logic to delete only desired job
  - Updated ibm_cf Dockerfiles
  - Moved chunk min size from 1MB to 0MB
  - changed executor id format
  - Timeout waiting for functions to complete set to None by default
  - Updated ibm_cf base image requirements
  - Internal fixes
  - Fixed tests
  - Fixed pywren inside pywren function executions


  - New local_executor() to run pywren jobs in the local machine
  - New localhost compute backend
  - New localhost storage backend
  - New docker_executor() to run pywren jobs in the local machine by using docker
  - New docker compute backend
  - Docs updated
  - Code refactor
  - Internal fixes
  - Bump pillow from 5.4.1 to 6.2.0


  - Allowed partitioner to split files by a number of chunks
  - Missing logic in knative backend
  - Docs updated
  - Internal fixes


  - Added knative-serving compute backend
  - Added Dockerfile skeleton for slim Python3.6 runtime (only 307MB)
  - Added CACHE_DIR in ~/.pywren/cache
  - knative_executor() and function_executor()
  - support to work on multiple regions at a time
  - Docs updated
  - Runtime Dockerfiles updated
  - Runtime requirements updated
  - Updated Cloudpickle lib to version 1.2.2
  - Parameters introduced in the executer now overwrite the config
  - updated tests
  - Internal logic to generate runtime_metadata
  - invalid call to "is_remote_cluster" method
  - Cloudpickle lib to accept any kind of import
  - include_modules option in serializer


  - Storage abstraction for data partitioner
  - Added 'extra_params' arg to map() and map_reduce() calls
  - Logic to reuse IAM API Key tokens during 1 hour
  - More debug logging
  - Docs updated
  - Full support for Python3.5
  - Fixed minor issue in config
  - Fixed possible issue extracting metadata from large docker images (runtimes)


  - Added 'obj' as an optional arg for the functions when a user wants to process objects from OS
  - Added 'rabbitmq' as an optional arg for the functions
  - Added 'id' as an optional arg for the functions
  - Added rabbitmq example
  - Deleted 'bucket' 'key' 'data_stream' function args in favor of 'obj'
  - Internal improvements related data partitioning
  - Changed create_timeline_plots() method name to create_execution_plots()
  - Docs updated
  - updated notebooks
  - Upgrade cos-sdk Python module version
  - Fixed tests
  - Fixed CVE-2019-12855 security alert


  - Added CloudObject abstraction
  - Added CloudObject example
  - Restored OOM exception
  - Allowed to get_results when rabbit monitoring is activated
  - Allowed rabbimq to monitor multiple jobs at a time
  - Statuses returned from rabbitmq to futures
  - Code refactoring about compute abstraction
  - Reorganized libs folder
  - Updated cloudpickle lib from 0.6.1 to 1.2.1
  - Updated glob2 lib to 0.7
  - Updated tests
  - Modified job_id format
  - Fixed minor issue listing CF actions
  - Fixed issue when executing pywren inside pywren
  - Fixed possible issue with invalid config parameters
  - Fixed wrong method name: build_runtime()
  - Fixed internal_storage parameter in partitioner
  - Fixed crete_timeline_plots method according recent changes


  - Code refactoring about compute abstraction
  - Fixed issue with invocation retries


  - Added missing init file
  - Allowed 'clean=all' arg in clean() method
  - Simplified invoker
  - Moved compute and storage classes to separate files
  - Deleted unnecessary files
  - Close plots on finish
  - Code refactoring about compute abstraction
  - Fixed broken readme links
  - Fix in invocation method


  - Added log information
  - Added init files
  - Store runtime_metadata into a local cache in order to reduce exec time
  - Modularized Invoker
  - Changed some variable names
  - Docs updated
  - Fixed set_memory in invoker
  - Fixed unneeded memory usage
  - Fixed none finished futures
  - Fixed wait method
  - Fixed issue with map_reduce()


  - Pywren runtime deployment as script
  - Changed name of the runtime deployment script
  - Added 'pywren_runtime clean' option
  - Added function_name and runtime_memory to future's status
  - Added 'pywren_runtime update all' option
  - Added exception when preinstalled modules list is not well provided
  - Add package parameter to delete function
  - Improved sending execution statuses through rabbitmq
  - Improved exception management
  - Moved some logs to debug
  - Improved runtime deployment script
  - Changed logic order of the create_timeline_plots method
  - Preventing false out-of-memory error
  - Fixed issue when using rabbitmq to monitor executions
  - Fixed issue tracking map_reduce execution with progressbar
  - Some other fixes


  - match create_timeline_plots() to rabbitmq feature
  - Fixed possible issue deploying runtime
  - Fixed jobrunner logs
  - Fix in url paths
  - Some other fixes


  - Moved ibm_iam lib from tornado to requests package
  - Minor change create_timeline_plots()
  - Map futures before reduce wont be downloaded
  - Fix in cf_connector
  - Fix in tests
  - private endpoint fix
  - Some other fixes


  - Support for IBM IAM authentication for IBM CF and IBM COS
  - Take into account cf_region and cf_namespace in runtime_name
  - Improved invocation speed
  - Improved runtime deployment
  - Minor improve get_result()
  - Moved 'create action name' logic to utils
  - Change map_reduce to return also map futures
  - Improved remote_invocation mechanism
  - Moved cf_connector to libs
  - Fixed deploy_utils script
  - Some other fixes


  - Add support to create pywren's plots in cos
  - Fixed future status
  - Fixed wait method
  - Fixed minor issues in and
  - Clarified when future is ready or done
  - Some other fixes


  - Added COS private_endpoint parameter
  - added external config support for tests' executors
  - Added exceptions management in monitor() method
  - integrated test file into PyWren
  - Tuned-up some parameters
  - Send jobrunner config through a parameter
  - docs verify section update
  - moved test call outside of
  - Fixed issues when PyWren is used from a Windows host
  - Fixed issue with 'signal' module on Windows hosts
  - Check token timestamp of COS


  - Added connection timeout on COS to avoid possible issues
  - Fixed possible issue when calling future.result()
  - Some other fixes


  - Runtimes automatically created
  - Improved Runtime management
  - Improved performance of jobrunner
  - Updated notebooks
  - Restored .gitignore
  - Docs updated
  - Some minor fixes


  - Enabled memory configuration in the executor
  - Docs updated
  - Fix issue in cf_connector
  - Some other fixes


  - log_level propagated to functions
  - added an option to get debug logs from boto3
  - Support for configurable IAM endpoint
  - added chunk_size tests
  - Project structure refactor
  - Modified create_zip_action method
  - Docs updated
  - Improved runtime deployment
  - improved 'bucket' parallelism in partitioning
  - Removed annoying info prints
  - Fix function name
  - Fixed issue in cf_connector when running PW from Windows
  - Fix issue with log_level
  - Fixed issue with white spaces when deploying a runtime


  - Added rabbitmq logic
  - Added is_notebook method
  - Added wrapper to data_stream for partitioned data
  - Created WrappedStreamingBodyPartition() class for data partitions
  - Run multiple maps() in the same executor
  - added multiple execution on the same executor tests
  - added ibm_cos tests
  - Added download_results parameter in monitor() method to ensure all results are downloaded
  - Added pika package to dependencies
  - Tracking new futures from a function
  - Example of Docker image for dlib
  - Change name of wait() method to monitor()
  - Tuned up some parameters to speedup wait method
  - Moved all partitioner logic into
  - Installation script to support PW version as a parameter
  - Changed way to get last row position on data partition
  - Deleted duplicated get_result method
  - Hide urllib3 annoying debug logs within functions
  - Activate remote_invocation when data comes from COS
  - Docs updated
  - Fixed partitioner data wrapper
  - Fix tests to work with last partitioner update
  - Fixed chunk threshold
  - Fix printing plots
  - Fixed rabbitmq config
  - Some other fixes


  - Add support to generate execution timeline plots
  - pi_estimation_using_monte_carlo_with_PyWren.ipynb
  - stock_prediction_monte_carlo_with_PyWren.ipynb
  - Added missing modules in
  - Added memory usage in action logs
  - Reverted cloudpickle usage
  - Move default action memory to 512MB
  - Improved installation script
  - Refactored deploy_runtime script
  - Updated deploy_runtime script, clone command
  - Docs updated
  - Finished map() and map_reduce() consistency issue
  - Raise exception when some activation fails
  - Fixed issue reusing COS tokens
  - Fixed partitioner object split
  - Fixed map() and map_reduce() consistency issue
  - Some other fixes


  - ibm_boto3 client as an input of the parameter 'ibm_cos' of the function
  - Add functional test script
  - Added retry logic
  - Invoker logic
  - Added missing init file
  - Added user agent to identify pywren
  - Added missing dependencies
  - Abstracted COS logic for map() and map_reduce() methods
  - method through COS abstractions
  - Retry mechanism when exception
  - Use CloudPickle module in all project for serializing/unserializing
  - Docs updated
  - Storage separation
  - Project update. 'bx' and 'wsk' CLI tools are no longer necessary
  - Updated
  - Deleted requirements.txt
  - Updated default_preinstalls
  - Minor warnings fix
  - Fixed logging
  - step back with gevent until import fixed in openwhisk
  - Fixed issue when running map_reduce job from COS keys
  - Fixed issue retrieving results
  - Fixed issue when processing a dataset from url
  - Fixed issue when running map_reduce method
  - Some other fixes


  - Example of the Docker image that is based on Anaconda
  - Enabled support for multiple call_assync() calls in the same pw instance
  - Added 'OutOfMemory' Exception
  - Jupyter notebook example
  - configurable cleaner for temporary data
  - Changed and improved logging in order to log correctly within IBM Cloud Functions
  - Changed Python interpreter of the data_cleaner method
  - Moved some info prints to debug
  - improved remote function invocation mechanism
  - Fixing flask security issues CVE-2018-1000656
  - Fixed minor issue when futures is not a list
  - Fixed default config exception. API KEY is not mandatory.
  - Fixes in logging
  - Some other fixes


First release.
  - New runtime based on Docker images.
  - Added IBM Cloud Functions API connector for function invocations.
  - Added support for IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) backend (or S3 API).
  - Added support for OpenStack Swift backend (or Swift API).
  - Added timeout while PyWren is getting the results. It prevents PyWren waits forever when some function fails and the results are not stored in COS.
  - Created the ibmcf/default_config.yaml config file for storing the main PyWren configuration parameters such as Cloud Functions and COS access keys.
  - Enabled to use PyWren within a PyWren function.
  - Enabled redirections. Now it is possible to send a *Future* class as a response of a function. This means that the function has executed another function, and the local PyWren has to wait for another response from another invocation.
  - Added a new **map_reduce()**-like method: Unlike the original **map** and **reduce** methods, this new one integrates an automatic data partitioning based on a chunk size provided by the user. Both the **map** and the **reduce** functions are orchestrated and executed within Cloud Functions and the user just waits for the final result provided by the reduce function.
  - Automatic data discovering in the new **map_reduce()**-like method. With this method it is possible to specify a bucket name in order to process all the objects within it instead of specifying each object one by one.
  - Created a function which removes residual data from COS when the PyWren execution finishes.
  - The main **executor** is a *class* and not a *method*.
  - All the methods available for the users are integrated within the main *executor class*.
  - Added state in the main *executor class* in order to control the correct execution order of its methods (like a Turing machine)
  - When a new *executor class* is instantiated, it is created a new unique **executor_id** used to store all the objects in COS, and to retrieve the results.
  - When a new *executor class* is instantiated, it is created a *storage_handler* used in the all PyWren execution.
  - Now it is possible to specify the **runtime** when the user instantiates the *executor class* instead of changing the config file every time (In the config file is specified the default runtime).
  - The **logging level** is now specified when the user instantiates the *executor class* instead of put it in the first line of the code within an env variable.
  - The PyWren code which is executed remotely as a wrapper of the function now uses the main storage handler as the rest of the PyWren code. In previous versions, PyWren creates a new storage client directly with *boto3* library instead of using pywren/storage/ wrapper.
  - Added support for multiple parameters in the functions which are executed remotely as a cloud functions. Previous versions just allows one parameter.
  - Eased the usage of the storage backend within a function. By simply specifying *storage_handler* as a parameter of the function, the user will get access to the storage backend.
  - Added a new method for retrieving the results of an execution called **fetch_all_resuslts()**. Previous PyWren versions already includes a method called *get_all_results()*, but this is a sequential method and it takes long time to retrieve all the results. It was also included a *wait()* class which is more similar to *get_all_results()* method, the main difference is that the new method is all based on *list the available objects in a bucket*, and it returns when all the tasks are finished. The new method also has the possibility to activate a progress bar in order to track the current status of the execution (really useful for larger executions).
  - Added support for libs not included in the IBM Cloud Functions native image (*python-jessie:3*). Some libraries necessary for executing PyWren (remote code) are not included in the native CFs docker image. Now PyWren has the *pywren/libs* dir which includes all of these libraries, so it is possible to use PyWren with the native Docker image instead of building a new one with the missing libraries.
  - In the COS backend, the *boto3* library was changed to the *ibm_boto3* library
  - Increased function execution timeout to 600 seconds (10 minutes)
  - Other minor changes