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- **Breaking change** New API for noise module [151](

- Function `add_noise` has been renamed to `add_noise_to_observations`, and its parameter `noisetype` has been renamed into `noise_type` for consistency with other parameters (**breaking**)

- New functions `add_white_noise` and `add_one_over_f_noise` are exported (they were already implemented but were not visible)

- Each `Simulation` object creates random number generators (field `Simulation.random`), in a way that is safe even for MPI applications

- **Breaking change** New API for `scan_map_in_observations` and `add_dipole_to_observations`, which now accept list of pointing matrices and simplify the parameters describing the HWP [171](

- Add a notebook to show an example of how to use the framework ([178](

- Support the production of maps in Galactic coordinates through the TOAST2 wrapper to the Madam map-maker ([177](

- Make `make_bin_map` compute pixel indices instead of requiring them as input, add support for Galactic coordinates [176](

- Use a more robust algorithm to compute pointings [175](

- Improve the documentation for the destriper [172](

- Add a high-pass filter for the noise [169](

- Upgrade NumPy from 1.20 to 1.21, Numba from 0.54 to 0.55, Rich from 6.2 to 11.0 [152](

- Add the ability to create Singularity container from branches different than `master` [163](

- Make MBS tests more robust against disappearing temporary directories [162](

- Remove NumPy's and Healpy's deprecation warnings [158](

- Use a cache to speed up CI builds [PR147](

- Create a script that fetches information about the latest release and produce a release announcement [PR156](

- Option for rotating the pointing from ecliptic to galactic coordinates in scan_map [164](

- Fix issue [148](


- **Breaking change** Drop support for Python 3.6, enable Python 3.9 [136](

- **Breaking change** Rename keyword `distribute` to `split_list_over_processes` in `Simulation.create_observations` [110](

- **Breaking change** Switch to thermodynamic units in the MBS module [123](

- Functions to write/load TODs to HDF5 files [139](

- Module for simulating hwp systematics (hwp_sys) [PR117]( The algebra is described in [Giardiello et al.](

- Fix Singularity builds [145](

- Make the TOAST destriper more robust when MPI is/isn't present [106](

- Option in Mbs for maps in ecliptic coordinates [133](

- Module for scanning a map and filling TOD [131](


- Spacecraft simulator and dipole computation [122](

- Improve the way code is checked [130](

- Fix bugs [126](, [#124](, [#120](, [#111](


- Fix bug [107]( [PR#108](


- Add a text-mode browser for the IMO [PR103](

- Implement the tools to build a Singularity container [PR96](

- Implement an interface to the TOAST mapmaker [PR86](

- Fix issue [101]( (*No proper "parents" in Entry objects*) [PR#102](

- Make the README point to the latest version of the documentation [PR99](

- Ensure that tests do not write within the source-code directory [PR97](

- Add a [``]( file showing the overall implementation status of the simulation modules [PR#87](

- Clarify how the IMO is used by `litebird_sim` [PR94](

- Make tests run faster by using ducc0 0.8.0 [PR92](

- Misc minor changes: gitignore .DS_Store; losslessly compress some assets [PR88](

- Improve the `Observation` API. Deprecate the pointing-related methods (moved to `scanning`), quantities are local by default [PR84](

- Permit to use pre-allocated buffers when generating quaternions and pointing angles [PR83](

- Add support for PySM3 in new class `Mbs` [PR76](

- Add the parameter `include_git_diff` in `Simulation.flush()` [PR81](

- Add the ability to specify the size of the floating-point type used in `Observation` objects [PR79](

- Simple bin map-maker [PR73](

- Use SI units in class `SpinningScanningStrategy` (**breaking change**) [PR69](

- Use dataclasses, rename `Detector` to `DetectorInfo` and `Instrument` to `InstrumentInfo` (**breaking change**) [PR60](

- Improve the docs [PR72](, [PR#82](

- Code cleanups [PR71](

- Improve the README [PR70](

- [Fix issue 61](


- First release



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